James Cameron's Next Movie After AVATAR

Avatar2 With Avatar's success, what's James Cameron's next project? There are a few possibilities: Early bets revolve around Battle Angel, an adaptation of a Japanese manga series called Battle Angel Alita. Although Cameron's put a year into development, he's not yet sure he wants to do the film. Cameron may also produce a remake of 1966's Fantastic Voyage, which centered on miniaturized doctors who pilot a tiny submarine into a patient's body to fix his brain from the inside. Then there's a possible return to the seas that Cameron loves: The Dive, centered on a tragic three-way romance between a scuba diver, the woman he falls for, and the ocean. Finally there's Doomsday Protocol, centered on a Seven Samurai-like team of aliens and humans who band together to defend Earth. But will he tackle these projects or an AVATAR sequel or 2 first? Most bloggers and news sources are betting we won't hear for sure until AVATAR hits DVD and Blu-Ray in 2010. Let's just hope the next film comes sooner than the break between Titanic and AVATAR – 13 years!

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What film do you think James Cameron should do next?



I have several ideas for new pandora settings.

1. In the game, machines are used by humans to take control over trees of souls. This might lead to an interesting development. Because, if humans can control nature, they could impress some na'vi tribes, and get them to their side. This way, they can get miners. This was the original plan for the AVATAR project, creating miners that could breath in Pandora.

2. Otherwise, there might be na'vi tribes that are not as friendly to the enviroment as the Omaticaya clan. This might cause a civil war, or rather, some sort of religious crusade against those na'vi tribes organised by Jake'sully's tribe(s).

3. Pandora is a planet with low gravity and magnetic flux-fields, which tie in with unobtainium. This makes giant caves in Pandora's earth crust logical. This way, you can find a slightly similar, but then again completely different enviroment under the ground, where other forms of creatures, plants and even na'vi live.

4. We've already seen glimpses of savannah like areas. I love the idea of savannahs, so this might also be a setting for a civil war between na'vi. Like, the forest na'vi want to make the savannah's into 'healthy' forests, while the savannah na'vis want to stay the land as it is. Or the other way around.
For savannah tribes, the sky is naturally better visible. This might make them connected more to the universe than to Ey'wa herself. This might make them more like philosophers than hunters. They might wield different weapons than the omaticaya, such as tomahawk-like weapons.
Savannahs, or even western dessert landscapes can be breathtaking, especially when taking into account what interesting magnetic effects unobtainium creates. Things such as canyons and mountains and small forests can add litteral depth to the enviroment. I trust James' Cameron to think up the nice beasties that would be in the savvanah for me, but I'm thinking giant pack-hunters, akin to viperwolves, but larger.


i hope so badly that this comment is read by james cammeron as unlikely as it may be.The last few days i have been incredibly depressed, but while watching AVATAR i am the happiest i have ever been. last night after seeing it for the second time in 3d, i had a shower and cried... for atleast 30 minutes, about...i don`t really know how to say this but i`ll give it a shot ...: in AVATAR pandora is perfect, beautiful and full of life- untouched by human technology then i thought about earth... and how we as a race have overrun it, how we have caused so many amazing creatures to become extinct how we have destroyed millions of trees all for our own benefit. but the na`vi they live like how i want to live, they respect their planet and provide for each other they dont squabble over power and yet they live in complete happiness and harmony and it just tears me apart that no one else realises what this movie has done... it is bringing the truth out it is trully beautiful. i hope james Cameron reads this because i dont know if he realises what hes done, how he's moved me... and i just hate it that he is considering making a sequal on a planet other than pandora because pandora and the story of jake sully on pandora are both so beautiful and pure that taking them away from each other would quit possibly ruin my life and i`m sure there are others out there as affected by this movie out there and i just want you to know james cameron that this movie has changed my life and the way i view our planet and mankind.


Hi all,

Yes, there is absolutely no doubt a sequel is on the way. Cameron has said he has a 3-story arc already mapped out and if Avatar made money, he'd do it. And don't worry about him rushing. Our saving grace is Mr. Cameron's obsession with making things "right" to begin with and will win in the end... I have faith in him. You can still see that drive in his eyes. Lucas & Spielberg? Not so much. They're just having "fun" now, like with the latest Indiana Jones - OMG, that was another "well, we have enough money and following to do whatever we want, so let's just f--- with everything because we CAN." Don't even get me started on Star Wars.

James WON'T do that, but there, of course, IS a chance (and a pretty good one) that a sequel won't necessarily be "better", which, of course, is very subjective. I really hope he works a bit on making it a better story. I don't mean dialogue-wise... he has always been criticized for that, and so far it hasn't hurt his movies much as far as I can tell. I mean a little more original in terms of ideas, particularly ones he may have for inspiring us to improve our own planet. His tech ideas always rock, but let's maybe get some really cool ideas going that not only helps the Navi defend themselves, but defend and improve their planet after what the RDA has done to it.

Oh, and all they naysayers about "geez, it will take too long for people to get there!" Um, hello? There are likely other ships *already on their way*, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Colonel Quaritch had already called in for reinforcements long ago. There could be a whole military force already on its way. The RDA may have been prepping to really ramp things up since they were getting "close" to the motherload of deposits. In fact, the sequel could open with the humans who were told to leave Pandora simply having a rendezvous with the fleet that's already en route.

Anyone who loves the images and feelings Pandora invokes like I do, and would just like to see more of the planet, if you haven't already seen this, check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBGDmin_38E I hope they make more like this. I know it was simply a marketing thing, but it's really brilliant. Hopefully they'll do some more things like this prior to the sequel to whet our appetites.

Another thought I had... what if the RDA has developed a technology similar to the atmosphere creators in Aliens? It basically has to clear out all the poisons in the atmosphere and leave the oxygen. This could be lethal to the Navi, and another crucial reason to fight and defend the beauty of Pandora. (Yes, the atmosphere has oxygen, but also gasses poisonous to us, hence the reason for simply gas masks rather than needing huge oxygen tanks. See http://www.aintitcool.com/node/43440 for a cool rundown on the science of Avatar and how close Cameron got to real science.)

I also believe disease we bring to the planet will play a factor in the story arc at some point, after all, it's in the Avatar game (what little I've played of it so far).

Yes, Evongelo, I saw your post. :-) I return here often to see what others have written. I'm secretly hoping someone from the James Cameron camp will like my ideas so much they'll hire me as a writer. LOL!!! That's like hoping to win the lottery. Heck I'd settle just to be able to shake the man's hand and thank him for providing me some of the best entertainment in my life.

Jason Luttmer: thanks for your words. I hear what you're saying, not wanting to mess up what we've seen, but the two sequels Cameron has done so far were (arguably) better than the originals: Aliens and Terminator 2. I'm not too worried.

Caleb - very nice posting. I do NOT think you're alone at all in your feelings both toward Pandora and our own planet. I believe that's why this movie has become such a monumental success (has beat out everything but Titanic and *may* even get close to it, or even beat it! Though I personally doubt that it will beat it). It has struck a deep chord within all our psyches and I believe that's a hopeful sign for all of us. The more popular culture can hold up a light to our downfalls and make it more "popular" to want to improve things, the better. Yes, we still have a very long way to go, but movies like this and the ideas it gets people thinking about really give me hope... and I hope you too.

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Caleb Hudson,

As you probably have read many times, I fully agree with what you said.
The admiration I have for pandora and its people is immeasurable.

But I, by contrast, was a little sad after seeing the film, knowing that a world and people like that are impossible to exist, and we walk in the opposite direction to achieve a better world, like theirs.
And like you, I'm sad to see that people did not catch the real meaning and purpose of the film, and classified it as a movie simple and not creative, which calls only for the 3D effects. I think the movie has affected the life and way of seeing of several people, and I do not know if Cameron have noticed that, but hope so.
I, particularly, do not care that much about where the film will be, like it would ruin my life =], although I prefer Pandora, of course. What I would like to be kept was the beautiful message of the film, and all its profound meaning and beauty.

BTW, I was watching the videos with comments from actors, and some actors were very good, most of them got the meaning of the film, as Sigourney Weaver, who considered the effects of 3D as a "detail" and says that what really involves us in the film is its plot, the romance, beauty. It made me very happy.

PS: belive it or not, I saw the movie for the fourth time! kinda freaky isn't it? =P haha

Account Deleted

btw, anyone has any good therapy against this sadness? really, thats pissing me of.. haha, wrong topic though, sry.


Yah Cleber - just go see Avatar again! :-) That'll cure your sadness. ;-)


I vote for a remake of Fantastic Voyage. I saw the old version as a kid and it was one of my most memorable movies. There’s a lot of real life science and educational content in the script, even beyond Raquel Welch’s….never mind. The other good thing about the film is that the script is already written, so, we won’t have to rely on James Cameron for that.

Richard Hasey

IMHO making a sequel would be the best choice. Doing it next, while the demand for the original is still high would produce a large enough "war chest" to produce any other films that Mr. Cameron has in mind regardless of their success (or lack thereof) in the box office. Not that I think that he'd produce anything that was bad, but this would allow him the opportunity to fully express himself artistically without having to be concerned about profits in the process.

Of course, if profitability did raise itself as an issue at some point in the future, he could always do another sequel.

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