AVATAR: What We Know About Pandora

Imagine This featurette is a good intro to Pandora, but where's more on this tiny moon and its parent gas giant? Astronomers say there are certainly no gas-giant worlds around Alpha Centauri A, although we could find a Pandora-like world around another star within a decade. But hey, that's why it's called science fiction, so both Wikia and Pandorapedia have extensive entries on Pandora. Check them out to learn about this moon's gravity and atmosphere, creatures and plants, and how humans attempt to stay alive in its hostile environment.

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What's your favorite thing about Pandora?



Actually everything but as a spiritual, i liked the white tree with spirits...
More and more people feel connected troughout the world and we could see in the movie that it was represented with meditation.
Moreover when Jacke is riding for the first time, Neytiri shows him how to feel the hypoferox in his heart, in his muscle, to be connected and feel the life in it and not just riding for "fun"...
More and more people have to think about their own body and not making acts without thinking like an automatical move...
We are more than a body with blood and skulls. We are a well-balanced with the capacity of thinking more deeper than we are used to... Well-balanced such as our planet...
Sorry for my english but i m a french speaker...
See u

Account Deleted

Yes I agree with previous thought - everything :)
Actually the most wondering is that this is a living planet! That every plant and animal are the parts of the global spirit and mind!

Eshtar Kolan

I agree with both. The movie was very spiritual. The Na'vi i beleive are very real. Starbeings around the world should see this movie. Along with Indigo and crystla, and rainbow children.

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i loved the movie.it was a different,imaginative and inspiring movie and i loved the navi's and their attachment towards nature and animals.......and humans must also learn from this film to interact with the nature and animals around and the planet pandora is far more spiritual and the navi's are more attached towards their planet and i just love this navi stuff i wish they were true it would be so nice to interact with good natured people like them..........
james cameron is simply awesome and hope he makes more films like this in the future


I've already seen the movie twice and i loved it both times. We all should learn about it... respecting our own planet and all it's creatures... :)

Nicholas Carreras

I am actually really glad to hear people talking about the fundamental meaning of the movie. So many bloggers and people outside the theater simply think it's a cool movie and completely miss the underlying themes that James Cameron had worked hard to present within AVATAR. Though i must admit, It really is an awesome film.

But its sad. It is sad that everything that the Na'vi and their ways, and Pandora represented here on Earth has suffered from the same obstacles. The real difference is that here, the Na'vi lost, the forests are torn down, Pandora(Earth) is dying.


It was nice that the world leaders on the big reunion of the clime changing could see avatar film for un example ......

Account Deleted

Yeah.., I agree with it.., it is really nice to know that people also notice the real meaning what the movie want to plot.,

if we could only follow their way of living.., being closed to their mother nature.,

and hey., it is really cool that everything there is connected and linking each other..,

the way of their communication to plants and their animals is kinda interesting..,


Now, I need to know about the star that Pandora's parent planet orbits.
If anyone knows a e-mail address to James Cameron, please do share the information so i am know more about the wildlife and Pandora by learning its star.


Hi, again. I just realized that I misread what i was to "blog" about. The most favorite thing I like about Pandora is that it is similar to earth and it would be a good place to use agent orange.


Actually, given that the plants on Pandora thrive in an atmosphere rich in methane and potassium cyanide, Agent Orange might very well act more like a fertilizer than a defoliant. ;)


I absolutely love this movie with all it's levels of meaning.

I love everything about Pandora & want to learn more about this planet and the other sphere's near her. I would like a deeper explanation of the interconnectedness of the plants, animals & beings of this planet. I would love explanations of why the planet glows at night.
Tell me more about the other communities living around Pandora, do they live differently to our Na'vi we have been introduced to? What do the Na'vi eat? How do they bring up their families? Do they work as a community like our ants & bees do or are they more like us humans?

James Cameron & team have excelled themselves this time, I look forward to a continuing story.


Oh.. and if anyone is seriously interested in learning about Pandora, let me point you here:


Eric Kyle

OPINION: Ok.. Pandora is everything that the Earth isn't.. We as humans are greedy for everything..Just like u saw in the movie.. They tried to take something that wasn't theirs just for money. The Na'vi were there first and we invaded their area.. Once humans get something great they use it for bad.. We can't even keep the Earth clean. And its too much corruption.. The Na'vi treat each other equal.. They treat so called alien animals and there moon=planet=Eywa with respect. They are peaceful, spiritual and very athletic and believe in there planet which is Pandora/Eywa.. If anything.. I would leave my human body in a second to become a Na'vi/Avatar. As u can see in the movie. They have nothing but forrest..Look at the Earth.. We have buildings and u barely see the wildlife anywhere.. In my opinion.. Earth would be better off without humans and better on with the Na'vi.. From lookin at the Earth's standpoint. Earth is filthy dirty and has a lot of poisonous gases.. Every virus or disease that we have on Earth.. We have created..Not the Earth itself.. Its a shame that we die off of something we've created.. Cancer,H1N1.. Everything.. They dont need technology to survive.. They come to good terms with their planet and decides to accept life and live their life through survival and training.. Too bad it will never happen on Earth anymore..We are soon going to be a planet full of technology and u will never see animals/wildlfie ever again and then eventually we will die off.. If we were accustomed to the Na'vi's lifestyle I think that we would probably live forever and discover much more things beckuz from wat Im lookin at.. I dont think a alien would ever want to kome in contact with a human. Just my opinion tho.. Anyone agrees??

Ben Coats

I agree partially. Read Genesis verse 2 in The Bible and you will find out why we are greedy and why we are at bad terms with nature. God designed us to protect and immerse ourselves in nature not to destroy it without giving back.


there are gorgeous colors in pandora. love the setting. the creatures are so amazing, and i love how they ( avatars) bond with their "pets". so cool. pandora is awesome. period.


I totally agree Eric Kyle...
We need to change and to look back for what we are for...
Earth or Pandora?
I would rather live on Pandora for the beauty of this world but also the love that is given for the nature, love that is given between the Na'vi, real values, connections between each other, etc. To feel it in the deep of our soul.
It remains a little on Earth but not as it HAS to remain on Earth. Now values are not spiritual but only material.
We need to change that on the opposite side and make a better place to live with our planet and not only on it...
It s great to have this kind of community to share good feelings that I tought, don't even exist in our money world...


Eric, you hit the nail on the head my friend. I too, would become a Na'vi and live on Pandora in a second, without a moment of hesitation. The majority of the problems that Earth faces these days are funnily enough down to us. We are essentially the architects of our own downfall.

Avatar is an important film because it is a real eye-opener and is intended to uplift the audience and realise how beautiful our own planet could be, if only we work together to try and correct our mistakes. Of course this is wishful thinking we on the whole as a race just don't have that "GO!" factor to try and make things right; we procrastinate and we wonder why things are so bad afterwards. The Na'vi training is rigorous and intensive, but it is necessary and teaches them appreciation for their surroundings and Eywa, for the their blessings.


I have never been so entranced by a movie ever. I believe that this is one of the most beautiful stories created to offer a critique on our modern culture (but certainly not the first). It speaks to our society's obsession with wealth and power and has layers of spiritual and physical implications as well. I find it very interesting that the name of the metal that the people are mining on pandora is called unobtanium. But isn't that our reality on earth? We set ourselves up with all kinds of distractions hoping for the unobtainable: happiness - that thing that all humans seek. But in reality this seemingly unobtainable thing is right here if we know where to look for it, it exists with our contentedness and living in simplicity. The Na'vi live in existential simplicity and harmony with the world around them and are happy, they need not prey on each other or abuse their planet with excess. I think there is a strong connection with their worldview and the that of the Native Americans that our modern society has extinguished. I think this film not only offers a critique but offers a solution. This obvious solution seems to embrace that which is what we have instead of killing ourselves for the momentary joy things will give us. We need not toil all the days of our lives for ipods, houses, big screen tvs, and sports cars, there needs to be a return to simplicity. A return to some tangible values and spirituality that makes us intrinscally whole and content in contrast to the loathsome, inner writhings we feel when we try to content ourselves with "tangible" things that don't really make us happy.


The Nav'i remind me of the Indians; they both have the connection with nature and respect it.


All of you people are blind. Blinded from the truth. Pandora will continue to be invaded by humans until it is in there grasp. This whole story AVATAR seems to be reversion of the Indian Wars. The Na'vi are basically Native Americans fighting their right over their land and the humans are the American who are taking and stealing the land from the Native American. Can't you see? James Cameron points a specific battle (more of a massacre) known as Sand Creek Massacre. I dare all of you to prove me wrong that James Cameron didn't use some of that event in his movie.
I DARE YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This movie is going to take is in the future! Into the reality of future! And maybe even show a positive attitude for nature!

Jose Tomas

The connection between the People, Plants, Animals and Pandora.

Nathaniel Orimolade

People dont only think about the beatiful connection between the Na'vi themselves
we as a human race need to become more like them and love each member of our species and in doing so we will naturally come to love the planet that was givin to us by God. Notice they didnt use money??? its honestly money that is destroying us if we got rid of it and did things out of love we would be a much happier species.
In response to Chris (the one daring everyone) dude are you serious? why cant you just keep that sort of comment to your self? your kinda ruining the atmosphere =D

Nathaniel Orimolade

In response to my previous comment I meant to say do not only think about the connetcion between the Na'vi and the planet and animals, think about the connection between theselves...sorry bout that

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