AVATAR Ticket Rush

Neytiri glow Favorable early reviews of AVATAR are driving potentially record-busting online ticket sales; as of noon Thursday the movie was 87 percent of Fandango's sales and 70 percent of MovieTickets.com's. And it's outselling the reboot of Star Trek, with somewhere between 68-78 percent of buyers being male and 75-89 percent of sales going to 3-D or IMAX 3-D screenings. AVATAR is already helping boost U.S. and Canadian movie ticket sales over $10 billion for the first time ever.

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Eric Snyder

And becuase of Avatar being sold out with so many shows, tickets sales were up 48 % for other movies ! Not to mention the east coast huge snow storm.


I am not surprised, this movie is going to be a turning point for future movies.


Slightly off-topic, but doesn't Zoe Saldana have the most perfect face for Neytiri's CGI look?


I agree with JKpolarbear. She's a great actress, as well.

Even after 7 weeks it's still number 1 in the boxoffice and theatres are still being completely sold out! And I'm not surprised, it's incredible, and I want to see it again and again!

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