AVATAR: The First Reviews Are In

Out Av This World copy The first media previews have begun and while an embargo keeps most press from writing about it that hasn’t stopped the UK's Sun which has already declared parts of AVATAR to be “absolutely mind-blowing.” The Guardian honors the embargo but reports on the 3D effects (they won’t make you nauseous). Alex Billington from FirstShowing said over Twitter: “James Cameron is a freakin’ genius! I can’t say much but wow, I loved it. Avatar was phenomenal, pretty much blew me away.” Ed Douglas from ComingSoon says, “I’ll take my chances with Fox legal…. Avatar was amazing, I loved it!” Slashfilm has more Twitter reactions here, and The Hollywood Reporter gushes that James Cameron is “King of the world” and “movie magic is back!”

Update: Fox lifted the press embargo after some very positive reviews leaked. Look for a wave of reviews in the next few days.

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Are you reading reviews about the movie or waiting until you see it?



I agree with you. james cameron's movies are the best ones I( have ever seen! Avatar's gonna be better!!!!!!!!!!!


I will. I'm hoping to see more AVATAR things........... I only have basic cable, and the Avatar commercials are the only good thing that comes on most of the time.

Account Deleted

As for me I prefer to know as less as possible before I watch the movie. I want to see and feel everything myself. And the opinions of newspapers are not interesting for me at all.


I read reviews all the time, but words could not describe how amazing the movie was! When I finally saw it I was speechless and in awe!

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