Secret Scenes On the AVATAR DVD?

Avatar_lovecrop When Jake's avatar and Neytiri have sex, you see only a small amount of alien petting. After all, it's a movie about blue creatures, not a blue movie. But there was a larger sex scene that was filmed but then cut, and Zoe Saldana hints that it had something to do with syncing the two participants' ponytails. Of course, if the Na'vi use hair-syncing both for sex and to communicate with everything else on Pandora, you get some pretty squicky issues. Still, Zoe Saldana says, "We had a lot of giggles there" during filming.

You'll be able to see it on the DVD, and when you finally get your mind out of the gutter, there'll be another 10-minute scene of Jake going through a trial to gain membership in the tribe: the hunt for a rhino-like sturmbeest.

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What other scenes would you like to see?



Sounds great, the question however is: is it better than human sex? I guess well have to wait for the DVD to be released :D

Will Sublette

The hunt scene sound fun and the sex scene should be interesting, I was wondering where that scene was going to go.

Christine Robinson

ya'll are funny! lol :) i read in Cameron's book that Na'vi, as humanoinds, do procreate similarly to humans (tactical insertion, birth etc - hehe) but their neural connectors can also connect and accentuate/ hieghten intimacy. It doesn't always have to be sexual... they can bond together in a non-sexual way, to strengthen intimacy.

either way, its pretty friggin cool! I CANT WAIT FOR THE DVD WITH ALL THE SCENES!!! YESSSSSS


I think that the idea of taking the sex scene out of the theater version of the movie was a good idea on Cameron's part. A scene such as this would have created such an uproar among the non science/fiction community that it would have scared some skeptics from seeing the movie.

Nevertheless I would have greatly like to have seen the deleted scenes in the movie and i hope that when they release the dvd that the scenes are built into the movie and not in some special features menu for individual viewing.


I can't wait for the DVD period. I hope they put the option of watching it in 3-D in the DVD. And I hope they don't take long to release a special edition like most companies. I don't care if the special edition DVD will cost a lot. That should be the first version to be released.

Account Deleted

James Cameron has hinted the extended sex scenes will be released on DVD. If you must know, the Na’vi do it with their hair. Also, I recreated the scene myself today. All it took was a piece of paper, blue finger paint, and my imagination.

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Sex scene :D
'Giggidy' (Quagmire voice)

Should be great in Hi-Def :)

The other scenes look good as well.

Eric Kyle

Sex and Hunting is

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