The AVATAR/Matrix Connection

Avatar+Matrix At first glance, AVATAR and The Matrix don't have much in common—but wait: James Cameron compared the two flicks as immersive experiences back in August. Hmm: hero-savior who uses an artificial body to fight evil. A technologically superior force of bad guys. Confusion about what constitutes reality, both within the movie and for the viewer—but this time the virtual world is an agent of deliverance. Unlike The Matrix, though, AVATAR winds up being strangely utopian.

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Pandora, Matrix... which world would you rather live in?



I like the movie!!!Carmen,
This earth was and still is a paradise. Read the letters that Columbus sent to Isabella. "Our nature is to destroy everything"? To me that is an example of Matrix thinking. We are members of voracious traumatized culture which has devoured most of the other cultures on this planet. But to attribute human nature this one culture would be to ignore the nature of an unconditioned child and the nature of the many cultures that existed and still exist. Read 1491 by Charles Mann for what was happening before our cancer culture spread over the globe. The best (worst) news about our culture is that it is constantly falling apart and needs vast resources to maintain itself. And look at the body of Cameron's Terminator work "I have come from the future, a horrible fate awaits us. We need to work hard with great personal sacrifice to prevent it from happening." We cannot retreat to Paradise, because, as in Avatar, our culture is programed to "destroy paradise and put up a parking lot." Look at what we do to our own children. Separation from the mother at birth. Are you kidding? Circumcision of males. Hello? And this horrific compulsory education system where all creativity, originality, play, and exploration is aggressively crushed for fifteen years before the child is allowed to become part of this culture. Consider Earth as a training ground. If we can get it right here, we will have Pandora.


I was thinking that Camerons inspiration came from Dancing With Wolves, Little Big Man, and the one where Sean Connery is trying to save the diverse genetics of the Brazilian rain forest from the bulldozers. Like all truly great epic movies this one has an inspiring cause that escalates to a battle, it has a love story, it has great action and stunts, it has death and loss of people that you like, it has evil powerful villains, and the good guys win - at least for now (the earthlings will soon return and hammer them hard, burn the forest, and colonize the place).

Avatar is not a sci-fi world. It is Earth. For all those people who would like to move there, you are there. The plowing down of the ecosystem and the conquering of indigenous populations has always been the way it works here, and will continue to be. You can take up the same struggle right here, right now.

Right now, the human population is growing quickly, there is hardly a spot left on Earth that is untouched by humans, and not being exploited. We are quickly losing our genetic diversity, paving over our ecosystem, and trying to out-engineer all the problems we're causing. Play that model forward - where will we end up?

My suggestion - reduce your environmental footprint. Plant a garden on your roof or in the backyard. Dont buy "organic" groceries, they take five times more land to grow, there is no new farmland, which means more rain forest gets plowed down to produce them. Recycle, even though it costs more. Use geothermal and solar heating, even though it costs more. Pressure the forestry companies to only harvest strips 30% maximum, not to clearcut vast areas and wipe out the biodiversity. Replanting one species is not a solution, they need to leave 70% of the mature ecosystem, that still gives them enough wood, but it's less convenient. Pressure the fisheries industry to do it the hard way, not use the large nets, and they can make it up by charging a higher price, let the ocean populations rebuild for a while. Less sushi, we pay more, but it's sustainable. Ban the use of fertilizers and pesticides in urban areas, lawns and gardens are where most of the misuse and exposure happens, and it's not needed, let the farmers use them to produce more food per acre. Eat "grass-fed" chickens and beef, much better for you nutritionally, and for the environment. Drive a "hybrid" vehicle even though they cost more, and pressure the manufacturers to further develop this technology, and pretty soon it wont cost more. Just a few.

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Good Comparison
Definitely would rather live on Pandora ...... with Na'vi :))

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I would definitly prefer to live in Pandora. Good comparison, I noticed the similarities between Avatar and The Matrix, but I believe there are also similarities between Avatar and Lord of the Rings, both are fantasy films( Avatar is both Sci-Fi and fantasy, James Cameron said that himself). Now what about a diferent question? Where would you prefer to live, Pandora or Middle-Earth?


The only thing is Jake and AVATAR is just better!


Definitely Pandora


I would live on Pandora as a Na'vi no doubt.

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This film does relate to the Matrix but what you have to understand is that movies like this with both strong antagonist and protagonist characters battling, there will be relations to another movies like Star Wars and other movies that demonstrate a lot of symbolism in the characters.


I wouldn´t think twice. I would choose Pandora.


So.....when problems are to bad here, just leave. Thats kind of sad. If every human who wanted to go to pandora did, it would become just as bad there. Instead of running away from issues face them, anyone could respect nature like that if they wanted to.....this movie is just the opposite from the matrix. In one, human kind realizes it screwed up and tries to escape from the virtual horror that imprisons another people either continue their assanine ways, or sell out their human heritage. As Steve Bryant describes "The only way that the film's gimpy protagonist comes to understand true love and harmony is by virtually inhabiting, Matrix-like, a 10-foot-tall cloned alien body. So ... humans bad, machines good. We've gone from 'escape the virtual world! Its a prison!' to "embrace the virtual world, it will give you love and a better life! And you can ride dragons! And sleep with tall blue chicks!'"
I Guess Human Kind Is Scum If Everyone Wants To Give Up Humanity

oh yeah nicely put hollyhollyrose

Richard Hasey

Interesting discussion, what was the question again? Oh, yeah ...

In answering the question, I am reminded of an old saying, "If I ever found a perfect place, the first thing I would have to do is leave it. To do otherwise would be to destroy the perfection." While I do not believe that humankind is scum, I think that it is painfully obvious that we are not perfect.

Living in the Matrix would be to deny reality, embrace the imperfection, and to not aspire to rise above it or outgrow it. Living on Pandora would also be a mistake in that we would be denying who/what we really are, and leaving someone else to "clean up our room" while we go outside and play with the "pets" and other kids.

If those are my only two choices, then I pick Pandora, if for no other reason than that it's more fun to be a kid again, "see" life in simple black and white, and avoid all of those adult responsibilities. And if I did, I'd probably go all the way to full transformation from Human to Na'vi like Jake did. And I pity the poor fool who would be put in charge of the military expeditionary force that would be sent to regain the foothold on Pandora, because I wouldn't allow the Na'vi to die as easily as Jake did.

But since neither of those is a real choice, I'll just enjoy the "visit" at the movies and try to make the real world better when I return.

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