AVATAR Yourself

Birth-of-an-Avatar If you love a sports team, you buy the player's jersey. Love AVATAR? PhotoShop yourself as a Na'vi, like Peter Ammentorp Lund did. Not impressed yet? It took Kailey Michelle a day to pull this one off, while Vahag'n Azaryan jokes that he's the first Armenian avatar and flyflybluedragonfly just looks cool. In fact there's just a ton of human-Na'vi hybrids at the Flickr Avatar Fan Zone pool, and a wider range of fan-created art at the James Cameron's Avatar pool and The Na'vi! pool. And you just knew this was going to cross over into Second Life.

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How do you look as a Na'vi?



eyes are out of proportion, but besides that its a really cool deal

Account Deleted

Avatar is taking over the world... awesome ^^

Julia Maksymova

It's just funny! Actually, it was the first I did... Here we are -- me and my friend:

Account Deleted

Cool, what a great idea...

Account Deleted

That guy's pretty good looking to begin with. :)

Account Deleted

I'd probably pay someone to photoshop me into an Avatar.

Arinjoy (Arin)

This is of me, it took an hour to do. I used the same method (kind of) as the person who did his at the top, but my Photoshop wasn't as good or updated as his.



I definitely going to try make myself into an Avatar in Photoshop :)

Grace Wabbijn

I made myself an Avatar and 2 of my friends. It's not as good as some pictures here, but I just tried out some stuff.



ok i created a photoshop acount and everything but the furthest i got ea making my self blue! how do i put sparkles and change the eyes and destort the nose and do the hair, ive looked everywhere!
help anyone?


Im totally going to do this when I get time. Luckily im pretty good with photoshop, hope it turns out well.

@G_everett_king there is a video that shows the guy making his. It goes really fast tho you'll probably just have to play around with it. If I get time ill try and make a tutorial.


@ DocEmmettBrown, great job! Very impressive!


What a great Photoshop challenge. It was a lot easier than I thought. I've shown here all the photoshop layers you need to make your own avatar out of a photo of yourself.

Anessa Stine

Wow! Thanks for linking to my Second Lifeā„¢ Images... it's true there is a huge group of fans in SL, some are really into the role play, or like myself, just amazed by the virtual re-creation(s) of Pandora... and the 'photo ops'.


Don't be shy, if you are interested in seeing it for yourself start here: http://secondlife.com/

~ Ness

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