AVATAR: Too Big in China?

Avatar china 3 AVATAR's latest nemesis is Chinese bureaucrats who worry the movie may incite unrest, since Chinese viewers may link the Na'vi's plight with that of property owners facing eviction by unscrupulous real-estate developers—a link that Chinese bloggers and official press made from the start. Chinese officialdom is already primed to see insults where none are intended, so it's not too surprising that 2-D screenings will end January 23, not January 28, while 3-D screenings may proceed on China's modest number of 3-D screens.

The only consolation for Chinese viewers is that a biopic of Confucius starring Chow Yun-Fat will move onto all those screens.

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What do you think - will banning AVATAR in China stop the fans or just encourage pirated copies?



lol, wow, i dont think banning it is gonna stop anyone! even the ones who have no interest in seeing it, if they see their government is striving to ban it, they're gonna get curious and theyre gonna pirate it anyways! good luck China!


i feel for the people of china who will not be able to get their fix of Avatar like us spoiled others.

Account Deleted

I think thats just sad. People are just going to get pirated copies. Gosh, I feel sooo lucky!


I agree with Neytiri, its not fair for the people of China... and how does Avatar at all deal with real estate LOL

Tawtute Txen (slightpepper)

throughout the world there has been no better way to get people to do something than to tell them "they can't" - people in China will find a way, and although I would never condone pirated copies of anything, if that's the only way for Avatar to find it's way to that audience then so be it because if people there can get the same message so many around the world are getting from this movie, then only GOOD can come of this.

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Seems that AVATAR really is shaking things up around the world.



Avatar stirs our collective imagination. No authority can chain that dragon, cause it flies!! http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/I-See-You/244261303105?ref=ss


How do you ban a movie thats stupid lol china this is 2010 you can't ban movies lol


This goes to show you how powerful the movie is.

Libby Coldwell

Just wondered why you use a japanese picture to describe the chinese politics

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Ha, I am lucky to have watched it

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Oops. You used a Japanese movie poster, not a Chinese one. The characters under 'AVATAR' literally read 'A-BA-TAA'.
In fact we just learned one of those charcters in my Japanese class last week.

Aside from that, I feel so lucky. China has poor human rights. If the movie has such a powerful message, don't you think we should learn from it and change our view on those issues? Opinions from the people make a better governement. It was very wrong for China to do that. And I'm not just saying that because I love the movie so much.

Though, I think this won't hurt Avatar now because it's already grossed a bunch of money, while if China had banned it before it was released there, it would have had a much bigger impact.
And it most definitely will encourage pirated copies. I can imagine that every 3D showing will be sold out. Let's hope thet don't decide to pull the movie entirely.

Account Deleted

Will encourage pirated copies ....
Avatar must not be banned form any where even china .

Eric Kyle

Sigh...I think that it will get around but I guess things don't work out everywhere..Not on this planet at least.. Only if Pandora was real


To me, banning Avatar anywhere in the world should be considered blasphemy. It was a great movie that swept this nation. The rest of the world shouldn't be denied the ability to watch it. The Chinese need to realize that James Cameron intended to make a movie showing how the world should be and how the ecosystem should be treated.

Plus, I never heard about a movie depicting Confucious. And Chow Yun-fat starring in it. It sounds great.


By the way, the language on that picture is Japanese. I wonder why they couldn't find an Avatar picture in Chinese.


After seeing the movie multiple times (six to be exact) and have felt such a strong, unrelenting enjoyment while watching makes my heart ache to see that there will be some who will not be able to see it in all its glory (if the theatres are as back logged as my friend says they are in Brazil; 2 WEEKS RESERVATION TO SEE AVATAR 3D!!). It really makes you thankful we or some of us on here live in a country where free speech is unlimited though it is moderated but not heavily. Yes even though there will be pirating and free online viewings it will never be the same experience as it is in the theatres.

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biopic of Confucius is too boring to watch
Avatar of course is better than it
so biopic of Confucius has already disappeared in cinema

I am a Chinese

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Please Avatar change the picture(Japanese Version) into Chinese version
Thank you very much:)

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