AVATAR: How Big Will It Get?

Avatar movie poster (fan) The Vatican panned AVATAR and at least one Marine Corps officer is offended, but still: AVATAR topped domestic box-office for the fourth week and is now the second-highest grossing film of all time. It also had the biggest open China's seen despite a massive snowstorm, and now overtaking Titanic's $1.84 billion worldwide haul with $2 billion of its own is no longer out of the question. (You wouldn't know it from sales, but AVATAR is also the most-pirated via torrent sites.)

It's getting to the point where whatever movie finally displaces AVATAR from the number-one spot will be a trivia question. In other surprises, the percentage of 3-D tickets sold just keeps climbing even though they're usually pricier, as moviegoers seeing it in 2-D then migrate to a 3-D showing.

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What do you think - how big will AVATAR get?


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What I think? well... BIG

As long they just keep making GOOD AVATAR movies, I think it will keep growing :)

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Up Up Up ......


It will blow Titanic! :)

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I'm dreaming of big toys of Neytiri and Jake Sully!
Does anybody know where can I buy it?


The Vatican newspaper said that the film had "few genuine or human emotions." ????? I don't understand that one.

Just goes to show that you can't please everyone, but you can please most. Thanks to James Cameron and the entire staff of Avatar.


Avatar kicks stupid Titanic butt :)

Steven58 (Chok'ete)


It's the Vatican...of course there going to bash the film because of it's religious undertones. Most people in the world anymore don't have an imagination and can't watch a movie or book and let their emotions and minds guide them and essentially place them in that movie or book's story. So they just sit in their seats and just pay attention to things that aren't meant to be such as..."Why are they acting like a cult?" "Why do white people looking so evil in this movie?"

Stupid things.

As for how big it will become...Lol...it's STILL growing and doesn't show many signs of slowing down ;).


I think Avatar will surpass Titanic and most likely will make the $2billion mark.

I wouldn't be too worried about the Vatican. Trying to use science and "right wing" political/theological sentiments to denigrate the movie, and failing miserably at both. Rather puerile and pathetic.

As for the marine officer...that's a given for some. He's entitled to his own opinions but they probably don't reflect the majority view.


Avatar will beat out titanic, and if they dont do a tv series and make sequels with pandora, Neytiri, and Jake then i think more and more fans will jump on and make every movie bigger and bigger.
the only movie i have ever gone to see at midnight the day it comes out was the last harry potter movie, had an awesome time. Now i can look forward to go and see the latest of avatar at midnight for years to come.


Why can't they just sit back and enjoy the film? :\

Arinjoy (Arin)

Blast titanic out the way and keep Growing! Go AVATAR!!!

Taronyu Ta'em (Burrows)

Let's go for 3 billion!

Jake Son-Lee

The Vatican called Avatar bland ? My god, the irony.


Of course the Vatican wouldn't like it...it spent 2 thousand years wiping out indigenous spirituality and other religions.

As for a marine being insulted....it's because they lost! The marines will have to go buy an Avatar game and blast the Na'vi that way!


to me it's the next Star Wars, a whole new universe to explore!

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it will go as big as we make it..james cameron has created a world so complex and beautiful that noone can destroy it..not even the Vatican


I compleatly agree with Stephen
insted of saying " may the force be with you" we all will be saying " I see you" or " ewya naghu" :-)


Mary...about those big toys...is that kind of kinky thing?

Uniltiranyu niftxavang

Avatar should blow Titanic right out of the water. Annoying thing about the comparisons made between the two movies is that Titanic was open much longer.

tirea tsawke makto

the vatican can kiss my ass, they're just jealous that money ins't going to them for once. avatar is amazing and will continue to be amazing. greta job james cameron!


i hope that avatar makes more than 2 billion, and maybe the next moive to beat it out will be avatar 2!!(or what ever the next one will be called)

Taronyu Unilä (Jeremy)

I say the church itself it bland, cliched and over-sentimental! And that this movie represents so much of what they have been supporting for the last 2000 years that they have to give it a bad critique or else they would be contradicting themselves!

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man, i feel really sorry for these guys.
they can't enjoy properly any filme, and so, they can't analise them and learn anything.

what a freaking f***?

The Vatican newspaper said that the plot descends into sentimentality, and “a rather facile anti-imperialist and antimilitarist parable which doesn’t have the same bite as other more serious films.”

Are they kidding me? and even so, wuts the point of making a "serious" film, if no one is gonna see it? I think one of the magics that Cameron has made, was mixing a blockbuster's characteristics with so important messagens and deep feelings in a same movie.

and about “Its significance is in its visual impact rather than in the story, and in its messages, despite the fact that they are hardly new"
It is a pity that this thought isn't only of the church, many people i meet think that way. I feel sry for this lazy minded too.

well, thats what i think, sry if offended somebody!

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and FEW genuine or human emotions !??!?


I think Avatar is on the leading edge of creating a new "generation" of films. Because of the technology available, it is becoming possible to do more and more amazing things with film, and I don't think that Avatar will be the only spectacle film.

People are drawn to Avatar because it is attractive and immersive and very well put together. It may be the first, arguably second (after Lord of the Rings), series of films to attract such a wide audience, but I have a feeling we will be seeing more films like this come out, and as theatre technology gets better, people will want to go for that experience.

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