AVATAR: Will There Be a Sequel?

Cameron zoe sigourney Ready for an AVATAR sequel? James Cameron has no objection if AVATAR is successful, but hints about it are tough to come by. If there is a sequel, one of Cameron's first stops for ideas is the video-game wizards at Ubisoft, and Cameron says AVATAR's time-intensive motion-capture technology "makes more sense if you play it out across several films," so maybe game and camera tech will drive the next plot. Where would a sequel take place? Back in September, producer Jon Landau hinted that the surface of Pandora appears in AVATAR but that "the interior remains to be seen." On the other hand, there's this nagging rumor that an AVATAR sequel might not take place on Pandora at all. Journo Rebecca Keegan managed to overhear Cameron & Co. fleshing out some possible sequel plots, but gives nothing away.

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Should there be a sequel (or prequel) and what would you like to see in it?



This is the most amazing movie ever =D but i want to contribute an idea for a sequel i think it should be in the future and feture jake as the "chief"(i can't remember the Na'vi name for it) and Naytir as whatever her mother was. The movie will also need a new species( not humans its too soon) possibly another sentient spiecies on pandora it is the size of earth so that should be easy who could find what the humans left behind and use there tools to exact a revenge for something the Na'vi did in the past. Also a simpler idea is Jake and Naytir's son ( named something cool like Ja'tir but of course Jake and Naytir will still be there.) having to battle some natural deasaster like a gient heat wave killing the plants. finaly the last idea takes place right after the movie and the Na'vi must find a new home and of course they have to be under the leadership of Jake.


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BEST movie by faar! I walked out of the movie theatre and just could'nt shake off the smile on my face. I expected one thing and got something totally more awesome!!the details, the habitat,the animal life, the Na'Vi way of living, everything, it just blowed my mind away!! I loved that AVATAR had more than just what your avarage hollywood movie offer. Loved the similarity with the native amaricans, the gulf war (way of taking whatever you want, as long as you justify it) , the amazing wildlife similarity of deep ocean creatures. etc. This movie had it all!! props to the designers!

I think, that in order to make a great sequal JC now has to make something the public never can antisipate(expect). I can't see how he can just make a successfull (if even better) sequal if there is little or no changes from what we've allready seen. Big part of the fun was exploring the world on my own. I would definitly love if the sequal-plot is still on pandora, but I have also faith in JC, if he dares/chooses to take it to even new hightes. making sequals is hard!because the public now wants this and that. but I think, if JC goes for it, AVATAR 2 can be even better than AVATAR =)

I see a sequal either be on pandora with a major plot with lots of good strings to it, or something totally new, much like the first film.

please make a sequal JC. major props! this totally made my holiday!


I have an idea for a sequel.

Pandora definately has to be the setting. New species should be introduces and new plant life should be introduced. I beleive the the planet should be explored a lot more in the sequel or sequels. I think it should be about the humans coming back to Pandora but in a stronger force. Since it takes I think the number is five years to travel from Earth to Pandora a total of at least ten years of peace on Pandora. The humans go back to Earth and come back stronger.

Another idea is that since in the movie it talked about tribes drifting away from eachother there could be civil war on Pandora.

Though, I like my first idea better because aliens with bows and arrows would make it seem more like Native American movies and we know all about that.

Maybe the tribes could be taught by the scientists ad maybe they could advance and use technologies.

I just keep making ideas as I type this but I am done now I hope someone from production reads my ideas.

Peter Barusevicus

Saw the film in Imax 3D and fell in love with it immediatly. I'm going to get the DVD as soon as it comes out.

The thought of Avatar having a sequel, or being part of a trilogy or part of a series of films like Pirates of the Carribean or Star Wars, is an immense one that will need effort and time to nourish. Since Avatar was in production for 4 years, it might take a couple of years to make a second movie. When James Cameron thought of the idea 15 years ago, the technology didnt exist to make his dream a reality. If this technology develops, and it will, we might not have to wait for 4 years for a second film.

A potential plot for a sequel has to include Pandora, Jake and Neytiri. In Avatar, different parts of the planet (except the imminent jungle) are barely scratched upon, and an exploration of the planet could be appealing to some fans, and such exploration would bring out more interesting lifeforms and possible another race? A civil war is not a bad idea, but as another member put its hard to see that. Another idea could be that hopeful humans already travelling to PAndora to start a new life cause friction with the Na'vi. In an interview James Cameron said that the 'interior' of Pandora is yet to be discovered, and whether he was refering to below the ground or just further around the planet is up to you to decide. However the use of left over RDA equipment for underground exploration would throw Pandora into another huge world of opportunities. What must happen however, is another epic battle with some sort of advanced life form, whether that be the Na'vi, returning humans or other Aliens from outer space. Another potential plot would be a rival mining company on the other side of the planet, has its own Avatar program and uses its Avatars in infiltrate the surrounding Na'vi clans pretending to be part of an endangered, never-before-heard-of Na'vi clan.

James Cameron said that he would be going to movie-game experts Ubisoft for ideas, so dont be surprised if certian scenes/plots/characters that appeared in Avatar: the Game appear in a sequel.

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i personally would lovee to see a sequel followed by a prequel to avatar, and would hate for it to be on anything but pandora as well.

Nicholas Carreras

You'll have to remember that this film is not only amazing but is also revolutionary. James Cameron has set so many standards and new records that if he seeks to create an amazing sequel, he doesn't just have to make it better than AVATAR, he has to make it like three times better to get the same effect. Can he do it?

Remember, he has had plenty of time to create the script for this movie. Its one thing to create an idea then start on it, But Cameron made it 15 years ago, forgot about it, then picked it up again. He had a foundation to build from that his mind wasn't set on. Can he make a script that is at least three times better than this one was?

I must admit, I have some fear over the matter. However, I believe in James Cameron. I believe that he can do and that it'll be not 3, but 10 times as kick ass as AVATAR.

jonathan richardson

@savar chief or clan leader in the Na'Vi language is olo'eyktan. Would love to see a sequel and see what other ideas James has in store for his next films!

Account Deleted

For the possible sequel...it wouldn't be far-fetched to say that from the interior of Pandora an adversary would rise to the surface and challenge the Na'vi... that or a rival race would vie for supremacy over the planet,either way it will be an epic movie XD

Account Deleted

Avatar could do much more adventures around Pandora, like the ocean creatures. Like our world there are different people with different styles, they can make different kinds of na’vi depending on where they stay. Like between countries or islands, or where each na’vi tribe live, near the ocean or in the forest.

aaron m

i would much rather it be a series with new titles, the same characters jake sully and neytiri(also same actors) and takes place on pandora with new challages, new characters, new creatures and new plants as well. i also believe that there should be more romanic between neytiri and jake. i've seen this movie twice. in 3d and 2d. 3d much better by far. it movie was epic. better then anything ive ever seen.

aaron m

also with the old creatures like toruk, direhorse and the others as well

Jason De Martino

I have seen a lot of movies and I have to say Avatar is by far the Best EVER! After watching it 2 times once in 3D and once in 2D I was in awe both times, but thinking back to watching it in 3D I remember the movie starting and a I felt a big smile appear on my face and I don't remember it going away until the movie ended I plan on watching the movie again for a 3rd time in 3D this weekend. As for a sequel I would love to see a sequel and I agree with everybody else it must stay on Pandora. I can see it now 5 Years Later (since its just under a 5 year trip) the humans return to try to take control of Pandora again with Jake Sully as their Leader he commands another defense against the humans invasion of Pandora but before all that I would hope to see some filler information about what has gone on during that last 5 years after the initial expulsion of the Humans from Pandora maybe Jake and Neytiri would have a Baby together. So YES "PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL!"


I just watched avatar five times this past week, and I love it, please make a sequel, I'm so intrigued by the world of Pandora and the Na'vi, btw keep the movie on Pandora only, there are still vast areas to be discovered on the planet. and keep the same cast. Especailly Jake and Neytiri, because their relationship in the movie was one of the important things I liked in the movie, without them I think a Sequel would be meaningless, also that means NO!!! to the Prequel.

I am currently taking classes in the field of 3D animation, and watching this movie encouraged me grealty. I believe a lot of people would be disappointed if a Sequel wasn't being created. So please, I beg of you, make a Sequel lol.

Since Enwya is like a god to the na'vi, there must be some kind of evil which can oppose it.
Like theres a god and theres a devil, just an example. Or the humans could return.

Another idea, would be Enwya or the Na'vis main connection to the Enwya(the Scarced Tree) is gradually dying, and in order to revivie it or save it, they must find a key or anwser to saving it, they do this, by exploring the planet Pandora. As a result of the Scarced Tree Dying, new obstacles, or a new undiscovered race on the planet emerges.

So basically Enwya was keeping something or holding something back, acting as a barrier for something evil on the planet.

Either way I hope the Sequel is better than the First. If you can creat a masterpiece the first time, you can always create a better one the second time.

aaron m

when i say series i mean like a series of movies of avatar like harry potter series.


Lol, sorry, I'm back.

In Addition to what I wrote the first time, please continue the realtionship of Jake and Netyiri, suprise me, a newborn child would be nice,

Also in addtion to my ideas for Sequel, Netyiri could be kidnapped by the enemy, putting Jake in a crucial descion, save Enwya or save Netyiri, or both lol.

Michael Wong

I just watched Avatar and it was amazing! This movie actually developed bonds with the audience! Believe it or not but i would love to live in Pandora haha !

A Sequel would be amazing! But if it wasn't on Pandora, then it wouldn't be as effective. Pandora was the foundation of the people and the movie.


From the interview's I have heard, James main pitch to Fox for a sequel was that they have already made everything thus being cheaper and faster to make a sequel so would only make sense. I don't know if that meant the setting of Pandora as well, I sure do hope so. But the question then is what could it possibly be about, I mean we know humans are greedy and will come back, but maybe that will be saved for the third.
Anyways going to go freeze myself... wake me when the sequel comes out =P


There has to be a sequel, this world that Mr. Cameron has created is by far the most fascinating world I have ever seen, read about, or even imagined. In order to make a great sequel the plot of the story has to be more than humans vs na'vi as it will be more of the same as the first one.

I want to know more about Pandora, this is an entire world we're talking about after all. There are so many great questions that could be answered in a sequel:
1. Are the Na'vi the only intelligent life forms on pandora?
2. Are humans the only advance species in the universe? Not all humans are the same, but whose to say there isn't an equal threat to humans and Na'vi by another species.
3. What is Ey'wa's lifesource, like everything else in the universe it has to run out does it not.

A plot with a deep message and multiple themes people care about and expand on the world of Pandora is the right way to truly make this a franchise.
Whatever questions you choose to answer in a sequel, please only make a sequel if you're able to match if not exceed the magic that was Avatar!! I don't think I have ever experienced such excitement about a movie in my lifetime.


Avatar is not only the best movie I ever saw, it's the best thing I ever saw. Pandora is the single most amazing thing i've ever seen I wish Pandora was real, I dont know how anyone can watch it and not instantly be sick of this place we live which is crap compared to there. The movie ideas were amazing and creative, the idea that they can bond with the planet and and animals and feel there surroundings is amazing and would be truely beautiful and I would really enjoy a sequell to this on the same planet with the same cast to see pandora in more depth and see how much more amazing it is and be blown away by the breathtaking effects.


AVATAR IS SUCH A COMPLETE MOVIE there seems to be no reason for more. It seems appropriate to say that unless he can come up with something even more poetic than this one, LESS IS DEFINITELY MORE.

MAKE ANOTHER MOVIE THAT'S JUST AS OR MORE EFFECTIVE AS THIS ONE THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AVATAR. SOMETHING ELSE THAT TAKES STORY TELLING AND FILM EVEN ANOTHER STEP FURTHER. Sometimes things just need to end as they are. Carry on the epic story-telling, not this story. It's more dramatic and effective that way.



It would be amazing to have a sequel!!! but wish it was still in Pandora... Avatar was great, but seriously Pandora needs to be part of the movie.

Account Deleted

As I understand it, a contract/treaty is not a valid contract/treaty unless there is a TRU and COMPLETE meeting of the minds between the parties involved. If I were to explain this in a simple way to the Na'vites it would be...
"Omaticaya Clan and Tipani Clan have about the same number of people however, Clan Omaticaya has an abundance of "Deer" in their territory but, Clan Tipani has a dearth of the same. So the Omaticayas makes a "Deer" hunting treaty with the Tipanis which would allow them hunt ten well, for the Pandorans, eight "Deer" per year "in perpetuity".
After a few years the Omaticayans begin to notice significant decline in their "Deer" population. So, they decide to spy of the Tipani's hunt and find out what they are actually doing. The Omaticayas discover that the Tipani were not hunting "Bucks" for meat but capturing "Does" to breed back in their own territory. Upon seeing this the Omaticayan leader accuses the Tipanis saying, "You have deceived us, the Hunting Treaty was for you (Tipani) to hunt for "Deer" on our (Omaticayan) land. We ASSUMED that you were hunting the "Bucks" not capturing the "Does" during the "rut." Go your way, for this deception makes void this Hunting Treaty."
Unless the Interplanetary Commerce Administration had COMPLETE knowledge and TRUE awareness that the Resources Development Administration just mining sterile worlds like the moon or asteroid belts and not DECEPTIVELY violating the territory and committing war crimes against another sovereign world, would their perpetual contract still stand?
I could image a scenario/side story where the heroes return to Earth, aided and/or accompanied by one or more Pandoran youths* (to fit in the ship/children's story) carrying incriminating evidence against the RDA. The myriads of trouble that the RDA throws against them. Culminating in the arrest of the RDA and the official recognition of the Pandoran sovereignty by the Terran government.
*Could Pandorans be physically conditioned to breathe in a terrestrial environment or wear a minor apparatus?


great story james WOW I like the story line but i think the Tree of Souls was a bit much but everything else was great!..Makes me think how something new like this can become a great story Trilogy..

When i seen the ending of the film it made me think, The Human jene Splicing to make a Na'vi could bring forth a new and powerful Child to there Race and sinse you put into the movie this Tree of Souls that connects to everything and if it gets destroyed everything that is good and Beautiful to pandora becaue in the Story many animals came to fight against the human destroyers when jake in his Na'vi communicated with the tree of souls and they listened to him and made his Female Na'vi supprised..This alone made the movie all the more interesting to me but i guess when them 2 first met she almost struck him down with her Bow but she learned quickly the spirits is with him but she being honorable to the spirits of all living things around her made this Story unique in my eyes

Has me thinking the Spirits in there tree of souls listen to him and someone new to the tree of souls died and taken part to the race of dead souls in the tree has me thinking WOW what a vary good begning to a good story and Jake being able to communicate to this power that controls everything in pandora seeing how every beast in pandora came to help fight has me thinking How Deep this movie is.. I don't think I said to much that would make people mad but I hope I Broaden your mind some

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