AVATAR: Biggest Movie of All Time

Avatar yell It's official: Avatar is now the highest-grossing movie of all time in dollar sales, breaking Titanic's previous record of $1.843 billion on Monday. It's gotten a big boost from more expensive 3-D screenings and is still going strong, leading industry observers to say $2 billion or more is possible—particularly since Avatar made its first billion in just 17 days. How'd Cameron pull it off? Four elements: Romance, craftsmanship, good beating evil, and buzz creation.

What do you think - how big can AVATAR get?



WOOT GO AVATAR! now all the people that said it sucked are clearly in the wrong.


The message is clear and understood by millions across the globe!

I join my brothers and sisters in forming a bond in celebration of the success Avatar is achieving across this great Earth. May the simple message contained there in continue to profoundly change consciousness as we know it.

May Eywa live in all of us.


Now the sky is the limit for Avatar - how did James pull it off, well I think it is the whole lot, he just created magic cinema with impressions that just leave you speechless.

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

Congratulations to J.C and the entire crew of Avatar on making a truly magnificent film. The best I've ever seen I say happily. 2 billion here we come =)



James Cameron
Sam Wothington
Zoe Saldana

And the entire cast of Avatar. Spectacular achievement, and totally deserved!!


Oh.. and my guesstimate as far as final gross? Three Billion. (yes. that's right!)


Caleb Watson


We all knew you could do it!

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

2 billion here we come ;)


This is the kind of creativity and burst that keeps me watching the magic, somewhat rare now, but thanks to guys like James still very alive. Keep them coming dude!


Wohoo :D

Nawma Atan


Jose Tomas

Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS James Cameron, SamWothington, Zoe Saldana

And the entire cast of Avatar. Spectacular achievement, and totally for bringing us an Spectacular movie :)

Grzegorz Daniluk

James Cameron Avatar picture - Rembrandt of our time


Amen guys.. Twitter me :). Also Im on the facebook Avatar Mega page. I think it was founded by india Avatar fans, but everyone around the world is on it. :)

Wow great to see this kind of energy and the message that Avatar really gets across from the golden generation to the new millenium generation.

Avatar for 2.3-2.5B baby!!


well, congrats avatar, you full well deserve you're rightful place at #1!! now all you gotta do is pass the 2 billion mark, which shouldnt be too hard for you!

Chrystal Larsen

Epic, the movie is easily the best I have seen in years, I'm not surprised!

Account Deleted

Yeah!! Well said Spirit_Makto. And, I think you're right, Steve.


Now lets not forget the score writter James Horner who made the beautiful music that dramaticaly enhanced the experience and emotions emitted by the visual effects and the plot. Now the people who say it sucked I would like you to post a reasonable answer as to why other than you just didn't like it.

Now with all the profit made please make Avatar 2 and make it just like you made the first one and even more exciting and emotional. Even though there are people, me included, who had or are currently experiencing some form of depression after seeing it please do not let that detur you from making Avatar 2 any less than spectacular, for then it will only get worse as I realize what was once an awe inspiring movie now becomes less inspiring.


Tawtute Txen (slightpepper)

$3billion would be nice - that would even beat Gone With The Wind when adjusted for inflation.


Whoo hoo! Cameron beats Cameron! There's just something so right about that!

Thank you for making such a positive difference in our lives...

Call me Joe

Yes!!! no doubt it will cross the $2 Billion mark.
Congrates to all the Avatar team members & to the Director JC. You did a great job.
Thank you all.

Call me Joe

Avatar Rules!!!
Pandora is Heaven!!!
Na' Vis are angels!!!
CGI is the future!!!
3D is the new standard in vision!!!
James Cameron is brilliant!!!

Ayhan B.

I've seen the movie 7 times already. This Saturday, it'll be 8.

Go James Cameron. Go.


You've quickened our spirits Mr. Cameron and crew! I see you!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-See-You/244261303105?ref=mf

Leila Thomas

I am thrilled. I knew it would, but it so very cool that it has done it so quickly. No other movie has ever inspired me to ever go and see it more then twice. Even twice is very rare for me to see a movie and I have seen Avatar 6 times and counting.

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