Avatar Passes $1 Billion in 17 Days

Avatar 1B Looks as though James Cameron has created another Titanic-sized movie: Avatar passed the $1 billion mark worldwide this weekend, “only the fifth movie in history to ever do so,” says FirstShowing.net. “It only needs $800 million more worldwide to pass Titanic, could it happen?” Well, “haters may take some vanishingly small measure of solace in the fact that ticket price inflation means that despite the incredible financial haul, it may have been seen by only half as many people as Titanic,” points out Boing Boing, and “Avatar is being helped by higher ticket prices for 3-D viewings of the film,” says Silicon Alley Insider. But “Avatar will also no doubt be the biggest Blu-ray release to date when it comes to home video,” says Screen Rant. “Fox was right in investing in Cameron’s return to cinema and giving him all the time he needed to do it right.”

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Nicholas Carreras

IT will not only pass Titanic, It'll blow it back out of the water! And as for that "haters" bit, there are simply people in this world without any taste or sense. And besides, it doesn't mean squat! People are WILLING to pay the extra money to see it in 3D. This simply means that people wish to experience AVATAR the way James Cameron had envisioned it, and love it!

Tiago Santos

We all expected that to happen, cause Avatar ain't a regular movie.;))

Account Deleted

Yes, Avatar worth more of that..... It will bass Titanic, Avatar is like a flag on the cinema history.
Really it is a fantastic movie, its story is so good, its director is so good, its Graphics is amazing in 3D...... wooooooow, what a good movie.
This 3D view is amazing, it will be memorized forever in our mind.
I am agreed with you in this "This simply means that people wish to experience AVATAR the way James Cameron had envisioned it in 3D, and love it! "
Avatar worth to be watched in cinema again and again .........
Thanks James Cameron.



I SEE YOU!!!!!


Ahhh... may I make an observation?

Titanic was released December 18, 1997. It ended its run on October 1, 1998 -- basically ten months or roughly 40 weeks. The in-theater release made $600M. Avatar has been in theatres 2.4 weeks and has made $1,025M (that's a comma there.. not a decimal point!). Are you seriously kidding me -- they aren't even REMOTELY comparable! You want to know how much Titanic had made at this point in its release? $104M! SO... lets get real. At this point, Avatar has produced TEN TIMES the income of Titanic.

Now, surely this wont continue, (can it?) but if it does, Avatar could potentially garner, with DVD release 20 BILLION dollars.

*Pass* Titanic? Give me a break. It will feed Titanic into a wood chipper and use the mulch to fertilize Home Tree!


this really pleases me considering that i had a bet at my work ;) and also to see that an truly great movie has had its time to shine...

Account Deleted

Great and well deserved news for this film. We need everyone alive to see this movie!

Ashley Holland

@ steve did you mean 2 billion? 20 B is a lot .... if it made that much I think I'll faint

Kevin Green

Well I just gave James another $12 tonight, third time I've seen it and just as good as the first. Don't take too long on my sequel. ;)


Friggen eh... already have plans to see it again not once but twice this week. I'm glad Avatar reached the $1 billion dollar benchmark, but I do wonder how it compares with inflation. Think about it. How much were tickets in theaters when Titanic came out? (I couldn't really tell you bc my parents bought the tickets back then haha.) I've also noticed with Avatar that quite A LOT of people have seen this movie at least once or twice, which makes me wonder how many other movies have fans going to theaters to see their movie for a second, third, or tenth time.

Account Deleted

That's just awesome :D

I guess I'm not the only one that have seen it more then 3 times ^^

Seen it 4 times now. Yes... I'm think on see it agian... something is wrong with me :P


Its becuase so many people are going back to see it again in movie theatres. I already been twice, thinking of going again.

Only a matter of time before it hits #1 spot. Avatar FTW

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

It's already at the number 1 spot...except on the top 5 films to gross over 1B...but it will soon enough. Yes...everyone I've spoken with that has seen the film has really enjoyed it...some seen it more than once. I know I've given J.C much of my money considering I've seen the film 9 times =) and may possible see it once more.....

This film will go down as one of the best films ever made and as one of the fastest grossing films of all time....you'll see ;)


We want Avatar to win big. Why? Because this film (and it's music) impacts each one of us on many levels and each impact is a bulls-eye. The question I ask myself now is: How can I take what I felt during this movie and turn it into something real? Something life affirming, some improvement, some step closer to the ways of the Na'vi? What can I do to bring us closer to Pandora? Or, if nothing else, how can I help slow the decline of our natural world?

My questions seem silly but avatar brought out the dreamer in me. I'll bet many of you feel the same.

Peace to all,

Danin Kemp


I totally felt the same way! This movie is so much bigger than the space it occupies in the theatre...it has pervaded the minds and hearts of the audiences in a way I've never seen before. Makes it harder to pass up the litter in the gutter, strive to conserve more, and stop to smell the roses more often. BRAVO James Cameron! I hope Avatar hits $2B!!!


avatar will hold a special place in my heart forever and congrates to james cameron!!!!!! hurry up whith the sequal and please relese it with good 3d glases no red and blue $!!* ya avitar
yol rey eywa!!!!

Bonnie Martin

Just saw Avatar in 3-D and loved every minute. What a powerful message and so beautifully done. Can't wait to see it again & will be telling everyone to see it too. I hope the message does make an impact, changes the way people relate to greed & the destruction of our beautiful, fragile world in the quest for more. Remember when the movie "The China Syndrome" came out just as the 3 Mile Island nuclear plant was in crisis in 1979? Those 2 events came together & changed the way most people felt about nuclear power plants forever in the USA, and probably other countries too. So, my point is, movies CAN have a lasting impact and can change the way people think and hopefully change the way we do things. We don't have to destroy the environment, native people, animals & plants in order to have more & more. At the end of Avatar, the "destroyers" had to go back to their dying planet....and leave beautiful Pandora behind. That dying planet was Earth.....hmmmm

Eric Kyle

Steve is my best tsmukana..He keeps his family updated..But just to see a movie like this though intrigued me a lot. Looking at the Na'vi made me feel like I was them. it felt like I should have been apart of their nature..Only if it were real, and only if the United States and other countries can recognize their own boundaries and leave a planet like that at peace with no construction and let wildlife roam free and not kill and tame them. Only if humans beings could figure out that love is the key and that money can't always make the world twirl around...


=/ 800 mil is a stretch, I'm surprised it isn't higher hearing of all the people seeing it multiple times despite the charge, So no, it wont surpass Titanic if it has that far to go, I mean 1 billion is only 1000 million, and if it took opening weekend and all that steam to work it to 1 bil, I doubt it has 40% of theater life ahead of it.

However, if you have read a tech magaizne, Avatar's spot in history might be causing the launch of Home 3D technologie, witch is worth much more than just film sales.

I've seen it 4 times m8, I've done all I can do, told everyone they HAVE to see it etc. How is Titanic woopin Avatar so bad? I mean it was good, but who on earth went a second time?

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

@ Stephen2k8...800 mil? lol...try 500 mil. This movie will more than likely surpass Titanic...it's still number 1 at the box offices....and it's been out for over 4 weeks now.


Well, count another 100 kronor (14 US-dollar), cuz I'm going to see it again on Thursday :) :)

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