James Cameron's Next Movie After AVATAR

Avatar2 With Avatar's success, what's James Cameron's next project? There are a few possibilities: Early bets revolve around Battle Angel, an adaptation of a Japanese manga series called Battle Angel Alita. Although Cameron's put a year into development, he's not yet sure he wants to do the film. Cameron may also produce a remake of 1966's Fantastic Voyage, which centered on miniaturized doctors who pilot a tiny submarine into a patient's body to fix his brain from the inside. Then there's a possible return to the seas that Cameron loves: The Dive, centered on a tragic three-way romance between a scuba diver, the woman he falls for, and the ocean. Finally there's Doomsday Protocol, centered on a Seven Samurai-like team of aliens and humans who band together to defend Earth. But will he tackle these projects or an AVATAR sequel or 2 first? Most bloggers and news sources are betting we won't hear for sure until AVATAR hits DVD and Blu-Ray in 2010. Let's just hope the next film comes sooner than the break between Titanic and AVATAR – 13 years!

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What film do you think James Cameron should do next?



First, I want to enjoy Avator for a few years. I love this movie. I mean, I love it. I saw it twice now. The 2nd time I saw it, I sat by a family who were also seeing it for the 2nd time. I have only good feelings for this movie. I loved the plot too--I thought it was great. I also like the low-key conversations, not some intellectual flight of fancy in words. The script was more like real life, whether you are a scientist or soldier or nurse. The 2nd time I saw it, it was just as enjoyable as the first time, even more so. I could hear the comments of Sully and Grace better, and understand their delimmna better. I could notice more details of Pandora. The intensity and suspense were just as great the 2nd time, even though I knew the outcome.

I hope Cameron makes a sequel to Avatar sometime in the future. I wonder however how Cameron would top Avator or make a sequel as good as Avatar. If he does make a sequel, I liked the connection to nature that the Na'vi have, and their society. I like Cameron's advocacy of protecting the Na'vi way of life and their respect for nature. I would like to see more of this in a sequel. It was refreshing to see a good relationship with nature. Their society had a peacefulness to it that I don't see on earth today. A co-operation within their society, and also with nature. I would like a sequel to dwell on this because it was so calming to watch. It's something we need so badly on Earth these days. The Na'vi didn't have TV at night, they just gazed at the brilliant stars, and talked.

Avatar demonstrated the good values of humans and Na'vi. I would like a sequel to have a plot where like Avatar, doing the right thing was valued and won in the end. The movie condemns taking advantage of indigenous people and their resources, condemns using brute force, condemns desecrating nature. I would like a sequel to again show how we are better off when we live up to our best values.


Mr. Cameron is going to be *extremely* busy for the next year. I believe Avatar will become the next Star Wars, and will spawn a huge following. We're only just beginning to see the tip of this iceberg (no pun intended). The motivation for an Avatar sequel will be huge, and given the complexities, he'll need to start very soon. But I do expect at least one project to intervene in the interim.


If he doesn't want to do the sequel of Avatar please in least a series.....forget japonese things they are good but final fantasy.....give it a litle time.....with all this clime changing go one pleasen do a sequel....use internet to find wath he need there is a world here....lots of people to help doing that....

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i hope Mr. Cameron will prioritize the sequel of his new successful movie/film(AVATAR).., which more audience and fans cling and crave for it.., including me as well..,


i know i would really like to see a sequel but would NOT want to see it the way i have been hearing james talk about. He speaks of going to a diff moon and crap like that. I personally thing this would be the biggest mistake that james cameron could do and i hope hes reading at leased a little bit of these posts.

i would really like to see it take place with the beautiful Natiri and Jake on Pandora. maybe a revenge strike of earth or something along them lines.

ether way i think it needs to take place with same character Na 'vi and pandora


Lol, I personally think It would be a waste of time producing other movies, that are NOT going to sell or be better than Avatar, so an Avatar Sequel would be the way to go. If I was James Cameron I would do a Sequel for these reasons.

1. Avatar was a HUGE, ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC, PHENOMENON, that is marked to be the BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME, btw it was SUCCESSFUL.
2. The Story of Avatar was so good, it ended leaving the fans wanting for more. So, why do that in the first place, if your not going to make a Sequel, because it would piss me off, if your going to end in a movie with jake's eye opening, and not make a Sequel. I'M seriously HUNGRY for some more AVATAR. I want to see more of pandora, and I want to see the progression of Jake's and Neytiri's relationship.

3. Again, why go in produce other movies that are not going to be as successful as in the Sequel of Avatar. C'mon James Cameron obviously knows a Sequel is the right way. Why else would he have plans already plotted out for a Sequel in the first place.

4. BECAUSE so many people want A SEQUEL.

5.BECAUSE I will cry if there will not be a Sequel.

6. JAMES CAMERON, you will be marked as the best producer ever. C'MON




The first movie was just sooooo good it will b hard to top a masterpiece like the first one, but here r a couple ideas
- Civil war with the na'vi humans can end up as good guys or bad guys
- Humans come back with a vendetta and start a hugeass war
- Another alien species comes along and threatens the na'vi and the humans come to the rescue!


I cannot get enough Avatar. I must have more asap Mr Cameron! It would be very awesome. :D

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Love AVATAR, have seen it 3 times now and have the game to. I can't get enough of AVATAR. So I will LOVE to see more of this world Mr. Cameron :)

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Do not wait for all the film promenno Avatar 2, speak for many Russians, almost all liked this movie! And my opinion I generally keep to themselves, I'm just a huge shock on the movie, as well as Mr. Cameron! Good luck to you! I would like to know whether it is possible to contact Mr. Cameron?

Nicholas Carreras

n response to Sandy's Post (1st one)

First off, pre-production, production, and post-production will take a couple years, like maybe 2 at the least. But it's not like James Cameron can wait five years to start an AVATAR 2. The sets are made, the connection between all the people who helped make AVATAR are still fresh, the actors to an extent are still trained in both mind and body to act like the Na'vi.

AVATAR was like a 400 million dollar production. If he starts production on a sequel now, while all of this is still ready, or near enough, he won't have to worry about asking 20th century fox for another 400 million.

If James Cameron is looking to create an AVATAR 2, now might be his best time, financially and productively.

However, there is much to fear from an immediate sequel. We all know what happened to Pirates of the Caribbean. Great movie, people loved it and wanted more so thats what they did. And they rushed it and crap came out.

This is what I plead; If James Cameron wishes to create a sequel to AVATAR, which I do wish (and fear) to see, then please take it slow. Take as much time as you can. Think it through, work it out, and work your magic. Because if you rush it and the sequel crashes, it will tarnish AVATAR and it will brake the spirits of many AVATAR fans, myself included.

Nicholas Carreras

In response to Merfin's Post (4th one down)

I think thats the wrong attitude to take when asking for, or even producing, a film. I really don't think James Cameron is solely going to create AVATAR 2 just so that people can slate their thirst for, or just so that he can create a "successful movie/film". And I'd like to believe that that wasn't the reason why he created AVATAR to begin with.

From all the interviews and the "behind the scenes" clips i've watched, it really seems that James Cameron cares more about the worlds he creates, their characters, the story's, than he does the money and fame it brings him. He is an inspiration to aspiring film and video students, such as myself, for those very reasons.

In response to obamanizer's Post (5th one down)

I agree with you opinion that Going anywhere but Pandora for the sequel seems very intimidating and even unwelcome. I admit that I want to see more of Pandora myself and wish to remain there through the whole of AVATAR.

But I must point this out. AVATAR is James Cameron's world. You could say that the very essence of AVATAR is James Cameron's. I think we can trust him to handle the best interests of Pandora, the Na'vi and AVATAR.

Nicholas Carreras

In response to nathan's Post (8th one down)

Creative idea's, but problematic.

The first idea of a civil war with the Na'vi humans (Called avatars) would be rather difficult seeing as there actually aren't that many to begin with. The AVATAR survivor handbook mentions that their are only maybe 20 or 22. But then assuming James Cameron wrote over this idea, in all believability there probably couldn't be more than 100 (and thats really stretching it).

We the audience only bore witness to only maybe a dozen of these avatars. Also, we only come to care about and focus on three of them, Jake, Norm and Grace's. To create a sequel where we have to adopt more of these avatars could create a continuity error between Films. Not to mention we had Jake narrate that "the aliens went home to their dying planet" and that only a few were chosen to remain. I don't think "a few" could make much of a civil war.

Unless your talking about other Na'vi tribes taking offense to the MATAnuok for taking in the avatars, causing the civil war, which actually would be more of a tribal feud. Then that could be an idea for a sequel.

The second idea of humans retaliating has an issue with time. It took Jake 5 years and a bunch of months to reach Pandora. When the humans were forced to leave, unless their spaceship had military weapons or something, they would have to make a return trip home to Earth first, a 5 1/2 year trip. So Earth wouldn't even be aware of these problems till then, unless James Cameron intended to create some form of communication between the solar systems that was faster. Either way, the retaliation wouldn't arrive for either another 5 1/2 years or 11 years(return trip, then from Earth to Pandora again)

Here, James Cameron would have to not only think about what would happen in the sequel but what had happened between these two films. What happened in those 5 1/2 or 11 years? Did Neytiri and Jake have a child? Was there some disaster? What could happen in those time frames? Thats a lot of time to pass by, and then expect a sequel to simply pick up. Very dangerous territory. Would require a lot of thinking and planning when it came time to write the script.

And for nearly the same reason as I have mentioned above, Humans wouldn't be of much help to the Na'vi against aliens because it would take us too long to get a military force there. Unless it was the "Alien" in which case we simply resurrect Dr. Augustine Grace and start calling her Rippley, as she begins to once again battle the alien threat and that of a greedy corporation. And then Predator comes in hunting the alien.

Thank you for posting these idea's, it gave me a lot to think about.


I think that the idea of retaliation would work for a sequel. That was a big space ship in orbit over Pandora. Plus the “company” stands to lose billions in the equipment left behind. If there are only 20,000 Na’vi scattered across the entire moon, then retaliation without re-supply or reinforcements is possible, (assuming there were more people in space ship). Remember, if Jake did not have those grenades, the shuttle would have dropped the bombs right on target. How many grenades could he possibly have?

Ben Coats

Hmmm... I don't know if they're gonna make a movie sequel to Avatar :/
However I do think that they will continue to create books and video games. Maybe even a cartoon series or two. The Avatar movie will definitely live on in books and video games. If they do make another movie, it would have to be void of humans. If they brought the RDA back then it could turn out to be a bit of a re-tread. I think that they should use the RDA equipment left behind to travel to another moon close to Pandora :D Or maybe just have a search for another home tree? Anybody care to expand?


I also like Nathan's # 3 idea... let the humans redeem themselves! Most of the “Sky People” were not bad, just misinformed. The colonel led everyone who worked for the company to believe that the Na’vi were dangerous savages, (but Jake, Grace, Norm and Trudy knew better). Plus, those soldiers were are mercenaries, and only fought for money.

I also agree with Ben about the books, games, etc. Avatar is a hit, and it is here to stay. I have never blogged before, but here I am. I even bought a movie poster this morning! I am a guy who goes to the movies maybe twice a year. I thought that Avatar was brilliant, and I would love to see more. If they make another movie, I would like it to take place on Pandora. Maybe the Na’vi can start over, and find a new place to live under Jake’s leadership. When you think about it, Avatar is a very sad movie. I would like to see the Na’vi rebuild.

Has anyone ever considered that the Humans could have brought a disease to Pandora? They would have no natural immunity to an Earth pathogen. Or maybe an invasive species of some sort?

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James should let go fo these projects and start working on Avatar 2! They do not sound as nearly as exciting as Avatar. James wrote Avatar. There is nothing better than having your vision materialize in the way you intend it. I want to be in Avatar 2!

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Man, you are amazing!

Each post made me very excited, because I think the same way that you, the movie was incredible, the world is extraordinary and fascinating and culture of the people is very admirable. Most people liked the movie, but only a few loved the movie just like me.

Sandy, your post was beautiful, made me very happy, because I think exactly the same way. Perhaps the thing that really captivated me in the movie and made it extremely attractive was the culture of the people na'vi. Their respect for nature, animals and the universe, its simplicity and lack of greed and vanity ..
Of course we have that amazing new world, its colors, differences, landscapes and animals, all its magic. The way Cameron’s show us all of this is perfect too.
All this, as you said, brings good feelings, peace of mind .. It's something really soothing and moving. It is a pity that with it comes sadness too, when we look at our world and how we are. For us, their way of life is unattainable, impossible. I hope the movie will touch other people like us, and well aware them about the beauty of the lifestyle of the people na'vi.
I also expect for a sequel to see more harmony with nature and peace of a people so developed spiritually, even if it is necessary to invent him.
But seriously, your post made me really touched.

Nicholas Carreras, your answers were very good too, and made me think of the many consequences of a continuation.
As you said the best time to think about a continuation would be now, but just to agree, we really should give him time, so he can come up with a follow-up measure up to the first film, and that would be real magic. And agreeing with you again, I would like to believe too, that the reason he made this film was not to create a blockbuster and earn money, but good entertainment, and at the same time make us dive into a wonderful world, and make us believe in good principles, worship of nature, animals and of all that exists.

The soundtrack is very good to listen too, very appropriate and calming.
Well, I can not explain my passion for this film with words, so it could have been a little confusing, and most of all, my English is terrible, hahaha! At least I wanted to show here some of the reasons that made this movie one of my favorites, and express my gratitude for posting such beautiful comments about this film.

Joshua Mullin

I personally don't think it matters what he does next. Because what ever it is he has raised the bar so high with Avatar that he's going to have to blow our minds once more. There isn't any other option for him he has to go bigger. I have seen Avatar 3 times and i can't get it out of my head. I am absolutely obsessed! I agree with everyone who thinks that this film will be the next Star Wars. Actually scratch that. Avatar is so far beyond anything Lucas could have ever accomplished. And with the last 3 movies that he released in that franchise I think he should just retire and let Cameron show him how things are done from now on!

All I'm saying is that if Mr. Cameron does not do a sequel he will have a lot of angry people on his hands, and I am going to be the one leading the mob. I mean who would end such an amazing movie like that and then not do a sequel. I believe that goes against the Geneva Convention in some way. It is definitely cruel and unusual punishment!


I like some of the ideas discussed for a sequel. I have been a loooong time fan of James Cameron. I was 14 when the original Terminator came out and it blew me away. And every movie he has made since then has continued to impress.

Any worries about his ability to "out do" himself on a sequel... I have one word for you: Aliens. Probably THE best Sci-Fi movie ever made up till now. (and if you've never seen the extended version with the Sentry Guns, you owe it to yourself to do so)

Here's some extra ideas I thought of that could be mixed in with other's ideas on the sequel. If the humans DO decide to retaliate (I agree that the company would want to recover their assets, etc.), since it would take many years to get to Pandora, what if they decided to grow an army of thousands of Avatars to fight the tribes of Pandora? They certainly have the technology to do so, and since Earth sounds like it's in pretty bad shape, they also have desperation as a motive. It could be an epic battle. And it wouldn't necessarily have to end happy... think Empire Strikes Back.

But like others, I definitely wouldn't want it to be all battle and no nature. I think one of the most attractive things about Avatar was the connection with nature which resonates deeply within many of us knowing our planet is already headed in a bad direction.

I do hope he incorporates more than a tiny group of humans who "get it" in terms of nature. There's got to be *some* humans on earth who understand what they've done to their own planet and want to stop the madness. Think "fifth columnists" from V... only they're humans in this story, helping fight the "good fight".

I'd also like to see a storyline where the Navi help the humans restore earth by helping them reconnect with their planet. Maybe in a 3rd installment. Retaliation is a very human trait and doesn't suit the Navi. Hopefully human genes getting mixed in with Navi won't ruin them, although it would be an interesting storyline (civil wars, etc.) to see played out.

Anyway, those are just some of the thoughts rambling around in my Cameron-infected brain. :-)

Nicholas Carreras

I've been wracking my brain on all of the ideas everyone has been coming up with for a sequel. and While some are better than others, and while some have been thought out and are being thought out by other bloggers, there still seems to be something missing from each idea, something that lacks the James Cameron touch.

I can only hope he has better luck then we do.

Joshua Mullin

I really am excited to learn that soooo many people are as in love with the idea of Avatar and that a sequel seems like a definite possibility, especially with an army of fans as large as ours. I think that one of the ideas that I really want to see repeated is the connection with nature and Pandora that the Na'vi have. That little moon is one of the most visually stimulating and beautiful worlds that I have ever seen or imagined outside of dreaming and I want more of that bioluminescent wonder than anything I have ever experienced. Cameron is a god among men and his ability to show us what is possible and reveal to us his imagination is one thing that makes him so awesome!


I think it would be a good idea to take the film to a different moon. Introduce us to more of that seductive visual imagery we got a chance to indulge in. I am not interested in revisiting Pandora unless there is a good reason. I do not think retaliation is a good reason that would undercut the whole point of the movie I think. I would like to see action on maybe another moon or a nearby planet. Give us more of your imagery MR Cameron. I have watched the movie twice and will see it one more time if i can ever get an IMAX 3d showing that isn’t at 1in the morning....
The world he introduced us to i think resonates with all of us deeply on some primal level. I can remember hearing in both showings i went to people saying i wanted to just sit there and dive deep into the world of Pandora grown folks and children alike. This movie has awakened something within us as you can tell by the numbers this movie has generated and by the number of return movie goers. I don’t think even Star Wars could boast the same return viewer numbers that Avatar has.
I am almost willing to go back and watch a sequel that doesn’t have any conflict in it at all. Who didn’t love discovering Pandora with Jake Sully...?


I believe there should be a sequel because...

1. James Cameron made the ending seem to be a cliffhanger and people will continue to bug him until he tells what the aftermath of AVATAR or make a sequel to get more money.
2. I was kind of disappointed that the ending was not tragic because most of James Cameron's films have tragic but beautiful endings. The fact that AVATAR was a "happy" movie, everyone wants to know if there is truely a happy ending, therefore, he needs to make a sequel.
3. It would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!
(P.S. just a thought, make the Avatar sequel a tragedy, not happy story.)

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