AVATAR Headed for 3D TV in 2012?

Avatar43 As though AVATAR hasn't already made epic amounts of money, FX TV has purchased the basic cable rights (HBO already owns the pay-cable rights) to the flick for a cool $25–30 million, and can start airing in mid-2012. Good thing the price is probably capped or FX would have had to shell out millions more, but in any case, buy some glasses 'cause FX could choose to air it in 3-D. Better start brushing up on your Na'vi now.

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AVATAR as a TV series - good idea or too much of a good thing?



People its not a TV series its the movie that just going to be played on TV like how u see Spider Man 3 on FX all the time now. Well FX is going to show AVATAR all the time in 2012 thats the deal. Not a TV series.

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