AVATAR on DVD (and 3D DVD)

Jake look If you'd like your own personal copy of AVATAR, hang on until late spring/summer 2010, when James Cameron says a 2-D version of the movie should come out, complete with deleted scenes of Na'vi tribal life. But how about a 3-D version? First there have to be enough Blu-ray DVD players in circulation, which is tricky considering that Blu-ray 3D specifications were just finalized (see here for the full story on those specs). But Avatar may actually drive the 3-D trend, so look for the first 3-D players to premiere at the January Consumer Electronics Show and a 3-D Avatar release by the end of 2010.

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Will you get Avatar on DVD? And are you excited about the deleted scenes?


Eric Snyder

What does every one think about 3D for home theater ?

The first gen of 3D TVs are already out (Samsung & Panasonic) !
I am on my 2nd HDTV, I just got used to my 42" plasma & had to go bigger -50" !
While I would love to get the 3D DVD version, I never buy first gen equipment - always wait until 3rd gen at least (learned my lesson with Laser Disc !), to work out bugs & drop in price !
We will not see 3rd gen Bluray player for 2 1/2 -3 years, by then we will be able to get the box set - Avatar & Avatar 2 !


Not only did this movie make history, it's also inspiring a new type in technology (3-D players) Way to go Cameron!


I really do hope that they eventually will come out with Avatar in 3d. I don't have a blu-ray or anything fancy, but I don't think I'd want to experience Pandora in any other way. The extreme HD and the 3d made me feel like I was really there.
So my opinion is for the regular 2d DVD and Blu-ray, and If it is possible without detracting from the Avatar expirience, a 3d Blu-ray.

Nathaniel Orimolade

I dont care how much I have to spend I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steven58 (Chok'ete)

Oh god...once this comes out on DVD and what not I'll be watching it EVERY chance I get...


Excuse me for getting off topic, but is it just me or the Na'vi somewhat similar to a house cat in features?


I couldn't even get a christmas present becuase i wanted to buy this DVD. lol--i had to choose now or later for this DVD. but it's worth it... can't wait!!


I will buy all verisons of this movie! Definately getting it on 2D, definately investing in a Blue Ray Player, definately purchasing a digital copy, and i definately would buy the neccesary equipment to own/watch this movie in 3D. I just hope for the sake of the consumer, they offer some sort of special package that includes all 3 versions (2D, 3D, Digital copy) on blue ray or DVD. Cannot wait for the release and hopefully sequels!!!!!! :) :) :)

Vania Cruz-Perez

Yes!!!!! I will buy the DVD for sure :)

Jose Tomas

Agreed, I would try to buy a new DVD Blue-Ray player just for Avatar :) and I will kill for the deleted scenes and everything about it, I mean EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@ Steve, I thought I was a bit nuts for thinking that the 3-D film some how fell short of visiual perfection. I haven't bothered to go see the film in 2-D but when I was watching it in 3-D I felt a little cheated.
But, I'm looking forward to seeing the film on blue-ray when it comes out on DVD!!!!


Shame about the long wait for 3D, but wil certainly buy it, might be the sole reason i upgrade to a 3D TV!(if the techonlogy is there, which it will be) Avatar has sparked what will be the year of 3D!


As soon as it comes out, I will buy the DVD! I love this movie.
I also hope that there will be a director's cut issued, because I have the impression that the deleted scenes might explain a lot. In several scenes are Jake's comments from the off and I am sure there are many additional scenes existing.
And I hope the DVD will include interviews and making-of details.


Yes I will get it on DVD and if I have to buy a Blueray Disc Player and a 3D compatible Screen.
And I'm very excited of the deleted scenes!!!
I just wonder if I can wait that long..


I'm sure as hell gonna buy the blu-ray release!! in 2D, then in 3D when that comes.. I'm also gonna invest in a 3D blu-ray player and tv when that comes, cause this movie I gotta have in 3D.. it's a peace of art!!

Account Deleted

Of Course I will have it...
What a good movie
I can't get bored watching it again and again..... I love this Movie

Account Deleted

I will certainly get it on DVD and I'm way more than excited to see the deleted scenes. I will buy a bigger TV, buy Blu-ray, heck I'll install a brand new home theater system just for that movie. I need it at all times.


i cant wait for 3d to be realesed. a tiny bit of subject but the ps3 is bluray player also right? i wonder if they are going to release one that can be used for 3d.


Avatar is one of those things that is going to prompt people like myself to go out and get a Blu-Ray player and the relevant tech needed to watch it in 3D. I was hoping that it would have been 3D on the DvD release, but if not, oh well. Even if I have to use a computer to get the 3D effect, it would be worth it.


i loved the movie but i have no idea when it will be out on dvd. when it is supposed to be released in june or july.


I don't have a 3-D TV and I watch 3-D movies all the time its not like you need a special player or something just to watch it, the one thing I hate about 3-D movies is that they come with paper glasses so i just kept my one from when I watched it in theaters and it was the best movie I have ever seen!


Im getting it on everything possible, DVD, Blu-ray, 2d, 3d whatever. I need this movie :D


i've just seen it 4 the 6th time and keeps getting better and evry time after the film has finished i cry because its so good.

If i had a choice bettween being humen or an avatar i would go 4 avatar evry time ;)

James Williams

I can't wait to see the film in Blu Ray at home!!

The owners of this site apparently have ties with distributors who will know the release date of the DVD before anyone else. Don't know if this is for the UK specific Avatar DVD or for the rest of the world but I've put my name down http://www.avatardvd.co.uk/

Whether the 3D version comes out or not I don't know, but I'd love to see them use the technology that they used in the cinemas at home!

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