Secret Scenes On the AVATAR DVD?

Avatar_lovecrop When Jake's avatar and Neytiri have sex, you see only a small amount of alien petting. After all, it's a movie about blue creatures, not a blue movie. But there was a larger sex scene that was filmed but then cut, and Zoe Saldana hints that it had something to do with syncing the two participants' ponytails. Of course, if the Na'vi use hair-syncing both for sex and to communicate with everything else on Pandora, you get some pretty squicky issues. Still, Zoe Saldana says, "We had a lot of giggles there" during filming.

You'll be able to see it on the DVD, and when you finally get your mind out of the gutter, there'll be another 10-minute scene of Jake going through a trial to gain membership in the tribe: the hunt for a rhino-like sturmbeest.

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What other scenes would you like to see?



A hunt? :D Great!


Sex? :D Great!

Account Deleted

oh. that's great! XD
can't wait to watch how the Na'vi's have sex. hahahahaha! XD


I hope there will be a director's cut released.
Scenes I would like to see:
- the one in the beginning of the trailer when Jake Sully is in the bar. After, when the mission is explained to him.
- how he learns about the Na'vi: their language, their culture, how to hunt . . . and what is Norm's role here, because Jake states that he added to his improvement too.
- Grace's role and her change in attitude toward Jake: first she is quite hostile and then she starts to love him like a son (Sigourney states this in her interview, but this doesn't really come out in the movie), more about the interaction of the scientists crew
- the love scene under the tree of souls, but also...
- Jake's thoughts about his love to Neytiri: when he wakes up he asks himself what he is doing, he must think there is no future for this love.
- Are there more scenes with Neytiri and Jake as human being together? How do they come out of the rainforest after she saved him?
- How do they get into the RDA-area? I think I saw a scene where the controller room was attacked.
I guess I will find more, but I stop here. I suppose if my wishes are heard, a double DVD will be needed.

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

can't wait for this DVD...=)


cant wait for dvd but compleatly agree with 96mermaid i want a directors cut with hundreds of bounis features!!!=) and how did tha navi people take over the base you just see jack and natyri and then bam the base is being sent into orbit


so if they make a connection to have sex does that mean they have sex with everything they connect with like the direhorse and mountain banshee?


Maybe if they have sex with their ponytails it has to do with a chemical reaction between male Na'vi and Women. But what if they had sex like humans? I think that would be better and more realistic if they did(since they are humanoid)



man i want to see some humping too lol, they probably gonna rub eachothers face with their ponytails slowly and gently and connect them lol, idk i hope this sex scene is amusing lol, looking forward to it. excuse my language the btw.


I agree with 96mermaid but i also want to see the scene where Jake gets his Ikran. I want to see how the other two do

Txen Tsamsiyu (ezekiell)

I would love to see the scene where Jake had to bond with the big banshee, I forget the Na'vi name.

Account Deleted

totally agree with 96mermaid! X3


well seriously for me....... just put all the deleted scenes back into the dvd =D


I would like to see more of the Na'vi tribal life,about their culture,traditions,history,it's very interesting.

Eric Kyle

wow..thats going to be a sight to see.

Account Deleted

Great. Now Na'vi sex is going to be on my mind all day. Again. =D


wait! Sex Scene!?!? HUNT!?!? all on th dvd! this really just made my day!!!!! And 96 mermaid i agree with 100%. The dvd is going to b soooo long but oh well idc these extra scenes will keep me zoned in for however long this movie is.


I want to see lots of stuff that was left out too, agree with 96mermaid. and connecting their queues is not accualy how the have sex, its just highly erotic, and spiritual. So... there is more that happens that in the Activist Survival guide says that is like "humans and other mammals".


This may be a spoiler and it does diverge a lot from the Avatar movie, but the original script is online an one of the locations is
alot of what happens in it I like some of it is pure schlock, but there are alot of scenes that would help flesh out the movie, and I thought you might like to see it. Remember this was written 12 years ago


all right, i have not read all the comments but its looking out like everyone is thinking its sex.

i personally dont see it that way according to the movie (this is just an idea from this scene) where jake connects to the "tree of souls" he is hearing all the Na'vi's ancestors and Ewya. so if they do connect while having sex it shows that they are sharing there memory's with one another. kinda of a sign to show there true love for one another. (now later on in the movie where Jake reveals what the humans have be planning to do, well that contradicts my statement, but they would be processing a lot of memory's (i have trouble remembering a lot of things) so twice as many memory's doubtful she would know what they were planning) and thats my take on what the connection means.

Alex Korovesis

I'm mostly curious as to Na'vi genitalia. I'm figuring since they have breasts they must be some for of mammal. I figure it cant just be hair-tentacle action because if so, where does the baby come out? lol.
I'm almost sure I'll never figure it out, but i'll stick with my logical conclusion.


ok soooo wouldn't this movie change from a pg13 movie to a rated R movie now that it contains sex?
I have nothing against that scene being in it though in fact it def should b in it =)


u guys need to read the pevious comments, because u keep repeating what other people said, no a bad thing its just cool that we share the same ideas.

Taronyu Unilä (Jeremy)

i really think a sex scene would take away from the movie and it's message, if it is in the bonus features fine, but i really think that the movie is fine as is!

Account Deleted

I'm just happy that we get even more of the movie with the DVD/Blu-ray :)

This is what makes it worth wait for :)

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