Awesome AVATAR Fan Art

Neytiri fan art Avatar has inspired hundreds of artists to recreate Pandora and the Na'vi. Images of Neytiri are overwhelmingly popular, with Jake a distant second (although he's the star of this half-human, half-Na'vi charcoal as well as a striking white-tiger Na'vi). There are also images of Jake and Neytiri in combat in full Cartoon Network style among 24 other stunning images. There are also images of some sequel-worthy spacecraft and fighting ships, as well as RDA propaganda posters that show you life on Pandora is more than a desk job.

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What's your favorite AVATAR art – or what would you create?


Arinjoy (Arin)

I've done one kind of on the computer, not much of that hard work but does look like me as an Na'vi


I'm not much of a graphical artist, but Avatar has really inspired my musical creativity.

Account Deleted

For sure Avatar inspire Me so much.
The most one I like is Neytiri ... I love it ^^


I love the way the Na'vi's look. It's amazing how Cameron can come up with that kind of amazing imagination!

Account Deleted

Looks pretty good :D

Anne Pogoda

OMG! THIS IS MY PAINTING! *falls over*

Thanks for featuring me. You guys are awesome!!! :)

- Anne (Azurelle)

Account Deleted

Since I’m very much in the mood and completely in love with the scenes from Avatar as you can clearly see from my previous post : my review of James Cameron’s Avatar. I decided to go around looking for fan art. Thanks for this post.

r4 dsi

Account Deleted

Aww thanks so much for linking my post ^_^ . Avatar rawks to the max. I was trying to find more of Jake, but that was quite hard to find.

Account Deleted

Keep them coming Anne :D

Account Deleted

WoW! She is very Beautifiu! :o
Poe lu lor

Kìevame! Eywa ngahu People

Account Deleted

my fan art ))
Anne, your are a very talented artist.

Jake Sully # 1

it ha inspired me to make more betufill landscape art and i may post some

Eric Kyle

Nice Pic..

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