AVATAR PREVIEW: Exclusive Scenes and Interviews

AVATAR PREVIEW: Exclusive Scenes and Interviews from Matt Campagna on Vimeo.

Matt campagna Matt from YourGeekNews.com here with some advance clips and interviews from AVATAR! It’s taken a decade and a half for James Cameron to bring Avatar to the silver screen (in 3-D IMAX no less), but now that technology has caught up with his imagination, he’s leading an all-star action-packed cast into the jungles of a world called Pandora to meet his photo-realistic blue-skinned aliens. Using custom-made performance capture rigs on a scale never before attempted, Avatar LOOKS stunning so far and there’s a lot of talk about the technology and the visuals, but as is the case in any movie, the real satisfaction for the audience lies in that 15-year old paper that Avatar was written on. Because THAT has to be great for Avatar to really knock it out of the park. We’ll soon find out, but with Cameron at the helm as writer and director and producer, we’ve definitely got our hopes high!

~Matt Campagna Host Geek, YourGeekNews.com





It's incredible! The trailers and clips don't do it justice! You have to see it in IMAX 3D! I'm seeing it for a second time tomorrow, and a third this weekend!

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