Cool AVATAR Interactive Trailer With Twitter

Avatar_air The much anticipated James Cameron film, Avatar, is set to be released on December 18th and the promotional push is in full swing. Avatar is a sci-fi epic that is creating a lot of buzz due to the technology used to create the film and it's record setting $230 million budget.

There have been several trailers released but the newest one might just be the coolest. The official Avatar Adobe AIR interactive trailer just hit the web and is unparalleled in it's functionality. The new AIR desktop application can be downloaded in a few minutes and brings users already released trailers, new trailers, behind the scenes videos and an in depth look into the characters right to their desktops. The best part of the AIR app is that it pulls in Avatars Twitter, Flickr and YouTube feeds and  you roll over "hot-spots" on each trailer to learn more about the specific scene or character at that moment in the trailer.

The official Avatar Adobe AIR app brings users closer to the world of Pandora using state-of-the-art technology. If you want a serious Avatar fix before it hits theaters, be sure to spend some time with the interactive trailer!

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments!


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Account Deleted

that's the awesome topic i have ever read..
albert pinto
pop top caravans


I love the interactive trailer! I downloaded it! ^_^ I like learning about the exotic plants and animals' design! Especially the thanator!

(But personally, I really want an Ikran!)

Richard Hasey

The interactive trailer for Avatar is the best trailer that has been put out for any movie yet. Outstanding job!

Having said that, I'm glad that I didn't see it before I saw the movie itself. Given the predictable nature of the script/storyline, if I had seen the interactive trailer before the movie, I would not have enjoyed the movie anywhere near as much as I did. Therefore, my recommendation is not to do this kind of trailer in advance of the theatrical realease of a movie unless there enough plot twists and highlights that the trailer won't capture them all.

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