AVATAR Review Round-Up

Avatar review roundup Reviews of AVATAR are pouring in even though the movie's not due for release until this Friday. Here's a roundup of some of the best reading so far:

/Film dwells on Avatar's technical aspects before giving it an 8 of 10. Times Online promises the final battle scene will get the sickly taste of Return of the Jedi out of your mouth for good, while Hollywood & Fine lauds "the most dazzling film experience you'll have this year." Meanwhile Eye for Film calls it "at once thoroughly alien, and utterly believable." Hollywood.com calls Avatar's plot "maddeningly derivative," it still praises the film as "a truly astounding piece of filmmaking," and Australia's Urban CineFile adds that Avatar "pivots on romance."

Sci-Fi Movie Page gives it 3.5 stars and says Avatar "gives new meaning to the phrase 'eye candy,'" while Emanuel Levy writes that audiences who just want wall-to-wall excitement will be deeply satisfied. Finally, Roger Ebert, the Big Kahuna of mass-circulation movie reviewing, writes "There is still one man in Hollywood who knows how to spend $250 million, or was it $300 million, wisely."

Bonus: GQ's Jason Gay saw the movie but is "embargoed" from writing about it yet; so he wrote that Avatar is actually a musical about the construction of the New Jersey Turnpike during the 1950s and goes off the rails from there.

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"gives new meaning to the phrase 'eye candy,'" Love it!

Mason Sullivan

Uhh I can't wait for this!! We get a whole new world:) I've been waiting on this since the first whispers began a few years ago!!!

Brent Green

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AVATAR rocks, no doubt!!!! Great story, CG elements, scenery. I can go on and on. Only one drawback for me. I love the stereoscopic effects, but I think they were times when depth could have been pushed up a notch. Examples, the opening scene with the shuttles docking, I really noticed depth between the objects. The panoramic shots of the backdrop, they should have pushed the separation of the objects. Clouds, rocks, trees etc. The shots at the edge of cliffs, you got the feeling of immersion but the effect of being close to the edge, you should get that sense of really being on the edge. The shots from the aerial vehicles looking out the window, You have to really feel like you're looking out the window. I played with stereoscopy for years. I know it can be done. I purchased a 3d conversion software years ago to up convert 2d movies to 3d. I've seen some pretty impressive effects while viewing aerial footage. Journey to the center of the the earth had some impressive stereoscopic scenes. I give everyone credit for such a high class production. I wish I could get the opportunity to give some feedback to them. I know you can really push the limits of depth without causing strain of the eyes. Thanks Mr Cameron and everyone involved in the project!!!!


It's incredible! It feels so real! And I'm normally very critical of movies, and especially visual effects, but these ones seem so legit! It's absolutely amazing!

Ahaha I love the 'eye candy' quote. So true... so true.

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