AVATAR: It's Better in 3-D

3D James Cameron just released a movie about using technology to become immersed in another world, and it seems the 3-D and motion capture are all they're cracked up to be, and the 2-D and 3-D versions are practically different movies, blogs this Singaporean fan.

How immersed have viewers gotten? Well, you have to wear special glasses like this crowd watching the 15-minute sneak peek—and while 3-D didn't make anyone in London vomit, it adds depth and dimension to the film's scenes, and works because it doesn't use any cheap tricks like jutting spears in anyone's faces (although it does create a continuity of dynamized space—whoa!).

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So which of the four different 2-D and 3-D formats will you see it in?



If I see it, it will be in 2D.


I saw it on 2D and 3D. The 3D is WAY better. This movie was so cool.


AVATAR rocks, no doubt!!!! Great story, CG elements, scenery. I can go on and on. Only one drawback for me. I love the stereoscopic effects, but I think they were times when depth could have been pushed up a notch. Examples, the opening scene with the shuttles docking, I really noticed depth between the objects. The panoramic shots of the backdrop, they should have pushed the separation of the objects. Clouds, rocks, trees etc. The shots at the edge of cliffs, you got the feeling of immersion but the effect of being close to the edge, you should get that sense of really being on the edge. The shots from the aerial vehicles looking out the window, You have to really feel like you're looking out the window. I played with stereoscopy for years. I know it can be done. I purchased a 3d conversion software years ago to up convert 2d movies to 3d. I've seen some pretty impressive effects while viewing aerial footage. Journey to the center of the the earth had some impressive stereoscopic scenes. I give everyone credit for such a high class production. I wish I could get the opportunity to give some feedback to them. I know you can really push the limits of depth without causing strain of the eyes. Thanks Mr Cameron and everyone involved in the project!!!!


Does anyone know where I can see Avatar in IMAX 3-D in Missouri? Preferably around st louis. Avatar is the greatest movie I have ever seen, and I would really like to experience it in IMAX. I hope someone can help. Thanks fellow Avatar fanatics!!!!!

Avatar Rocks!!!!!!!


What makes me sad is that I won't be able to see it in 3D anymore once it's no longer in theaters... :(


I saw the 3-D version only, and that is the version I'll continue to see. This was intelligent use of 3-D. And it was a must in order to view the lovely planet Pandora. 3-D helped to make the Na'vi more accepted as "brothers and sisters" rather than "aliens."


While I loved watching Avatar in 3-D at the cinema, I have a feeling that I will notice certain details on 2-D when I buy the DVD that I won't have noticed at the cinema. The 3-D effect can sometimes detract attention from a part of the screen that you're not necessarily focusing on, although it does amplify of the detail that you are actually focusing on.

Eric Kyle

YESSSS!!! Im so glad that I saw it in 3-D for the first time.. If everybody is saying that its good in 3-D then that means that Avatar is by far the best movie ever... From the time I saw it lookin through a myspace trailer I knew I was going to fall in love with it... I swear man.. Pandora looks so beautiful at night.. I wish Earth could look like that but I guess its too late for all of that..


IMAX 3D, all the way! You don't feel sick or annoyed by the usual 3D gimmicks, instead it uses the 3D to draw you in and believe you're on the exotic and alien moon Pandora.

I have to admit, there were a few times I flinched, because I kept thinking the Na'vi would shoot arrows straight ahead!


I've seen Avatar only once but I saw it in 3D and it was like nothing I had ever experienced. Avatar is seriously amazing in 3D!!!

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