AVATAR: Will There Be a Sequel?

Cameron zoe sigourney Ready for an AVATAR sequel? James Cameron has no objection if AVATAR is successful, but hints about it are tough to come by. If there is a sequel, one of Cameron's first stops for ideas is the video-game wizards at Ubisoft, and Cameron says AVATAR's time-intensive motion-capture technology "makes more sense if you play it out across several films," so maybe game and camera tech will drive the next plot. Where would a sequel take place? Back in September, producer Jon Landau hinted that the surface of Pandora appears in AVATAR but that "the interior remains to be seen." On the other hand, there's this nagging rumor that an AVATAR sequel might not take place on Pandora at all. Journo Rebecca Keegan managed to overhear Cameron & Co. fleshing out some possible sequel plots, but gives nothing away.

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Should there be a sequel (or prequel) and what would you like to see in it?



Personally, I would hate for the sequel to Avatar to take place anywhere other than Pandora. Also I would like to see a return of all the key characters... hope they don't stray too far from a winning formula

Johan Ekström

A sequel would be great, I'd like to see more of Pandora.
Otherwise, create a beautiful MMO with the rendering which was used in movie ;)

Account Deleted

Can you imagine AVATAR without Pandora? I can't

Account Deleted

Avatar was nice. but Pandora was GREAT!!

Account Deleted

Oh it's too early question! :) Now I think to watch Avatar one more time!
I want sequel to appear but the question is when, because it may take a long time to make it and I agree that it's really hard to imagine it without Pandora.
The first thought about the sequel is some kind of anxiety about Pandora and possible humans return there. I don't think they will stop trying to control this planet. So I would like to see more interesting about Pandora and Na'vi and will hope for some humans who will understand Pandora.


I just watched Avatar for the second time in five days and was mesmerized by it both times. Pandora and The People are amazing creations and need to be explored to further. I hope Avatar continues in film, books, comic books, and videogames. It deserves to be a franchise.

Zeke Franettovich

i think avatar was amazing and i would love to see a prequel NO where other than pandora. i have even got an idea of what it should be about.
A Na'vi clan rebels against eywa and all the other clans. The rebel clan calls upon the animal kingdom of pandora to aid them in a mission to find a new tribe leader of all clans combined. as numerous clans fall to the rebels Jake sully calls upon the human race in an attept to keep peace upon pdandora


I loved Avatar because of Pandora, partly. The movie wouldn't be the same on another planet.


I hope there will be!


Yea, please let there be a sequel. A sequel that is still on pandora so we could explore more of it and please keep the characters neytiri and jake sully please cause avatar without jake sully and neytiri would just be wrong. And another thing is, you have to create another great ending like in the first movie cause that is what the people like good endings please believe me. I have seen your movie 3 times in 4 days xD i just looovveee it !!! so please let the next movie end good and keep the characters neytiri and jake sully in the movie and then it will be another mayor success.


I've been playing the game (after seeing the movie). Honestly, it could have been so much more. I want to go back to Pandora but Avatar the game just made me frustrated. The visuals do not represent the film either. Oh well... here's hoping for a GOOD sequel (that won't happen).

Shaun Robinson

I Would LOVE a sequel of Avatar. I Think its the best movie mad by man. :)
Though if there were to be a sequel I wouldnt want it to be off of Pandora or to get rid of Jake Sully or Neytiri.

If theres to be a sequel it needs to: Still be on pandora, and to keep both Jake and Neytiri in it.
but i cant see any strings in the movie to go off with for a sequel? I hope you surprise me and come up with an awesome idea. (Honestly. it would have been worth my money to go watch it just for the scenery lol)

Alex Sullivan

A sequal would be amazing if it was kept on pandora, and with the same characters, would love to see more of pandora and its wildlife.

i just cant belive how effective to scenary was in avatar, i found it hard to readjust to the real world after coming out of the cinema i just hope there is a planet out there like pandora.........

keep the films coming i vote


I just seen the film, and the only word I've have to say is: "WoW!"


i would love to see a sequil :D and it -has- to take plae on pandora and have Jake and Neytiri in it!


A sequal? Humans would have to take revenge or a civil war between the Navi. It would be epic and hopefully more sucessful.

Simeon Griffiths

A sequal is what the film needs but i think it will be hard to find where to go with it. but the film is epic and awsome and i would pay to go see it over and over again. The way of the Na'vi and Pandora is the way we should be living and where we should be living

Mathias Abild


First thing i was feeling after watching this, so amazing movie, was alot of mixed feelings.
In the movietheator, the 3D made me feel like i was a part of the movie itself, and made the whole story much more alive - very nicely done.

After seeing the movie i felt sad. Sad that what the director had set the human race to be like, could be compared to the most barbarian type of being any have ever seen. It got me thinking: What a relevant movie for what we are and should be.

Well, none the less. The most beautiful and well made movie i've ever seen. The plot was nice, the graphics was nice. And the whole theme about to worlds joining eachother in a stronger and more united way, is so nice.

Please let there be a sequel.


I'd like more Pandora, characters and etc.
Since I've seen it something is missing! ...

Account Deleted

it's been my second time watching this epic!

I would love to see more of Pandora as the next sequel but it will be more exciting if the story will develop to another planet.

The character designs of every detail really stun me, that's why I wanna see it on other planet. Well, whether next time it will go other place or featuring on our beloved Earth would work for me because I believe in Cameron!

Such a great movie! Hope Oscar Committees love the movie too!


Well I'm guessing that the plot will be around 10 years time after, because that's the time humans need to go back and forth. If I was a director, I would introduce Jake's and Ney'tiri's son ( called Tom, of course) and daughter, humans coming back, bigger and stronger than ever (because they have nowhere else to go - to seek out for new energy source), led by Quaritch's son (which would give a personal note, vendetta). But this time, their not trying to use the stick to drive the Na'vi out, but the old fashioned technique of divide and conquer. That would be great, because the internal doubts of lead characters would compensate the audience's adjustment to Pandora beauties and imagery. So, send a spy, tell him to start talking that this clan did that, this tribe did this, resulting the Na'vi being not-so-united. Give Tom's character more freedom, some unique landscapes, bigger understanding of Eywa... It'll be another boomer.


Personally, I'm satisfied with the movie as it is...It's just perfect in every detail, from the opening to the end. I think it'd be difficult to build on something that's already perfect.

Brendan Moran

I would love to see a sequel, it would have to be great though! It would have to feel more like the second movie in a series and less like a "sequel" or "prequel" if you get the subtle difference I'm talking about. It would need to have a different title, like many book series have. I would be disappointed if it was a relationship like Lion King to Lion King 2. It would have to be a relationship like the LOTR, Narnia, Eragon and similar book series have: same critical characters and setting, and the development of a grander plot.

So I guess what I'm saying is that I don't want to see a sequel, but a 3 or 4 movie series! Something that will impress more than just a close following; something that will still have a broad appeal.

I think the movie has that great potential, because it has already created a very convincing world and characters. Jake and Neytiri would have to be back. Neytiri is absolutely my favorite character. And it is actually Jake and Neytir's unique relationship that is my favorite aspect of the movie. It would be sad to have a prequel, which I would imagine precluding that aspect. It would be nice to have a 3 movie series that develops that relationship and brings along new challenges that make sense in the scope of a broader three movie narrative.

And whatever you do, don't call it Avatar 2! Having 3 consecutive and critically integrated stories with three different names would be more attractive to more people

So yes, series!

Thibaud Hervas

It's been my second time watching this amazing movie !

If There was a Sequel, it will be create in many years...

I don't understand why some people think the sequel could be in an other planet.
Na'vis haven't got the possibility to move in the space and don't want to leave Pandora, the place where Eywa is present and where their traditions and its culture was create. The humans can't go back immediately, so the action will happens necessarily on Pandora (if There was a Sequel of course...).

Concerning the scenario, Avatar's univers offers a lot of possibility.
However the division looks like a little unthinkable, impossible. Even if different clans exist, they have the same culture, the same history and the same "religion". Na'vis think that murder leads to nothing...
(Sorry for my english -> French fan =) )


if not pandora i for one will not see it cos i fell in love with it . i even love it more than the forgottenrealms aria camron plz the na´vi are your elfs

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