AVATAR Sequel and Details Confirmed

Helicordian big After muttering about how an AVATAR franchise would make sense and hinting that there could be a trilogy of AVATAR films, James Cameron has confirmed that there will be an AVATAR sequel, fueling speculation about how it might top the original.

Things we do know: There are two planned sequels but they won't be one continuous story, they'll be self-contained. They'll also follow Jake and Neytiri. It could take place around a different moon of Polyphemus this time, although producer Jon Landau has already hinted about exploring Pandora's interior. Some bloggers guess that James Cameron, famously obsessed with water, has an amazing underwater environment mapped out for Pandora. There are also different Na'vi tribes that call the planet their home and we never really got a sense of how intra-species politics work between the different tribes. Cameron confirmed he’s mapped out what will happen in the sequels, although he hasn’t written any scripts yet.

The good news? The sequels won't take four years to make. Cameron has said he can get them out faster than the first AVATAR. 

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Underwater, inside Pandora, another planet -  what's your favorite idea for the sequels?



Peter Kohari

A bit more about the na'vi life, more pandora, and I would definately like seeing the underwater world.
An underwater hunting or something could be cool


I don't know how I feel about self contained stories. The first is so intriguing that I want to see more of Pandora and more importantly what life will be like for Jake and Neytiri. I think that's what most people would like to see. It's ok to add other elements. I just hope he doesn't focus on another planet and neglects Pandora and Jake and Neytiri. That's what makes Avatar so epic, the love story between the two and the sacrifices they had to make to be together. That's what I love about the movie and that's why I've seen it 5 times and will see it again.


another planet would be royally STUPID, thats all i have to say on the matter, also rushing the films better not cost them quality.

Ean Txep Taronyu(Applesdg)

This is Amazing news to all Avatar fans! I don't want to know the story, watch the trailer or anything, I want to go to the movies and explore Avatar 2 without any new knowledge.


Seeing the underwater environement will be fing awesome, but only if its on pandora though. I also don't want to see this movie move to another planet, right now they should focus on Pandora. Seeing more of Jake and Neytiri and watching them as their relationship is taken to another level will be a plus and required lol.

My idea for the sequeal is this and please people tell me what you think of it.

Plants start to wither, life starts to fade, for Pandora is losing its beauty.

Something is wrong with Eywa, and the Na'vi's main connection" the Tree of souls" is not functioning as usual(dying), Neytiri's mother Mo'at has lost her direct line to Ewya as well. Jake and Neytiri both set out to look for answers by exploring the depths and far reaches of pandora and places which soon need to be explored and touched by the feet of an Na'vi. As they explore they meet up with other na'vi clans in order to learn more of Eywa and to find a solution to reviviing the tree's of souls.

As the result for Eywa being weakened, something is now released, it seems that the Na'vis weren't the only dominant life forms on the planet. These creatures are bigger, faster, and stronger than a Na'vi. These beings are feared by the Na'vi and are rarely seen, they are known to bring forth destruction on anything and their path, but what happens when Jake Sully steps in?

This is all I got so far, feel free add on or change a few things? I thought about it just now.


Wow Jtproplaya, very creative


I think that the second part should be definitely on Pandora,but the third could be on the other planet,just imagine what could Cameron create on the whole new territory,it will be unique,just like the Pandora,with it's own flora and fauna,and other humanoids that are different from the Na'vi.What do you think about that?


NO! They can't make AVATAR on a planet other than PANDORA

Nathaniel Orimolade

I think its safe to say thats everyone is indeed scared lol

Account Deleted

I want James to follow his heart and give us more of that incredible creativity his mind is living under. I happen to love Pandora and I think there is so much to discover in there. It is a beautiful and enchanting place that people just can't get enough of. Whatever it is I'm going to go see it!


I want to see it take place on Pandora, however I'm betting that even if is not i will still love it ;)

Account Deleted

ill be happy with continuing Jake and Neytiri's life on Pandora with the same actors..


The underwater thing sounds kinda neat. But I hope it still follows Jake and Neytiri. Also I think putting the sequel on another planet might mess it up.


Why did i watch the movie 5 times? Well not only was the movie epic, but WE ALL got lost in the beauty of pandora. For a sucessful sequel, the plot should definatily stay in Pandora. We all want to see more of it. Pandora is relativily large and i bet that there is so much new stuff that could be explored. I couldn't picture the setting of Avatar anywhere else.The whole new moon setting is very risky if you ask me. There is alot more that could be done on Pandora. Pandora blows my mind


I saw this idea somewhere and i think it's pretty good. In the second movie, it's purely internal conflict. No outside influence at all. Just between na'vi clans or something. However at the end humans come back leaving a window for Avatar 3. This of course means that the na'vi would have to get past their differences (dealt in Avatar 2) to repel the humans. I think its pretty good.


I really hope it stays on Pandora but it is up to James Cameron not us and either way I can't wait for it! Hopefully we will get a trailor soon.

Kevin Green

Continue to follow Jake and Neytiri, and stay on Pandora. They spent so long embedding and establishing this beautiful setting, why leave it?


well, what ever happens its still gonna be a good movie. lol me and some friends are getting together to make a fan made script to imagin what it may be about.

Tawtute Txen (slightpepper)

Although I do want to see all that there is, it has to be Jake and Neytiri showing us


Finally we got it!!!!! Avatar 2

Taronyu Unilä (Jeremy)

i love the idea of a finished story for each sequel, i really hated how Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean left off the story for the second movie!


i like the idea of Jake and Neytiri visiting other clans on Pandora and you could also add a little comedy in on the way to each tribe like if jake doesnt like a tribe or they give him something to eat and he dont like it he just acts as if he likes it then when there not looking he spits it out or something like that but if they dont do anything like that i dont really care becuase there still going to make AVATAR 2 wich will be AWESOME!!!!! anyway

Account Deleted

Sound reallt good and will look forward to it :)

The good thing is that the endings will not be connect :D


I think there should not be humans on Pandora in second part,or else it's going to be the same movie

Account Deleted

Yea, you got a point.

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