The AVATAR/Matrix Connection

Avatar+Matrix At first glance, AVATAR and The Matrix don't have much in common—but wait: James Cameron compared the two flicks as immersive experiences back in August. Hmm: hero-savior who uses an artificial body to fight evil. A technologically superior force of bad guys. Confusion about what constitutes reality, both within the movie and for the viewer—but this time the virtual world is an agent of deliverance. Unlike The Matrix, though, AVATAR winds up being strangely utopian.

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Pandora, Matrix... which world would you rather live in?



Interesting comparison...


"At first glance, AVATAR and The Matrix don't have much in common" For you maybe, as soon as the movie started I noticed the similarities. The tube used to drive an avatar is similar to the chair used to jack into the matrix, the armored mech robots, the protagonist while just went with the flow and never really had a future, and the ones you mentioned. Not that there is anything wrong with this though, The Matrix isn't exactly 100% original itself. Actually, I would describe Avatar as an awesome mix of Fern Gully and The Matrix to anyone who knows nothing about the film.

Lance Brinson

Wow, nice observation "Quicksilver4648" it does remind me of those experiences. I have to credit James for his original effort. This movie is as original as any movie will get. He just was honest with how people would react to things. For example, in artwork (paintings) person "A" interprets masterpiece and person "B" says scribble (a mess). This is because, each person needs that familiarity or you risk many observers attention. Relating is all anyone wants to do, and in the end that means keeping somethings the same.

Ateyo 'uniltiranyu (dreamwalker72)

Definitely would rather live on Pandora :D

Call me Joe

In Matrix u r always on the run & living in a insecured threatening world (who r outside the Matrix) where u dont have a hope for better life. but in Avatar Na' Vi people were living a peaceful life until the human race came there. definitely I'll choose Pandora to live as a Na' Vi or Avatar.

Account Deleted

Pandora all the way :)


A freaking urban distopia or an eden reborn ? You must be joking :p

Eric Kyle

Yes Im not gonna lie..wen Matrix came out..I said that it was fly and I would love to fight the bad guys and love to be in the Matrix.. But if u compare it to Avatar, it really isn't a comparison because I would be a Avatar and live on Pandora anyday over Matrix..So in my eyes..NO COMPARISON AT ALL..Well not even no comparison.. NO
But yeh Pandora all the way..Sorry Matrix..

Tristan Bissinger

I would Definitely live on Pandora.

Account Deleted

I REALY would like to live on PANDORA ^_^


AVATAR, definitely this is the most amazing world ive ever seen, after I watched it I thought in my mind how awesome it would be to live in Pandora, I would die to be in the life of Jake Sully!


I would rather live in Pandora ofcourse. As it said, Pandora sounds more promising than Matrix. ^_^ but this was really interesting comparison...


Pandora absolutley, its such an amazing place, so amazing infact that many of us here are sad that it doesnt really exist in reality, but it will always be their in our hearts






Well, if you were in the Matrix you could load a Pandora sequence and instantly learn Na'vi and how to ride an ikran. So maybe Matrix and then Pandora. : )

Heather Hays

I'd love to live on Pandora, but there's a catch.

To be able to live with the Na'vi, you have to earn their trust. We all saw what Jake had to do in order for that to happen and I don't see even a quarter of us making it through Pandoran Boot Camp. Not after living 21 years in the 21st century where we have machines to do everything for us and our food is raised, slaughtered, prepped and packaged for us by other people. Nor do I see half of their customs or beliefs being adopted/followed/respected. Hell, we don't even respect our own.

the one with two skins

I Maid the connection between the matrix and avatar when i seen it.
i quoted something Neo and Morphious said.
it was when Jake sully first came into the body of the avatar and was looking up at the lights...

"why do the lights hurt my eyes"?-neo
"because your seeing out of them for the first time".-morphious

i said that our loud when i seen the movie
its when neo gets his real life body
and he has all them needels in his body

i maid the connection idk if you all did or not...

the one with two skins

i hope make a maxtrix within the next year
so we can live in pandora XD as the Na'vi!!!
it be like a haven paradise to live there and have that way of life.

the one with two skins

yeah man a matrix with na vi and avatar settings...

Carmen Almeida

hi everyone! greetings from portugal
when I saw the movie I didn't see a connection beetwen Avatar and Matrix. I didn't even like Matrix. so I don't like to say that there is a connection but maybe.
if someone appeared in front of me and said: "pandora is real. do you want to become an Avatar?"
my answer would definitely be yes. the way of living is so amazinglly respectful towards nature and Pandora is just gordeous.


Why not be an avatar here or Earth? We have the reality F-up of the Matrix and the Empire exploitation of Avatar. There are strong beautiful women from other countries that will introduce you to a whole new reality if you can show them playfulness, sensitivity, and compassion. The war going on here more real than the movies, and a lot of good people are dead and in prison. Mumia and Lenard.

Carmen Almeida

avatar here on Earth? no. Earth is too "polluted" if you know what I mean. too much evil going on beetwen us in this world. nothing like in Pandora. forget about matrix. that would not be real. I was talking about suffering a transformation like the one jake did in the end of the movie. but going to pandora as avatars would just work with a very very short number of people (like in the movie). if we all went as avatars to Pandora we would just do the same we've been doing here on Earth. we would eventually destroy everything. because whether we want to admit it or not that's in our nature. after all, that's what we've been doing to Earth. and it would be extremely sad for that to happen to something so beautiful as Pandora is. it sounds too extreme but I'm not the only one who thinks this way. and about what you said of "the war going on here more real than the movies"... that's exactly the problem. I'm sick and tired of war. pandora is just a paradise

Jason Luttmer

First I want to say that I though Avatar was the best movie I have seen. If people could understand, respect, *AND* follow the Na'vi ways (which in fact are the native American traditions/customs altered a bit to allow the movie to work with them) then this planet would be better off, and if we actually find a place like Pandora and it is inhabited by peoples like the Na'vi, then I would gather 3 people with me, who are farther along the path than I am, and have passed through the Wall of Grief, and attempt to keep THIS *points at our civilization and the planet* from happening to that planet due to stupid humanity/people (not that I am saying any of you are stupid, I don't know you, you can judge that for your selves). So I would go with Pandora 100% as long as the stupid people are left behind who don't know ho to adapt.

I have to agree with Quicksilver4648 the movie does remind me of an adult version of Fern Gully. It also reminds me of pocahontas, the Disney version. I can even see how someone could draw similarities between it and the Matrix... Anyway, I think that if we did get to reach some exotic strange world we would destroy it.
I have to agree with Heather Hays, Carmen Almeida, and everyone else who made similar comments. Our earth is dying and the worst part about it is that this world could have been a paradise. Everything that was in the film was a mirror of the things that have been/are on this world. It is only now that we have almost completely turned our home into a waste land that the full extent of how much we have damaged everything can be seen! Our home (Earth) is dying and the film only reflects that. But sadly I believe that the death of this world would only be a natural outcome to all of the accelerated decay that we have brought upon it.

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