AVATAR on DVD (and 3D DVD)

Jake look If you'd like your own personal copy of AVATAR, hang on until late spring/summer 2010, when James Cameron says a 2-D version of the movie should come out, complete with deleted scenes of Na'vi tribal life. But how about a 3-D version? First there have to be enough Blu-ray DVD players in circulation, which is tricky considering that Blu-ray 3D specifications were just finalized (see here for the full story on those specs). But Avatar may actually drive the 3-D trend, so look for the first 3-D players to premiere at the January Consumer Electronics Show and a 3-D Avatar release by the end of 2010.

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Will you get Avatar on DVD? And are you excited about the deleted scenes?


Account Deleted

What a question? I'm very excited! And I'm very happy that I will see something more about Na'vi and their life! I didn't hear anything about the deleted scenes before this moment and from now I'll wait for DVD even more to see what was cut! And I think that there will be a lot of people who will wait for it!


Gah, thats way too long. Just waiting for the 2D is long enough, but the end of next year for 3D? Well I guess I should get as much Avatar as I can while its in theaters.
I'm very excited about the deleted scenes, I wonder what they will consist of? I will be getting any special edition that comes out the day it comes out 2D and 3D.


I can't wait to see the DVD and the Blue-ray 3D disk!
It might take some time, but James Cameron's AVATAR is worth the wait!
I really hope that the AVATAR team doesn't find many problems with the 3D Blue-ray disks, especially since the specifications are just being finished.
The first generation of a new type of technology always finds some problems because the manufacturers don't always follow the guidelines.

Jasper Weixl

yeah i hope there will be a special boxed edition with lots of bonus material (making- ofs, interviews etc....) im defenitly getting it and if a 3D version comes out, that'l be the reason for me to get a 3D-DVDplayer no matter what it costs! i just cannot live without the feeling avatar gave me in these magical three hours.... thank you James Cameron for this wonderful movie!!!


Definitely yes!!! Avatar is the best movie ever (so far)... Purchasing it in a 3D version, will just become mutch better!!!!


HELL YES! They better release a 3-D version. I would be pretty mad if they didn't. If your fretting about how long it is till the DVD release, just think about what that means for Avatar 2. It's gonna take ages for it to come to theaters.


Blu-ray or BUST! This might be the movie I upgrade my TV for.

Tristan Bissinger

Since I just in general love the movie I will buy the 2d DVD to be able to watch everything over and over again. All though I do see a Blue-Ray player entering my house in the near future.


Like all of us Id love to see Avatar in 3d on my tv. The problem I see (correct me if im wrong) is that it looks like you have to buy one of the new 3d tv's that are just starting to come out. Thats a lot of expence especially if you have just ugrade to a new hdtv. Hope im wrong about this because this film took my breath away.


I would buy everything what is needed to watch it in 3D.
3D Players and TVs are new to this world but sooner or later they will have to be accepted by our population because AVATAR will be playing on it!!!! ;-)

Shiny Oshiri

YES YES YES! I cannot wait to see the deleted scenes and commentaries!


I'll be in Afghanistan, but you better believe I'll be picking it up at the PX as soon as it comes out. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to, other than coming home.


Yes getting on Blu-Ray and the special edition if there is one. The scenery alone is worth every penny.


I will be pre-buying the DvD as soon as I can at blockbuster. I'd love to have it in 3D but the technology is just too much money. Where my tv is not HD I've been told I have to buy a new tv on top of the dvd player and thats just too much money for me :-(


Avatar is a movie that has staying power like The Sound of Music. I won't be able to afford a 3D player for quite a few years, but in a few years I'll buy the Avatar DVD. We're in a recession, you know what I mean. In "normal" times I'd buy the DVD soon as it came out. But I'll have to wait a few years.


You're kidding... right?

I am, however, going to make what may be a startling statement to many.

I actually *prefer* the 2D version of Avatar. I've seen both the 3D and the 2D release, in digital, at the theater, and for me, there is no comparison. I'm a photographer and fantasy author by profession, and the 3D stereoscopic glasses detract way too much from the cinematographic beauty that is Pandora. I don't want anything between my eyeballs and Cameron's incredible realization. Now, if there were some way to do 3D without the stupid, clumsy glasses, then sure.. but until then, I'll pass on the tunnel-vision, thanks.

For example, I never realized that Naytiri sheds a tear in the final scenes, when she rescues the 'real' Jake, until I saw the magnificent graphics in 2D (and I might add, my jaw dropped, it looked so real). I missed the emotion entirely when I saw the scene using the 3D glasses.

As for the DVD... where do I send my money? I want Blu-Ray tomorow!


Thanks for letting me know. I can't wait.


Hello, if there is anyone. this must seem off topic, but i have recently found out that AVATAR is based on the events of Sand Creek Massacre. It seems to me that "Jake Sully" is "Sitting Bull", leader of the Sioux tribe and colonel Custer is that guy with the scars. I getting ahead of myself.


I've never heard Mr. Cameron specifically say Avatar was based on Sand Creek, Chris. I'm thinking this may be someone else's extrapolation. There are certainly parallels, however, between the Na`vi and Native Americans, no doubt.


I am SOO TOTALLY going to get the dvd, i havent decided on which one yet, but im looking forward to anyone of those dvd. This movie is AWESOME!!!! i LOVE it

Account Deleted

How can they even ask? I can't wait to see it :D

Na'vi and their life is something I will love to see more of, SO BRING IT ON :D

Eric Snyder

The first gen of 3D TVs are already out (Samsung & Panasonic) in stores !
I am on my 2nd HDTV, I just got to used to my 42" plasma & had to go bigger -50" !
While I would love to get the 3D DVD version, I never buy first gen equipment - always wait until 3rd gen at least (learned my lesson with Laser Disc !), to work out bugs & drop in price !
We will not see 3rd gen Bluray player for 2 1/2 -3 years, by then we will be able to get the box set - Avatar & Avatar 2 !

Eric Kyle

Lol this is all Im saying..Im a top notch fan of Avatar.. And so being such a good fan I kept my 3-D glasses so if Blu-Ray does happen to have it in 3-D I will beeee sooooo happy. But 2-D id ok to me personally


If I had to buy a new TV and 3D DVD player just to watch Avatar in 3D at home, I would.

The movie is that good!


I'm not sure how it works exactly, but do you need to have a 3D flatscreen to enjoy 3D DVDs/Blu-Ray? I have a normal HD flatscreen with a built in DVD player, but my 3D glasses should be fine with the 3D DVD (when it is eventually released), right?

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