AVATAR Review: Ho... Lee... Frak!

Matt from YourGeekNews.com here with a video review of AVATAR. James Cameron definitely made the most of nearly 15 years and 300 Million dollars making Avatar, because it looks and feels completely unlike any movie ever. Maybe it's the tasteful use of 3D technology, maybe the striking resemblance the CG characters have to their human actor equivalents, or maybe it was the fact that an entirely computer generated world actually felt REAL for the first time ever, but Avatar definitely knocked us both out... what about you?

~Matt Campagna Host Geek, YourGeekNews.com



I 95% Agree with you

Brett Dohaniuk

AVATAR, is the BEST MOVIE...I have EVER seen in my whole LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, just WOW
10 out of 10 arcoss the board!!! The whole movie was nothing but eye candy, I felt compleatly in that world and even got the chills at parts!


Avatar: the BEST MOVIE!


How could Mvinsted give it 95% it was at least 99.9999999999% the only flaw was a small weird romantic part but the story needs that scene to have the same drama.


I love this movie sooo much!! The thing I Love most about movies and books are the action and the romance. this had everything and a hell of a lot more!!


I'm still under impression. I can't even find a word how this movie impressed me. From one side it's a very beautiful and tremendous project from another side all 2.5 hrs I was feeling pain and frustration what we humans use to do.


for vhz, I felt it important to comment on the feeling of pain and frustration you say you experienced by what "we humans use to do." I want you to know that this story is a reflection not only of our past but of our present. WE ARE STILL DOING this and we run a great risk of falling into a sorrow this world has never known if we as a people succeed at making extinct what little there is left of our indigenous cultures, elders and peoples closer to the earth.

I won't assume that you don't already know this and will stop now. I just wanted you to know, in case, that the sorrow of what we saw on the big screen is not only a part of our past but of our immediate future if we do not somehow unite and each of us find our rightful place in the circle of life.

Aloha and Mahalo to all for sharing. I wish you all deep soul connections and good times.


I'm really interested to see how there going to branch out from this?

I hope it some what involves the characters we have already dealt with, but if it didn't I could live with that. I think what a lot of people are craving now, is for more information on the back history of all of what occurred in the movie.

If you look at ubisoft and their video game iteration of the the movie, it is a PREQUEL. Which I think is an excellent idea, and or direction they need to head into, until the next movie is released,

Shiny Oshiri

I loved everything about it and the trailer was great.


What do you mean, are you asking if Pandora is real or not? If the Na'vi exist or not?? Hey, it's real. They are real. I saw them. I was there!! Couldn't get any more real. I'm sure that there is a planet somewhere in the universe just like Pandora. I've seen it. I believe it. Also I loved the story, there was so much pathos in the story, so much heart.

Eric Kyle

I have to agree with u..Avatar has had the best 3-D graphics that I have ever seen in my life.. Just to see that I watched it in 3-D also made me feel like I was there and also made me feel good in the inside to see a planet that barely had technology everywhere and to barely see buildings just took my heart.. Avatar is by far the best movie of 2009 and also my favorite movie of all time.. The movie was straight up 100% Perfect.. There was not a single flaw in that movie.. It was action packed and adventurous and what was so good was that I couldn't know what was going to happen in the movie...( As in everything in the movie I couldn't expect at all) which is a realllLLLLLl good thing.



Richard Hasey

I agree with you that the imagination that "created" Pandora and the technology of performance capture is incredible. Mr. Cameron deserves all of the praise in the world for having a creative vision in both of these areas that is among the best ever. And then having the intestinal fortitude to stick with it to actually bring it all the way to the screen - awesome!

I also agree with you that the script was waaaaay too predictable. So at least Herr Director is still human after all.

While "predictable" does not even come close to being "bad", I do believe that it cost one or more of the actors the opportunity to be nominated for an Oscar.

As to the whole " the nose of Sigorny Weaver's Avatar was wrong," critique - sorry, I don't agree. Dr. Grace's avatar was probably [one of] the first created, and the mix of human vs. Na'vi DNA was either off a little, or they guessed wrong on whehter or not the "locals" would have problems with the nose. The fact that it was changed by the time Tom/Jake's avatar was created actually seemed much more realistic to me.

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