Why Are AVATAR Aliens Blue?

Bluesparkle Why are the Na'vi blue? James Cameron answered the question in a recent interview saying he wanted there be an "otherness" to the love story between Sully's avatar and the native alien, Neytiri. Since skin color is "such a big issue on our planet," Cameron decided to use that issue as a thematic driving point. Other skin tones were already taken by humans, while green was already a cliché in other alien movies. "We had big blue women, not little green men," Cameron said. No word on why the Na'vi's skin sparkles, but you have to admit it is a cool effect.

Meanwhile, the Houston Press' Hair Balls blog has video clips of other blue-skins that have come before AVATAR.

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I think blue was the only possible choice for the Na'vi among the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow).

Red would probably be criticzed as a racist reference to Native American Indians, who were sometimes referred to as red men, and often had lifestyles similar to the Na'vi.

Yellow has already been taken by the Simpsons and their fellow citizens of Springfield in another fantasy world.

NAVi Jakesully

well,I think that there blue because of the environment, note that the young-lings/baby Na'vis
don't have the glowing dots on there forehead and nose bridge.I believe that there parents,
once they get old enough that they are put through a series of events that gives them the
privilege of having the glowing specks on there face...and again, its just a thought.

NAVi Jakesully

oh,and by the way... I'd rather not consider them Aliens....it just doesn't really feel to be very proper to call them aliens.its Na'vi

Caleb Watson

That is really cool


I love how the skin sparkles!! Such a cool effect!

Check this out - http://allpopart.com//shopL.php?cPath=556

They can make you look like you're in the movie, how awesome!

soccer chic

they should make a second avatar

Account Deleted

What's all the fuss about? How can you watch AVATAR, sing it's praises, then catch a breath and start questioning it? The most fascinating thing about AVATAR...? The more you watch it ...the MORE you see !!.

I am quite sure I'm going to test the durability of my DVD player, after I buy my first AVATAR-DVD. I intend to use the PAUSE and ZOOM options over and over again.

btw....I can't imagine any other color than blue...it seemed right...from the very beginning.

Account Deleted

AHEM...on Pandora, the Sky People are the aliens....NOT the Na'vi.


A nice shade of lavender would have been cool...

Sam Fisher

What other color than blue could they've used? Mr. Cameron wanted this movie to be unique, and I don't know about anyone out there but, I haven't seen many blue character running around lately. Have you?

Maya Shakti

My belief is that the pin points of light emanating from the skin of the Na'vi are manifestations of their life-force, the same energy which flows through all living things on Pandora and is channeled through the Tree Of Souls. I think these pin points correspond with energy centers in their bodies, much like the traditional Indian Nadi points, related to the Chakras. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadi_(yoga)

Just a side note - I love when Neytiri rides the cat-creature into battle, she looks like the goddess Durga riding the lion to defeat the evil demons in Hindu mythology. (Picture here): http://www.sanatansociety.org/hindu_gods_and_goddesses/durga.htm


I say the sparkle in their skin comes from their ancestrelconnection with the trees, as the trees have their own root connections amongst themselves and all are seemingly hived to one main large tree thru the planet as sigourney weavers character said. As many of the intellectual creatures of that world have sparkles and more than seem to be, hively connected together; this world is Ancient, in thee extreme !


Never thought I would find a discussion group about the blue skin of the Na'vi of the Avatar film but here I am...In Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism blue is a sacred colour- specifically in Tibet a blue Buddha is a symbol of healing. The Na'vi, at one with their planet are naturally healed, they live in a sacred bond with their world - hence that beautiful blue.

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