AVATAR Headed for 3D TV in 2012?

Avatar43 As though AVATAR hasn't already made epic amounts of money, FX TV has purchased the basic cable rights (HBO already owns the pay-cable rights) to the flick for a cool $25–30 million, and can start airing in mid-2012. Good thing the price is probably capped or FX would have had to shell out millions more, but in any case, buy some glasses 'cause FX could choose to air it in 3-D. Better start brushing up on your Na'vi now.

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AVATAR as a TV series - good idea or too much of a good thing?



I'm not really sure about Avatar becoming a TV series. I think it should be more of a movie franchise :/

Nicholas Carreras

If they go through with this, they could kill AVATAR for a lot of people, and ruin any hope the sequels may have of gaining the type of hype the first has.

I am totally against it and wouldn't watch it. AVATAR should remain in the movies category. Let FX TV and cable Screw up some other movie!

Ean Txep Taronyu(Applesdg)

I would like to see this as a series on TV, FX making it won't be really bad at all. I know it's going to be nothing like the movie, but getting to see new episodes like every week!!! That's amazing!


Why does everyone think this means its going to be a TV series? Doesn't it simply just mean that FX have bought the rights to show the original movie on terrestrial TV?

Taronyu Unilä (Jeremy)

i agree with tawtaronyu, this could just mean that they could begin showing AVATAR on TV for specials and stuff like that, it doesnt mean that they will start a TV series about it! (If they were i would guess that an AVATAR TV- series would be worth much more than 25 million...)

Txen Tsamsiyu (ezekiell)

I think that a tv series will also ruin the movie and the chance of a sequel.


I agree with Nicholas,Avatar could only lose millions of it's fans


I hope there are so many of them :)

Ean Txep Taronyu(Applesdg)

Umm read the bottom of the post, It says AVATAR as a TV series - good idea or too much of a good thing? We were just answering that question.


I completely agree with NIcholas. I wouldnt like to see an "TV Series" of Avatar. That would destroy the meaning and all purposes that this movie has served me... Now if they choose to Spam the movie over and over again thats fine with me because i cant get enough of Avatar. But just to think that they would turn this PERFECT film into a "TV Show" wtf.... it makes it seem like a childs program or something... its not.... It needs to be viewed with the original passion that it was created with, not dulled out until its just another movie

Tawtute Txen (slightpepper)

TV series? not a wise choice, hope it doesn't become just another Tuesday night hour-filler. Keep it in the cinemas


To answer the Avatar Officials: TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING.


well dont really know how that will work out but i say go for it FX. In the mean time, im saving up money to buy my 3d entertainment system.


As a TV series, it done with decent authors, it might have some longevity. Stargate is a good example of this. The movie was excellent, and the series has been quite solid over the years, spawning multiple spin-off showsdealing with different concepts.

This would take some scriptwriting because it is harder to find happenings occurring on one world as opposed to many, but it can be done.


please noooooooo series! i cant emphasize that enough, a series would break avatar. 20th century fox should have never sold, i hope FX doesnt F this up..


I really hope yall are right about the movie rights, cuz I can totally see them making a cartoon series, and while the story of avatar is inspiring, with it's amazing sights its just not the same, Avatar was created to be a movie
NO SERIES! unless it's directed by James Cameron himself, it's his world that we like and want to explore


not "with it's amazing.." sorry it's late, off to bed!

Account Deleted

Nooooo....whatever it is, absolutely no TV-series for AVATAR!

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

Please don't do this =(......this is a bad idea.

Ean Txep Taronyu(Applesdg)

It better not be a cartoon, and if it isn't we all know every single person here is going to watch it lol.

Benjamin A

If they made a TV-show of Avatar it would just be like the game.. looks and sounds like Avatar but not the same essence as the movie.. so i say NO to a Avatar tv-show


Ahh I really hope they won't make AVATAR as a TV series. First off, watching this on TV is so different from watching the actual movie in a cinema. Second, I don't think the storyline will be good... well just in my opinion.

I would rather wait for a few years for the sequel. A least they will come up with a better storyline and most important of all, it will keep fans' thirst and eagerness for the movie!


Account Deleted

I agree that Avatar as a TV series is an ambiguous idea. I think there should be more as a one or two great movies!


Don't make a tv show it would just ruin the buity of avatar I will definatly not watch it yuck

Jose Tomas


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