James Cameron to Oprah: "I See You"

Ladygagabluecrop James Cameron appeared on Oprah last week (short clip here) and you know you've impressed Oprah Winfrey when she actually sees your movie in a theater—which she hasn't done since the '90s. To repay this kindness, Cameron's effects artists created an Oprah Na'vi. (Too bad, Lady Gaga: Cameron beat you to the paint-yourself-blue punch.)

After exchanging a greeting in Na'vi, Oprah asked Cameron if he's a spiritual person since the Na'vi greeting "I see you"  is a phrase with a deeper meaning along the lines of "I understand who you are." Cameron replied, "I guess I must be, because this film represents a lot of ideas and feelings I have as an artist," he said, "… and the idea that we are all connected to each other as human beings…. When I became a scuba diver, I really realized how great nature's imagination is. This film was an attempt to kind of bottle that."

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What does "I see you" or Oel ngati kameie mean to you in AVATAR?


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i love that man..Cameron is a pioneer of movies..sci fi in particular. He envisions everything that we here cherish and hold close to us. Great Job J.C.


yep good job

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respect, honor


Oprah also feels that "I See You" is central to AVATAR. What do we make of it? http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/I-See-You/244261303105?ref=ss ,

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On that short clip from Oprah James Cameron said it means that I see who you are. In other words, it means that I see who are as a person. But it's kinda like saying I see your integrity, your character. So along that line, and as Sevuz posted above, it's saying: I respect or honor you. So in that sense you're paying respect to that person when you say "I see you." Those are my best guesses. :>)


Society needed this movie, that's all I have to say.


To me: I see you means that I see who you are as a person. It means that I see everything you are and that I understand you.

And just because Avatar came out doesn't mean Lady Gaga can't paint herself blue! I would like to see
that :P it'd be pretty interesting :)


woooowwww that is saying something when opera actually leaves here home to go see a movie like a regular person haha great movie though i see you just really got to me i saw the movie 5 times because james cameron just caught me thanks J.C


Remarkable, Stunning, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Mesmerizing, Evolutionary, Game Changing, Artful...thank you, thank you, thank you, James Cameron. I go to maybe 3 movies a year. I have seen AVATAR 4 times so far in 3D IMAX. I will see it again much like one returns to a museum to experience the joy of a wonderful piece of art.


Agree with comments above ; "I see you" signifies that we see beyond the superficial and the aesthetic cloak to the real person beneath, so we know when others are honest or when they're hypocritical.

This film's got a real feel-good factor not unlike SlumDog last year. It exudes compassion that is everywhere right now, as can be seen from the legions who have donated millions between them for the Haiti disaster.

Please James Cameron, put your energies and creativity to a Neal Stephenson book, CRYPTONOMICON. Only you could do this book justice with an awesome movie; it'd be great if it could be made in time for ALAN TURING YEAR - 2012, honouring the centenary of the inventor of the modern computer: http://www.turingcentenary.eu/

Eric Kyle

Yep...He has respect from me. James Cameron is the man with the plan..

Richard Hasey

To me, "I see you" means that I see past the "package" that you are wearing to the soul within the package.

In this context, the nature of the outer package - hair color and type, skin color, height, weight, eye color and shape, wealth, family, etc. - are an ultimately unimportant distraction in determining who it is you see. This is especially true because how lucky or unlucky you are in the "birth lotterty" says nothing about the content of your character, nor does it do anything to shape your character. Instead, it is the decisions each of us makes about how we actually live our lives that determines the content of our character, and therefore who we ultimately are.

Difficult as it may be to truely understand this concept, the intellectual understanding of it is far, far easier that the actual living out of the understanding in how each of us relates to those around us. This is because in living out this understanding, we must apply it to those we love and those we hate with equal integrity - and in doing so, we will discover that there are many whom we think we love that we do not, and many of those whom we think we hate that we do not.

On the other hand, the fact is that most of us choose to simply use lables to prejudge those around us rather than "see" each one for who they really are. And why do we do this? Most often it is simply because we allow ourselves to be too busy moving through life to actually live it.

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