AVATAR Headed for 3D TV in 2012?

Avatar43 As though AVATAR hasn't already made epic amounts of money, FX TV has purchased the basic cable rights (HBO already owns the pay-cable rights) to the flick for a cool $25–30 million, and can start airing in mid-2012. Good thing the price is probably capped or FX would have had to shell out millions more, but in any case, buy some glasses 'cause FX could choose to air it in 3-D. Better start brushing up on your Na'vi now.

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AVATAR as a TV series - good idea or too much of a good thing?



Hummm, i think over all it would not be a good idea to make it into a tv series. I mean ya sure star gate worked but that was verry well set up for the idea of a tv show (being able to dial to other planets, and explore them). But then there are things like the Terminator, The sarra conner cronicals (sorry for crappy spelling), where it had 1 really good season,and half of another but then kinda draged on. I think If they do make it a tv show then they should make them indivual storys that u can just pick up on at any time (like Star Gate, u dident really have to see every episode to know what was happining) instead of The Terminator (where if u missed an episode u were compleatly lost).

In every topic of another avatar moive people keep saying they want to explore pandora more, so maybe instead of it even having a story it coiuld be about pandora. Like The War documentry PBS did about wwII, it was a 7 part mini searies, but instead of wwII it could be about the wild life of Pandora. Not have any charicters or any thing but have Grace narate it from a human scientice point of view. also for it to be any good it would have to be directed by James Camron. But over all I dont think it would be good to make a whole tv seiries out of it.

P.S dont worry they will make more moives for Avatar, for all thoes who said it would take the place of a moive franchise.

(sorry about all my mis spellings)


For my last post, i meant all the parts of Pandor's wild life that we wont see through the other moives, because of course it will be more exciting to explore Pandora with Jake and Neytiri on an adventure:)

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Why not? You can't foreknow what sort of serial will come out. Maybe it will be something like Stargates/Atlantis with 14 seasons (or how many there? I've seen fourteen). If this serial will make Cameron :))) it anyway will be the awsome pictures (technically more better than SG). And it will no need to change stars -- just any good actor can move auld lang cg avatars. It can be HUGE serial -- a hundreds of seasons without any change in star face an its make-up. Unlimited possibilities.


Tell me what u think of my idea (first post on this page).


Please NOOOOOOOO! how can anyone think a tv series is a good idea?

Daniel Kalne

I actually thought that Avatar would be a good TV series. There is just so much to be learned and explored in Pandora and the entire idea that a TV series would be better. Sure you would lose the 3D (or at least GOOD 3d), but I would like that. Because as it stands now. I'm addicted to Avatar, so I go watch it in the theater 9 freaking times to satisfy my cravings, but there's really no new content. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE AVATAR, but my appreciation for the story and the sweep of emotions and all that is kind of becoming jaded.
Kind of like my addiction to LOST, but that has new episodes constantly for a constant, intriguing story. Although Avatar was the best thing I've ever seen, the worst part about it is that the insanely beautiful world of Pandora that everyone wants to live in is just ripped away after a measly 2 hours 40 minutes....

Would I have them make a TV show after the movie? No. But would I have rather had them make a TV show instead of a movie? Yes, because then we could all get constantly addicted to it.

Loved the movie though.

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Keep make some good moives? YES!


you can't make a damn series out of this and not be rubbish, it's finniancially not viable. meaning what ever happens there gonna fuck up. it would also just take away the ''special'' factor the film had, meaning loss of fans probbably.
someone mentioned stargate, I watch the stargate series, but I thought the movie was crap. aside from that, it's not computer animated.
seriously what where they thinking! by the rights back for 35mill lol

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i think that leaving an Avatar Tv series without the guidence of James Cameron would result in a totally desaster!!!!!!!


Why would they do this? AVATAR is something to be seen on the big screen and made with care and respect. This will kill all the fans if it goes badly, which i'm predicting it will.


Oh pleas God give James Cameron the decency to not let this masterpiece fall into a TV series. It's much too beautiful of a film to be marred by a TV run. There's no way they could make a series that could even come close to the level of depth, detail, and stunning animation that the movie has. At least, not until it becomes much much cheaper, which is still years off. Either way, a trilogy should more than satisfy our cravings for move Avatar :) :) :)

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I like the idea. being watched Avatar TV series ..


Avatar as a TV show will be the worst thing that could be done with the movie. It will ruin the canches for the incoming sequels and destroy the beautiful concept the movie has created. Say NO to the TV show and YES to the sequels. I hope our wishes are heard.

Werdna Namrepus

The movie "Avatar" being broadcast on television in 3D would be cool. An Avatar TV series would be a bad idea. The cost of creating a TV show that could, on a regular basis, stay on par with many of the selling points of the film would be astronomical if it is even possible. It would ultimately only attract a niche audience of hardcore fans. And it would inevitably lead to disappointment and failure as they would quickly run out of interesting subject matter and would start cutting corners on everything as the show began to die. I'm very excited about the continuation of the Avatar film series, but I think a TV show would definitely be going too far.


I think they possibly could do it as a tv series maybe fallowing different charater, maybe a female scientist in an avatar body in a different part of pandora, I also think that avatar is too big now to stick to the movies, even though most want it to stay in the movies. To make it a tv series they would have to make sure to do it right or it would ruin it.

the one with two skins

they need to remake the game thats the direction they need to go in not make it into a tv series the next best thing to seeing this movie in 3d in theaters would be to be able to interact with pandora and play as any of the characters in the film or one u created
the game released before the movie just didn't deliver like the movie
i want to play as characters in the film and it go along with the films storyline and interact with the world of Pandora XD


No TV-series of Avatar. Its an epic movie, and that how is should be!


yeah a tv show would be terrible. they just nedd to make another movie


I also vote for a movie franchise. Watching Avatar as a tv series just doesnt appeal to me =(

Tsanten Anthony

For the Love of God, don't turn this into a Series. I WANT TO SEE A SEQUEL. If Avatar was turned into a TV series it would just suck all of the inspiration and awe out.

and 3D Television???? Who the hell can even afford that .

I love AVATAR as it is, don't fuck this up FOX.


It sounds like it can be a really good show. Can't wait.


They said that if theres a sequel it'll probly be on another planet and since its on another planet i dont think that there will be Navis anymore
so making the TV series wont ruin the sequel thats for sure
also it'll be nice to watch the series since i cant stop watching more of avatar, and im sure youre all starving to see more of it
what if tomorow there would be another movie on pandora with another story but with the same process coming out?

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I gotta be honest, I just don't know how much I'd want to put on 3D glasses for every TV show. Maybe it's just me but it would seem to get tedious.I'd do it any time for Avatar though.I think I'm gonna save up for a pretty big 3D TV so I can watch Avatar in full glory.

buy r4i

brad's Avatar "Dreamwalker"

If They make a TV Series that will be the day I die, Fx will destroy the message and beauty of pandora.
FOX DON"T YOU DARE MAKE A TV SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eric Kyle

Im against that completely..

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