AVATAR Smashes Box Office Records

IMAX Avatar Santa brought AVATAR some unusually strong box-office momentum over the holiday weekend: another $75 million in ticket sales, bringing it to $212 million domestically and dipping just a miniscule 2 percent from opening weekend. Combined with a strong open in Japan, that brings worldwide sales to just over $617 million. Heck, it hasn't even opened in China—a country whose ticket sales could cover Avatar's budget all by itself—prompting James Cameron to spend holiday time in Beijing promoting the January 4 release.

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Tristan Bissinger

This is very good news a sequel is eminent.

Nicholas Carreras

With the record being set so high, the chances of it being broken again will be by far the greatest challenge future Directors (such as myself) will have to face.

Tom Andersen

good news

Avatar will live on for many years.


Yes, a Sequel, Avatar will probably raise over a billions dollars.

@ Nicholas, yea I agree, I'm on the verge on becoming a Director, so I already have ideas plotted out for a movie that could rival Avatar, lol but it will take me many years to do so lol. So yea Avatar will be a very hard movie to compete with, I can say that much.

The meaning behind Avatar, the 3D effects it offers, the Story it has, Pandora, the characters (Jake and Neytiri), they're so fascinating that my mind can't even handle it, like I'm losing my mind lol. This movie has such a great effect on the world, so it will be very difficult to create a movie that could rival it.


With this money, James Cameron better make a sequel because I am damn sure he has enough money to make a sequel; he can get more profits; he will put all those people's minds to rest for the cliffhanger at the end of AVATAR.

Beth Tizon

I hope it breaks every record there is. This probably the most incredibly beautiful and entertaining movie I've ever seen. I'm so glad James Cameron ushered in the new 3D technology with this film. It would have still been amazing, but the 3D just enhances the breathtaking experience. I sure hope we don't have to wait ten years for the sequel. Stunning!!

Account Deleted

This is a great sign! This means that the people who watched the film on the first weekend told their friends that the film is great and that some people watched the film twice. I hope the third week will be efficient also. I know people who didn't watched the movie yet but they heard about it and want to go.


Usually strong box-office momentum? This is no suprise


I hope this movie goes over 1 billion

Mary Smith

A simple and beautiful story that allows your visual senses to be totally enraptured for 2 1/2 hours. This movie will revolutionize the entertainment industry.

Eric Kyle

I know that it will definitely hit 1 billion because if it hasn't hit China yet then its a automatica yes on it hitting 1 billion.. I've been tellin people about the movie and that they do need to go see it. This is by far one of James Cameron best films since TITANIC... AVATAR is not a movement at all.. It is a freaking trend.. It lives in us all..

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

Yes...this film will definitely reach 1 billion and probably a bit higher....

Lance Brinson

Honestly, deserves to reach 1billion. His execution as director was unforgettable. This will get him in a hall of fame. To be honest, Star Wars could possibly be bested, and I'm a huge Star Wars fan. 1 billion will most likely happen. You've never seen a movie like this before...(I see you)!

Account Deleted

Damn... this is just great :D

I can see AVATAR 2 not to far away :)


I'm completely addicted to this movie. I can't get the images out of my head. As of today I've seen it 6 times. I'm off next week so I know I'll see it a few more times before I have to go back to work.

Account Deleted

I love this movie and its idea and its story and its graphics. I love it all .......:)
Avatar is the most amazing movie ever made. and I can't wait to see Avatar 2.
The 3D view in Avatar is beautiful. I love it.
Avatar worth to being watched again and again in the theater.......
Good work James Cameron, you are the man of miracle ....

Michael Gilbert

This film is amazing - I wish that word was used less often. This film is the greatest in my mind, and I cannot wait for another!!!!

John Collins

Well I was reading online and James Cameron is planning on maybe one or two more movies after it, and worldwide right now Avatar has made over 745 million, there will be a sequel


I feel a deep connection with this film as much as anybody and I've seen it three times already. Like all of you, I expect a sequel but it's going to have to be a game changer. No more wars with the humans. As much as I enjoyed the war scenes, maybe the Na'vi have more important things to get back to after "the time of great sorrow (or sadness)". And maybe that's what we'll all learn about next time around. Maybe we will spend the entire time seeing Pandora from their perspective without a single human or war machine to disturb what seems to be a very peaceful, spiritual culture.
On another note, one amazing aspect of this film that has been absent from other people's posts is the music. Thank you James Horner, thank you! The score is awesome and glorious in it's own right. A perfect match in every scene. The music manages to pull the emotions out of you no matter how hard you try to keep them inside. During the scene "When You Are Ready", Neytiri takes a dive off the tree with her eklan and as Seå Zeå (sp?) spreads her wings, the theme music rolls in and a tear rolled down my cheek. I was in total glory watching the two of them fly around Home Tree. Watch it yourself and listen.

Peace to all.

Jason Luttmer

This is by far the best movie I have seen. My view on why the ticket sales rocketed is due to the fact that it is better than the reviewers said. the fact that Avatar had such a powerful effect on almost all the people who have seen it has caused something akin to an avalanche starting on Everest and not stopping. ever. I have a feeling that it will break 1billion, and I will say this again, as with other posts, this movie caused me to walk into the wall of grief on my path, and I hope it wakes as many people up to the wonders of being outside for your life. It also show us what we have become, a blood sucking sycophant that sucks everything out of the ground, and then turns the planet into a wasteland of cement, metal, glass, plastic, and garbage. (Sorry if I sound depressed or crazy, but it is how i feel.)

Jason Luttmer

and since I never say good bye, I shall see you again.

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

1.8 billion grossed....335million domestically =)

Account Deleted

Great Movie .....
Excellent Work James Cameron

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