Secret Scenes On the AVATAR DVD?

Avatar_lovecrop When Jake's avatar and Neytiri have sex, you see only a small amount of alien petting. After all, it's a movie about blue creatures, not a blue movie. But there was a larger sex scene that was filmed but then cut, and Zoe Saldana hints that it had something to do with syncing the two participants' ponytails. Of course, if the Na'vi use hair-syncing both for sex and to communicate with everything else on Pandora, you get some pretty squicky issues. Still, Zoe Saldana says, "We had a lot of giggles there" during filming.

You'll be able to see it on the DVD, and when you finally get your mind out of the gutter, there'll be another 10-minute scene of Jake going through a trial to gain membership in the tribe: the hunt for a rhino-like sturmbeest.

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What other scenes would you like to see?



Hi, most of you want to have a sex scene, ok guys. But this is just one thing. What else did you miss?

Account Deleted

Sounds good to me with more stuf :)


By syncing their ponytails, they get to feel each other, see each other. They become connected as one, just like when a hunter gets connected with their Ikran. Only that this time, they show their love for one another. It's a perfect way, in my opinion. It makes more sense, and the sex is, like any other thing on Pandora, different from how the humans would do.
It's beautiful.


Honestly? I hope they don't do this. Mr. Cameron, please Please don't do this. You have established Neytiri as a pure spirit, as someone in tune with the highest ideals of her people. You were right to remove this scene from the release. Putting it in the DVD will, in my humble opinion, damage our vision and view of both Neytiri and Jake, will forever cheapen and lessen the otherwise marvelous message and the character of the heroine we have all come to know and love, and least important, will damage sales. Please... leave Jake and Neytiri's intimacy between them, as it should be. Let us remember them as you have created them -- examples of the finest and noblest of characters and the best that has graced the silver screen in decades.


I think they have sex like humans, but they use the neural connection to increase the pleasure and the bond between them. Maybe the males have small genitals, so they need this neural connection to have the needed pleasure, but that's a speculation. But it's really not important the sex scene was cut out on purpose to not distract the viewer with sex and leave this to our imagination, which makes the film stay in our mind longer, because we want to know more and because of the DVD of course which will contain additional scenes which fans don't wanna miss.

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

I agree with Sevuz =)...


I would like to see more of the day to day life. Also more images of the other Na'vi' . Where will they now live that Treehome is no more?


i dont think that a sex scene would "will forever cheapen and lessen the otherwise marvelous message and the character of the heroine we have all come to know and love, and least important, will damage sales", or chage our opion of Neytiri from," Neytiri as a pure spirit, as someone in tune with the highest ideals of her people," for a number of reasons

1. they probly wont include it in the reagual dvd/blue ray, it will either be in the special features or the specila addittion DVD/blue ray, so basically it wont heart sales because u will have the choice to watch it or not, so younger veiwers wont see, or their parents will have the choice to let them watch it.

2. i dont think it will "will forever cheapen and lessen the otherwise marvelous message " becacause if the scene was done correctly, not over done, then it will be beatutiful.Also sex is a part of nature, and the MESSAGE of the moive, to take a step back and look at nature.

3.lastly i dont think that it would change our opinion of Neytiri, as long as the scene isent crude, or like i said before, over done, u can still respect her, because all u r seeing is the intense love and bond between jake and Neytiri.

Jasper Weixl

I totally think the sex scene should be on the DVD cause the story isnt realy directed at kids right? It's actually pretty mature and I was like "aaaawww damn!" when I didn't see that scene in the Cinema version xD

Timothy Bowie

I can't wait to get my hands on the DVD! I hope they don't do the cheesy, greedy thing of the theatrical release, then the extended version like another greedy production group.


Yay more sex scene! lol
Im confused how it works tho... lol


I agree that they have sex like humans and use the ponytails to make it more spiritual, sounds like a thing very fitting in the movie. If they ONLY used the ponytails and have no genetalia, then why would they bother with the loin cloths? If theres nothing there, then it's just, and they obviously dont have a problem with exposed skin. Don't get your feathers ruffled and say its gonna ruin the movie, would have been fine in the movie, but no dis for cutting it and widening the audience base. But it will be in special features, in a day of Unrated and Rated on the same dvd, this hardly is a worry.

@96mermaid - Awesome ideas, I've seen the movie 4 times and haven't had those questions in my head. I hope they get answered, especially the Neytiri and Jake human scene because of the importance of the situation, the notion of love extending through the species barrier. I'm not buying the DVD/Blueray for the movie experience, thats what we all went to the theaters for, we're getting it for the special features, so don't leave anything out please!


Oh ya, and...

lol and the pic that is supposed to represent the sex scene, because that isn't it, Jake gets his hair cut afterwards, this is just when they eskimo kiss!

What do I want to see??
granted you have a fixed amount of movie time, and handing it out for curiosities' sake isn't always the best. But in the scene when Jake runs out into the recreation area after just getting into his Avatar body, you see a bunch of other Avatars. WHERE ARE THEY? i don't need names but to see another chopper getting loaded down with avatars would be comforting. It's not like they go to other tribes, the Omatikaya (sry for the spelling) is the only target, and the chopper pilot says she flies ALL the science missions, but spends all her time with these three? where the Blue people in that yard just domesticated Na'vi and that was her school? But grace says "see you guys at dinner" before they go to sleep implying that they're all other avatars.

Lastly I would LOVE to know,
How much do the Na'vi know about a "dreamwalker"?
obviously they know they are not native (b/c of the five fingers) and are associated with the Skypeople.
But do they know that they're remote controlled buy humans? Has Grace filled them in before?


does any one know when the DVD or Blue ray realse is?


It would not change the movie only just show more like syncing the two participants' ponytails which was originally in the script but cut out so it will not take away from the movie.


For all those people cry saying that it would change the movie, well it won't I have read the entire script and only difference is they intertwine there ponytail things here right from the script.
We have many fine women. Ninat is the
best singer --
I don’t want Ninat.
There is Beyral -- she is a good hunter --
Jake puts his fingers on her lips to stop her.
I’ve already chosen. But this woman must
also choose me.
She takes his hands and their fingers intertwine, moving
gently over each other.
She already has.
He puts his face close to hers. She rubs her cheek against
his. He kisses her on the mouth. They explore each other.
Then she pulls back, eyes sparkling.
Kissing is very good. But we have
something better.
She pulls him down until they are kneeling, facing each other
on the faintly glowing moss.
Neytiri takes the end of her queue and raises it. Jake does
the same, with trembling anticipation. The tendrils at the
ends move with a life of their own, straining to be joined.
MACRO SHOT -- The tendrils INTERTWINE with gentle
JAKE rocks with the direct contact between his nervous system
and hers. The ultimate intimacy.
They come together into a kiss and sink down on the bed of
moss, and ripples of light spread out around them.
THE WILLOWS sway, without wind, and the night is alive with
pulsing energy as we DISSOLVE TO --
LATER. She is collapsed across his chest. Spent. He
strokes her face tenderly.
Neytiri, you know my real body is far
away, sleeping.
She raises up, placing her fingertips to his chest --
This body is real.
(she touches his forehead)
This spirit is real.
Her eyes are luminous, honest, infinitely deep.
When I was first your teacher, I hated
all Sky People. But you have also taught
Spirit is all that matters.
She lays her head down, against his chest, listening to his
I am with you now, Jake. We are mated for
We are?
Yes. It is our way.
Oh. I forgot to tell?
He rouses up, making her look at him.
Really, we are?
We are.
Jake considers this.
It’s cool. I’m there.
He lays his head down, and her arms enfold him, sheltering
him as he sleeps.

Daniel Flick

I don't believe that the linking of the Lekku necessitates the transfer of memories. It may be that way with the Tree of Souls, but I think it is specific. With the Ikran and the Direhorse it is just a mental connection, an unspoken link directly to the mind to lessen the need for vocal communication and commands. It can also convey pain and information about the two to one another to facilitate one another. When linking between the Na'vi, it is the kind of connection that people always talk about having, or wishing they had, with their partners. They just have a physical mean of making a direct link to make that connection.

As for actual mating, I assume it is much like that of any other mammal, considering the use of loin clothes and extensive jewelry and beadwork worn around the neck of the females to cover certain areas. But there has to be some physical exchange of genetic material to create offspring. Not to mention there must be some organs responsible for the excretion of wastes.

The extract from the script leads to a much more involved and deepened relationship between Jake and Neytiri, which I would love to see. Not just for the gratuitous sex scene, but to broaden and expand on the relationship between the two.


I think the tails being joined shouldnt be looked pervertedly.

It should be look as two spirits joining together as one through there love for one another.


THANKS JEFF!! Thats sounds awesome.
And Daniel I couldn't have said it better myself, you hit the nail on the head

I agree with Ivan! I want all of the deleted scenes to be on the DVD!

Jared Cosby

i cant wait to see the Na'vi have sex too!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Jared Cosby

Steve, wat the hell?!?!?!?!


if anyone wants to know what scenes would be in the directors cut read the script at:


Ew... if they had sex by connecting their braids then what the HECK are they connecting them to the Ikrans for?



Sorry I was so mean yesterday :[

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