AVATAR's Augemented Reality (and Extras)

Augmented realityYou knew there'd be AVATAR Happy Meals, but McDonald's also  put augmented-reality cards on each one that reveal hidden aspects of Pandora when viewed through a webcam. Ditto Coke Zero, which uses the same T-Immersion technology to let your Coke can control a Scorpion helicopter from the movie. But Mattel's betting you'd also like to hold a Scorpion in your hand, so it's created a whole line of action figures, beasties and vehicles for you—that is, your kids—to play with. And speaking of hand-helds, Gameloft's Avatar iPhone app looks (and plays) great. There's lots of other stuff—maquettes, mini-busts, jewelry, the soundtrack, to name just a few.

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What AVATAR extra would you want to have?



I don't want an AMP suit bust, I want a real 14feet tall working AMP suit including it's gun :D

But hey awsome stuff those guys have. Would like to order some shirts.

Nicholas Carreras

FTU, you can have the AMP suit, I'll take the avatar, Okay!?

If that doesn't work, can I have one ticket to Pandora, first class?


Yeah, totally!! Having an avatar would be awesome!!

Eric Kyle

LOL...same here.I'd take a Avatar to and take a one way ticket on a rocket to Pandora...


I know i want a first class ticket to pandora aswell and the machine to turn me into an Avatar...


I will take one Toruk Makto please, with a side order of AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!. I dont want a ticket to pandora ill just sneak into the cargo bay... for...5...years...:-/ lol

Account Deleted

A single trip on a rocket to Pandora with AVATAR machine plzz :)


I wanna tag along too!!! Being an avatar on pandora would be the best thing to ever happen.

Heather Hays

Dude, give me an avatar too please! I'd so go Banshee hunting and go flying around. Though, I'm not sure I'd want to LIVE on Pandora. lol It's beautiful, mesmerizing, and completely amazing, but if I want to live in a place that intense, I'd move to the rainforest, seriously. Giant cats, strange flora, exciting fauna, and that good stuff here too. But I'm no Jake Sully and I sure as hell don't want to pass a survival test that intense. But it'd be one amazing vacation from the ordinary!

Kevin He

If I got a chance to get a Avatar theres absolutely no way i would say no.

Jason Luttmer

the sad part is, heather hays, that at one point we could do that in our own 'backyards' (for lack of a better word). I would like to have my whole life moved to Pandora, or at least me, with the ability to do what Jake Sully did, and become a Na'vi. Just thinking about it gives me the chills. the closest I feel I can get is the Alaskan wilderness (which is a continent away). if I could have one thing, it would be to become a Na'vi on Pandora.


wow, yall r taking it a little far... it's a movie guys, don't go to sleep wishing you had an Avatar, just think of what a fun time seeing the movie was.

Alright we need to give McFarlane a shot at making the avatar action figures, I want some that are good to look at. I'm not going to make believe my action figure is doing anything, so I have no interest in matel's repainted GI Joe.

Have the Iphone game, loving every minute. Was scared it was going to be a platformer but got the quests and am very happy.


i dont think your taking it far enough you wont find me with an action figure you will find me in the woods witha loin cloth and bow

Account Deleted

The companies are each spending tens of millions to not only associate themselves with “Avatar” in unique ways, but also devote considerable time to educate consumers — from kids to adults — of what augmented reality can do. Of course, the partners will also help Fox promote "Avatar" in places around the world that the studio can't buy its way into, like stores and restaurants.

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