AVATAR's Eco-Political Message

Avatar_planet There's no denying that Avatar has something to say about Earth-like environmental conflicts, especially since director James Cameron is the one saying so. Sure, he wanted movie that celebrated nature, but Cameron and crew actually visited a Hawaiian clear-cutting operation in progress just to know what they were talking about. He told the UK Sun that, " We are destroying species faster than we can classify them. ... We are destroying the food chain faster than we can understand it." He also tells Today's Meredith Vieira that "here they are doing the same thing on another pristine planet that we've done here on earth" (via NewsBusters).

The movie's political message has poli-blogger HotAir calling AVATAR super mega ultra left-wing and Big Hollywood declaring it a big, dull, America-hating, PC revenge fantasy (ouch!). Vanity Fair is more optimistic, suggesting AVATAR could guide us to a meaningful climate deal.

James Cameron says that once the publicity and premieres for the new film have wrapped, he will head back to his solar-powered eco-ranch in Santa Barbara, California where he and his wife are also planning on installing wind turbines (via Ecorazzi).

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Does AVATAR's eco-political message make you more or less excited to see it? 




Account Deleted

It is no secret that we are destroying the planet in our quest to satisfy perceived needs and wants that can never be fulfilled no matter how much stuff we buy. Nature abhors extremes, a concept that humans have a very hard time with because what we can have right now has become more important than what we can have tomorrow. Unconscious purchasing habits is not the answer. Many people do not want to be awakened to the fact that we must collectively change our ways in an effort to not only save our planet, but also the human race. This movie raises very important issues that sooner or later we're all going to have to face in one way or another. Change is tough and not easy on people. A movie like Avatar is an excellent vehicle for helping people see and think about the consequences of actions whether they are to protect or destroy. This is what I call intelligent entertainment.

Rowan Nancarrow

Thank you Mayra, your words are right on target, the unfortunate thing is that the people who need to get the message and change their ways are to blind to listen and feel. If James Cameron reads this post "thank you so much for bringing this to us" if it were true i would swap sides in a heart beat, We humans are traveling the wrong road and we are almost to far to find our way back to change. Anyone who has not seen this move do the world a favor and go and loose yourself in pandora.


Yesterday I watched some TV and there was a broadcast of the "Big Pictures 2009".
They showed pictures from the year 2009 which went around our globe with alot of emotions but also alot cruelty to see.
The main thing I recognised was ... humans are capable of so much destruction and harming people of their own race. I mean we could do so much to help each other but instead we are trying to kill each other for another piece of what ? Land ? Money ? I really can't understand why many people are so cruel.
I see alot potential in our race but I think the problem is that most people forgot how to see each other, to understand what's really necessary for staying alive and to save our world.
Humanity is capable of so much cruelty but also capable of so much good.

The second broadcast was about the "Climate Change Conference" in Copenhagen called COP15 where about 18 nations of our world met so discuss about the new plans to stop global warming or at least slowing it down.

After severall minutes of watching they said that they abandoned the negotiations.... reason :
Some nations like India and China BLAMED other nations that they bear the blame of global warming and they want money to stop the polution of air etc in their own nations....
When I heard that I just thought "what the hell" . I think you all know what was going on with me then.
If the nations of the world continue to think like that we will loose the fight against our own world.

We still can save our world and ourself but we have to work together.

Thank you for reading.

Frank Rizzo

I just walked out of the movie theater 10 min ago. Top notch acting, effects etc. etc. etc......
I'm so sick of watching a movie that can't just be a kick ass movie, it has to be a political message.
Man is killing their God....Mother earth. James Cameron is a sell out and so are you people who have bought into this B.S. green movement. There is not a shred of evidence from REAL scientists to support
your religion. Its faith based and not fact based. All of the evidence thus far supports a completely different Earth than you people think you are on. Instead of listening to people like Al Gore , James Cameron or any of these people in Hollywood or Washington, who have an agenda and leave a " foot print " bigger than most small cities , why don't you do some research and listen to the people that gather the real data. The rest of the world is laughing at people like Mayra,Rowan and FTU for being mindless minions of the green cult. The truth shall set you free.


It's people like you who are blind and let our world die...
Do you ever looked around in the world ? Ever seen how they cut down the rainforest ? Seen how wars go on ?
I think you never did and that's why your are talking nonsense. Our world dies and you are just unable to see cause you want to live on in your fantasy world where we can do what we want without any consequences.


It's funny how most people only veiw the eviornmental problem as an "us v them". I wish that people would stop doing that but I know that is only a dream. Guess what....this planet does not need us! We need it! What do you think would happen if there was no people on Earth? If we killed ourselves off how long do you think it would take for the planet to "fix" itself? I think it wold only be a 100 yrs. and the natural balance would be there again. It is only from mans interfirance that causes the problem. Look at the movie,"I am legend" after all the people where gone nature took over the city. The same thing would happen to the earth once we kill ourselve off. That is if we don't change our ways. As far as "global warming" all I can say is bring it on...I never liked winter anyway! Lets grow Oranges in Alaska! As far as the movie goes I thought it was great. Personaly I thought of the native Americans and how they where treated more than I did about the enviornment when I was watching.


Does AVATAR's eco-political message make you more or less excited to see it?
Neither.But that doesnt excuse corporations from what theyve done to the planet or what humans themselves have done.Im not worried in the least as the planet will take care of us ,one way or another.India and China cannot continue to blame the West when they have 3 billion people, almost half the worlds population, on one land mass.Work it out ,both sides.


This movie played with my emotions a lot. I felt a certain shame of my human race. The scenes where humans murder all the Na'vi and their natural environment for economic reasons. It saddened and angered me. And then I realised very strong that this is happening in reality too. Mankind has become a major consumer of Earth. There's a difference between lending and robbing Earth's resources. So when will man pay Mother Nature back, huh? Notice how Mother Nature takes revenge on the humans in the film. Humans have been cut off their natural environment, all we know now is concrete jungles and toxic gasses ffs. We're being bombed with all sorts of advertisements to buy this and that, you know how long the lifecycle of a product lasts nowadays? Not so long. We are all pawns of a system based on competition, who has the most money, and power. And we all know that power leads to corruption. This all leads to an endless cycle of robbing nature's resources. People are digging their own grave that's what it comes to. And when Earth is robbed empty, man will look for other ways to mass-consume. As the film suggests, by visiting other planets and start robbing their natural resources. The cycle goes on and on and on, people are so focused on competition and profits, that they're forgetting a secure future for humanity.


There is no proof that supports Global warming. The green in the green movment is money. I'm surprised Cameron didn't beg movie theaters to take carbon credits instead of money. I get a kick out of these sheep who fall for this. Emotional rants on the web don't do it for me. I want facts,numbers and credible sources.
Richardz0r wrote......."This movie played with my emotions a lot. I felt a certain shame of my human race. The scenes where humans murder all the Na'vi and their natural environment for economic reasons. It saddened and angered me. And then I realised very strong that this is happening in reality too. Mankind has become a major consumer of Earth. "

A movie .......A non fiction movie based on a far off land in a computer generated reality made this sap
almost cry . Where do you sheep get your info? You get your info from T.V.,Magazines and internet blogs. all of which are someones politiclly motivated agenda. Its sad watching people (sheep) fall for this crap. ...... posting an emotional, environmental ,tear jerking messages based on fear and stupidity is the typical response from these people. Bunch of pot heads.


I'm not a believer of global warming.

blabla wrote:
"A movie .......A non fiction movie based on a far off land in a computer generated reality made this sap."

It's based on reality, what's really happening is that corporations (in the past and now) just go where ever they want, and take whatever they want from anyone they want.

And I'm really curious what you stand for. What do you stand for?


The only person that wouldn't like this movie is someone who is unintelligent enough to see the messages in this movie or, they're just apathetic towards the issues presented in this movie in general. That's the way I feel. Any logical and good hearted person will appreciated this movie.


I hope in the end, that people just find some inspiration from this story and at the very least develop a new sense of awarness or connectiveness to the world in which we live.


I hope Avatar raise the consciousness of the citizens of this planet. Avatar comes at a time in life when transparencies are no longer hidden in closets. Awareness of each other or our presence on this celestial body. Two thumbs up Mr Cameron and everyone involved in the process of bringing Avatar to reality also the most important element in entertainment, the viewers.


Two points:
I did like the movie. I thought that it had some excellent visual effects and the storyline was good.
I didn't care for the political over tones of the US marines being presented as a force who destroys indiginous people. The United States has delivered more freedom to the world then any other nation in history. In fact, the movie should have shown that the US was saving the indiginous aliens from Russia, Iran, North Korea, or China. Seriously James. Is the United States enemy number 1 in this world? Do we kill people and then control them? Is our goal to take resources from countries and to hell with their wants or needs? Grow some courage and talk about the real tragedies in the world. Represent places like North Korea where the people are tortured and imprisoned. I know that because I'm American that a target is on my back simply because I was born here but I'm not an easy target. I've done a lot for people here in my country and in other countries. Take a stand and don't hate America simply because a lot of your rich friends do.


Of the many reasons why we need to hear the eco-political message of Avatar is this one: America spends too much on oil which goes to countries which are not friendly, and we are also in debt to nations which aren't always pro-America. We need to make America self-sufficient in energy, using both new technology and old proven ways with solar and wind power. We pay for oil to countries where terrorists come from--terrorists are funded by people in those countries, with our oil money--it's insane.

But the greater reason is to get back respect for our planet and treat it accordingly. We have to change. It is normal for people to hate change, and to resist change--(these may be politicians or big oil or corporations). But we must change. We don't want to ruin our planet. We don't want to create toxic hot air that creates havoc with the climate and we don't want to kill off species that will take millions of years of evolution to return even if we stopped destroying nature right this minute.

People respect fire, because we know how to use it properly and we know the harm and damage fire does if mis-used. People need to learn to respect the ecology of the earth and the tools and technology we use, because we are only harming ourselves by polluting the world. We have to learn respect for technology and learn how to use it wisely.

Account Deleted

Man, reading these posts I started to have a little more faith in our human race.
Beautiful words, beautiful thoughts, clear mind.
Thank you!

Eric Kyle

Frank Rizzo.. Im not mad u at all.. I love the human race but we are so greedy and just can't get enough of the green stuff which we call money.. If the asteroids hadn't killed all of the dinosaurs.. I bet we wouldn't have technology, buildings or anything else recreational.. We would have been doing the same thing that the Na'vi would be doing now.. I dont think this at all. I know it for a fact of the matter.. I know we would have hundreds of clans and more things.. I know that we would have built a bond with dinosaurs and our planet.. Everything that James Cameron has done could have been based on human nature only if the dinosaurs haven't died. Its a shame but I sure do wish the asteroids could have hit another planet besides our mother-Earth. I think it would be better if we were flying on living things such as pterodactyls and riding on Tyrannosaures and Triceratops and even Apatosaureses instead of flying and driving on something burning,poisoning and polluting our air that we breathe.. Im sorry but Im a realist.. I jus go by opinion and sometimes fact.. I believe in God or maybe a creator of every world.. And I think that our main duty as human beings was to take care of our mother-Earth.. But if anything we have failed the test and one day like Mayra Mejia said the issue will come at us very hard, and we might not be able to do anything but just sit there and die off just like the dinosaurs did. And I have to say thank you to James Cameron because this movie had changed me and my thought process on the way I think about life and our beautiful mother-Earth..

Eric Kyle

Agree or Disagree??


Let me make it easy enough for even frank rizzo to understand, and all others who say there is no proof of global warming

People breath oxygen, trees make oxygen, people cannot breath carbon dioxide, trees take carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen that people can breath...so if we continue to cut down trees faster than they can grow that would leave more carbon dioxide than oxygen wouldnt it? thats about as simple as i can make it hopefully you understand that whether you believe in the green movement or not, the simple fact is wihtout trees we die.

Tom Andersen

i am understanding all what have been sayd here.

I am quite found of america what they have done to restore peace to the world of humans in quite many years, its mutch crual things in this word that you have saved but what you dont think of is that you are also one of the biggest treath to our planet.
Here i live we actually walk 2km and alot more from our parking places to go where we want.
In america you have drive inns and close parking to everything you want to go to, americans atleast usa are the most lazy people in the world and you contaminate alot more then you actually think.

i do not beleve in global warming and that the sea will rise many meters becouse of the melting polar ices.
i think this have happend before as well as many researchers says that we are in a warm period time in our ice age. but i know its not good to contaminate the world whit our curently daily living.

Humans are the worst enemy to earth is a fact our nature is desperate to try to lower our popilation every day whit new diseases in every thing we actually eat in our daily bases.
When the nature are to mutch our of balance,,,,, i am quite sure that the nature will take care of uss quite fast in some ways, diseases , maybe a new creation of a animals that only eats humans.

The fact that the nature are the balance of life are quite true and we humans will never have a chance when the nature turn ageinst us are a fact.

its 4 facts what are going to happend in the future.

1. We will destroy ourself in world wars and after alot of years after the war nature will balance out agein and life will come back to normal bases.
2. we will not destroy ourself and actually change our ways of living in this world so the nature will balance our population out and the life on earth will come back to normal bases.
3. If we cant change our ways i am quite sure that the nature will take care of us when the nature are too unbalanced.... Whit major diseases and major disasters events and maybe a new creation of animals that only eats humans for daily living , this is a fact when somthing gets out of balance its dieases and new animals that balance that kind out thats been proved for alot of years.... the fact is when nature set humans as its worst enemy and have to act i am quite sure we are finished.
4. nature cant balance our race out. we will destroy hole earh and die becouse of that in a 1000 years.

But for me i will say this if all the world agree to change our ways of living i will easy destroy my car,tv, all my communication to save our planet.
think about how nice it had been to not see close freands family for some years and travel like 200 days to meet them agein. Think how good the feeling are to meet and talk whit them then?
Living in the nature respect it and learn to adapt our ways to live in peace whit our mother nature
Our ways of living will all day long be in peace.


I personaly didnt like the movie, its full of cliches, as an art manifestation there is noyhing new in it, lots of special efects and a completely predictive script, nothing new, nothing that breaks with traditional stuff. Also for me, there is nothing to learn, maybe because i've been concerned with the environmental issue for years, since the nines ive been reading and gathering information on this, besides i live in a third world country, where the climate changes and contamination is felt more profound, in a more conclusive dimension, given that we dont have the infrastructure and technologies other countries has.
I think this movie can go on givin some vision to people on environmental and political issues, but is not enough. The movie is 90% or more the same sh%t that we see in almost every movie today.
Cameron says it has a message?? What if i ask him for a few of the million$$ that he earn from the movie directly to his account, to save the most beautyfull lake of Guatemala, lake Atitlan, a place that 20 years ago was a beautifull paradise and now is diying, about to turn in to a swamp, thanks to the complicated social-political-economical-touristic aparathus that surrounds it. To save it, is needed lots of work and investment on education, politics, and technology. Its the same problem all arround the world and for all of you that are not aware, this will get more clear whith time, youll see!!.
Its the same everywhere, Cameron made his movie to be a buisiness, thats all.
A really deep touching, profound and changing movie would have a heavier message, be more conclusive on the facts, more blunt!!
As i say, i hope it could help a bit, but Mr. Cameron, let me tell you is not enough!!!


It's so horrible what we are doing to our beautiful planet Earth. I am glad there are celebrities and films out there that increase awareness. This movie made me want to celebrate nature and all the life surrounding us. More people need to recognize this.

Richard Hasey

Let me start by saying that, technically, I categorize myself as a conservationist and not an environmentalist. Only a short-sighted fool would ignore the adverse impact on the environment that a variety of industries have created over the years. But then again, only a short-sighted fool would try to stop progress for the sake of some small element of the eco-system that could easily be relocated to a more favorable environment where it could thrive. As a conservationist, I strive to support ways where progress and environmental health can both be achieved, and recognize that they need not be mutally-exclusive ends.

Having read a review or two before I saw the film did not deter me from seeing it in the slightest, because, as a conservationist, I can "see" (as in "I see you") and appreciate both sides of the environmental debate, and still form my own opinions based on the facts instead of the hype. Also, as a conservationist, I don't get into personally attacking those who disagree with me. Instead, I encourage them to have the intellectual honesty and integrity to actually examine the facts for themselves instead of just believing what they are told, and once they have done that, take positive action to make a difference.

Oh, and "positive action to make a difference" does not include name-calling on a blog, especially if you don't even have the intestinal fortitude to even use your real name.

Peter Owen

I've argued in my blog that Avatar is essentially 'Triumph of the Will II' - a hymn of praise to fascism, idolatry and fetishism:


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