AVATAR Spoilers Roundup

Terminator Avatar 2 If you don't want any AVATAR spoilers, don't read this post! If you do, Ugo offers a long list of spoilers from throughout AVATAR's development; it seems that Pandora's plants communicate using light. Hollywood Reporter also hints that plants communicate through some flow of energy that the Na'vi can tap into, and that a central tree is the repository for their tribe's wisdom. And that tree is basically destroyed at the end of the movie, according to CinemaBlend.

Everyone's got some small piece of the Avatar puzzle: Io9 offers an eerie echo of U.S. history: The human colonists set up schools to teach the Na'vi English. Empire Online reveals that the villainous Col. Quaritch is so badass he can even breathe Pandora's poisonous atmosphere without a mask. And Entertainment Weekly wonders if the diplomatic Avatar Program is just a red herring since Quaritch obviously intends to just bulldoze everything anyway. And the first line of this Time magazine review tells you what happens in the last shot.

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What spoilers have you seen in reviews?



I actually loved the ending of the movie! I really liked how there were no opening credits, and the films name appeared at the end in huge letters after Jake opens his eyes as a REAL Na'vi! So good! ^_^

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