AVATAR Wins Big at Golden Globes

Avatarglobes AVATAR made a big splash with the notoriously picky Hollywood Foreign Press Association, winning a best-drama Golden Globe and netting James Cameron best-director honors (just like another Cameron movie you may recall). Not that Cameron lacked confidence or anything, although he humbly said he had the best job in the world. It's nice timing for a movie looking to get on the Oscar ballot although Hurt Locker's wins at the Critics' Choice awards mean there's no sure thing in Oscarland. Still, AVATAR snagged best sound, visual effects, art direction at Critics' Choice—and it never hurts to head into the Oscars with half a billion in domestic box-office.

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What do you think - will AVATAR win big at the Oscars too?



Oh yeah!!! Drfintiely! Oscars are in the bag! No doubt!!!

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It's winning is a real good sign, and probably influences the Oscar judges (ding dongs). It better win big. If not, lets sack the so-called Academy.

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As is Steve said one time "If it does not win the Oscars there will be a riot :P"


We have the time to make sure the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hears from all the fans of Avatar. Of course, only Academy members can have any affect upon the voting and nominations, but we all need to make sure they know we are all watching and aware.

Avatar has the chance to win twelve different Oscars. It should be nominated for all, and should win all, of course. We fans need to apply as much pressure as we can in behalf of James Cameron, and more especially Sam and Zoe, who deserve to win Best Actor and Actress for their stellar performances.

Congratulations are in order, but we must not rest on our laurels!


in my veiw, the academy's reputation is at stake. If they don't award AVATAR heavily, then that means that the academy cannot recognize a good movie, and if they can't do that then why would we care about their opinion. To prove the academy's opinion is worth our attention they better give AVATAR all the respect is deserves

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Of course!! it will, AVATAR has to be given the superiority it deserves, i agree with Steve & David...hope AVATAR be the limelight at Oscars....

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

I predict at least 4-6 wins at the Oscars out of the possible 12.

I'm just not holding my breath for the Academy to pick what clearly was a tremendous, groundbreaking and above all UNFORGETTABLE film from the rest. Along with great acting and the extraordinary amount of time, effort and heart J.C and the crew put into this film this movie actually DESERVES to win and be recognized.

But again...I must sadly say I won't hold my breath for those who cannot 'see'.


It's an interesting one. Its all about the execution - the how, not the what. Its easy to say its just like Pocha or Dances, that the story is 80% unoriginal BUT that's art isn't it? The timing and influence of the movie all contribute to make it art, brilliant art! "I See You": http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=145507&id=227227167552#/pages/I-See-You/244261303105?ref=ss

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Way to go JC and team AVATAR. It's well deserved indeed

Arinjoy (Arin)

Yes, well done JC, welldone! we all knew you could do it! Go Avatar!!!

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oh, yeah .. for sure Oscars are ours,


"The Hurt Locker" might be a strong contender because its subject matter, the Iraq War, is still a big topic. On the other hand, not very many people have seen it, as far as I know. "Up in the Air" is another big topic film and more have seen it. Depressing, from what I've heard, but no wonder. "Precious" and "Inglorious Bastards" are also pretty heavy or specialized tastes. If "Avatar" wins, it could be by default, but "Up in the Air" might pull off a shocker against popular tastes. Let's see who's nominated first. That'll provide the first shocks.

Eric Kyle

Haha..I knew it..I knew it from the start when I first saw the movie..CONGRATULATIONS JAMES CAMERON


James Camerom deserved those awards. He deserves awards for anything he does. He's a genius. All of his films are good. I hope he continues to make more, especially continuations of Avatar.


I think Avatar wll do very well at The Oscars.

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