What's Your Favorite AVATAR Movie Poster?

Avatar poster There have been tons of posters for AVATAR, starting with vague shots of the moon Pandora by itself or in orbit around its primary gas giant and proceeding quickly to the face of Neytiri or of Jake's avatar's face. Meanwhile, concept art sprouted fantastic landscapes and fearsome military hardware. There are also various international versions.

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What's your favorite AVATAR poster? Share it here and you could win a chance at free movie tickets and other prizes!



I'm a sucker for the classics... I like the original teaser poster for Avatar:

Michelle Nguyen

Aww look at how cute this is :D


I like Michelle Nguyen's! It is cute!

I like the one of Neytiri's face or Pandora, because they're the most intriguing! I kind of like the French poster, too!

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