AVATAR: Biggest Movie of All Time

Avatar yell It's official: Avatar is now the highest-grossing movie of all time in dollar sales, breaking Titanic's previous record of $1.843 billion on Monday. It's gotten a big boost from more expensive 3-D screenings and is still going strong, leading industry observers to say $2 billion or more is possible—particularly since Avatar made its first billion in just 17 days. How'd Cameron pull it off? Four elements: Romance, craftsmanship, good beating evil, and buzz creation.

What do you think - how big can AVATAR get?



hay que verla muchas beses yo e ido 9 beses ya rompi mi record y bamos por los 2 mil mdd

Ayden Gotzmer

@ Spirit_Mako: Here here!

@ Blackerst: Horner wasn't the greatest choice in composing this. The soundtrack is a definite blend of Braveheart, Titanic, ect. There was hardly any original material in the score at all. In addition, not all of the songs from the movie are on the soundtrack. I.E-> What happened to the music where Grace is in the Tree of Souls? Or when Jake is? The Na'vi singing is one of the best features of the score and was not included on the soundtrack.

Get a better composer Cameron!


I feel it is possible for AVATAR to achieve 'Gone With the Wind' inflation-adjusted box office takings ($6bn) worldwide. It's a feel-good, action-packed, effects-galore stunner :-)


James Cameron is a genius to be recognised in the 21st century. He has created movie magic. In comparision to other scientific achievements this is a leap forward like one of those.

Rachelle Aireyan

WOOHOO! Yay for all the people who love Avatar =)




I've only seen the movie once, but hope to see it again before it's pulled. Yes, it's going to happen soon enough. Aside from any message, the charms, of course, are the hero proving himself to everyone, the love story and the ever-expandable, detailed, colourful world that Cameron and company have created. We have not seen a possible world teeming with life that has been given so much thought and laid out in such detail before. That's why people are coming back for more. If people didn't find any good in this, the effects wouldn't have mattered. Will it resonate years from now? We'll have to wait for an answer.

I'm not sure about Pandora being heaven with some of the dangers, but since I detect a note of Peter Pan in this, when the tragedy is past, it seems like Neverland for Jake now. He can handle the life there and he's got Tiger Lily.

Sidebar: When I saw Independence Day, I wished there was a way of putting music I selected onto a copy made for that purpose. It's happening again here. I'm not sure it's feasible, but I wonder if anyone else would be interested in, say, a "Head to Head with Horner" feature(obvious ex. for last scene and credits: Copland, Simple Gifts and coda from Appalachian Spring)? This would have to include editing features to line up the music, of course. But if a user has to make his/her results public, please don't let it s--k.


Dont you mean 2 billion and $40 for the 3 times i went to go see this movie in 3D

Account Deleted

Color me naive....but, after the newness wears off.......if AVATAR was to be re-released at a lower 'per-seat' price...the movie would double it's income and the theatre seats would be filled to capacity by those of use who couldn't pay the (too high) prices over and over again. I am going to love owning the DVD but I wouldn't pass up the chance to see AVATAR on the big screen, again.

Eric Kyle



hum, 2.2 billion arethere now... so, why not 3? :D we will make that!go to the cinemas and bring the money there^^ best movie ever i hope it will last for more then 50 years :D


The movie is far beyond imagination.
Great job and we wish future SUCCESS!!!


people like J.C. come once in a life time, we are blessed by ewya that we have him, with us today. he is already starting on a secound part, so my sources say. it will be a international sorrow when this great man passes, he will be know for his work, and May ewya live in use all.


Great movie BUT.....I saw it 3-4 times already in 1992 when it was called "Ferngully".

I think Mr. Cameron owes Diana Young some hefty royalties here folks. Diana Young wrote Ferngully The Last Rainforest. I just saw Avatar for the first time with my wife and kids (in their teens). The first thing my son said to me in the middle of the movie is "dad, this is exactly like Ferngully, exact same story but with modern animation. Was this supposed to be a remake of it?"

Several in the theater near me were acknowledging his comment by shaking their heads in agreement.

Don't get me wrong, it was a good movie, however, if you have seen Ferngully, a huge hit in for its time (1992) especially with kids, the story and plot are identical making it like watching Ferngully again with newer effects. Maybe Jim saw it a few times at home with his kids and decided enough time had passed he could tweak it a bit and take credit as the "writer" and no one would notice?. Oooops.

I would expect Diana and 20th Century Fox to be consulting with their copyright attorneys and in all fairness I hope they receive their credit. Shame on you Jim.

PS.. before you defend Mr. Cameron here by dis'ing on my claim, go watch Ferngully so you can make you own fair assessment. I mean come on, when kids pick up that it is the same story in the first 30 minutes, you know you have a problem.


...... I´m proud ....... that I accepted to enter the world of .... A V A T A R ........ ¡ no regrets ! ........

Supergeeked Avatar

I think this movie deserves the title as greatest movie of all time for not only the money but because of the emotional intensity brought into the viewer throughout the entire movie..I knew the movie would easily find it's way to the top of the charts quickly lol


It's so tremendous a film that saying it merits such an achievement is an understatement. The two were made for each other -- groundbreaking film offering such an unparalleled, immersive experience paired with the record for lifetime highest-grossing project.
Heartfelt congratulations to James Cameron, Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Jon Landau, and all the others involved!! Hopefully their long-term investment of time, energy, and capital continue to pay off for long to come . . . long enough for us all to have the chance to return to the beautiful and continuing story of Avatar time and time again.


I am really loving this! I am very excited about the future possibilities that Avatar is going to give the brilliant James Cameron.

Account Deleted

The most marvellous movie ever...Avatar writes history today and in the future...not only for the universe of cinema, but for the whole human race...great movies leave a trace inside us all...and no other movie ever did it so as Avatar...it's a whole universe to explore with Na'vi 'eyes and heart clearness...this movie really changed me...for ever...I thank to be alive right now...and dream a future on Pandora as a Na'vi newborn wonderful creature...Eywa irrtok upon us all, brothers and sisters...

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