AVATAR: Biggest December Open Ever?

Cameron filming20th Century Fox says AVATAR sold over $232 million in tickets for the second-biggest December open ever, despite an East Coast blizzard and not even being released in China or Japan yet. And AVATAR definitely set a record for best 3-D opening. Oh sure, there are haters, even if they wanted to like it—but thousands of tweets sound pretty pumped and 92 percent of viewers are recommending it to friends. Oops—this just in: Fox was actually too pessimistic. AVATAR actually is the biggest December open ever with $77.3 million, edging out Will Smith's I Am Legend.

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The new number are here.
$241,571,046 Worldwide
$77,025,481 On opening weekend
$26,752,099 On premiere day


OK. Here is what I have to say about Avatar:

1) Flawless
2) Definite Oscar Candidate
3) Pandora's mythos was born. This has to continue!!!!!!!!!!

Way to go Jimbo! We can wait 5 years if your future movies will be like this one. If you get an Oscar, please bring a bow and arrow to the show and scream "I'm the Toruk Makto!!!!"


He won't scream " I'm the Toruk Makto" he will scream "I'm the king of Pandora" while holding his bow and arrow :D

Mathias Abild

Great Great movie. unbeliveable beautifully!


I am so happy to the movie is so successful and it would be pretty cool if he did scream "I'm the toruk Makto" but in the Na'vi language.


It would be "Toruk Makto oe-l" in Na'vi :)


@FTU how do you know the translation? I've been searching around for this language, seems quite interesting, but i have come to no avail.



Account Deleted

I think, that Avatar the greatest film, which I 've seen for 5 years... And premier in my city Penza, Russia was in 16th if december))))))

Account Deleted

Avatar lutshy film I saw! Waiting for the continuation ...

Shiny Oshiri

As it should! I saw this movie last Sunday and is it now, my favorite movie, along with Hellboy II. (I can't put anything over Hellboy II because I love it so much so they're tied in the #1 spot for me. :P The success of this movie is well deserved I say. It was very well made with an interesting plot and tons of new ideas to inspire any young inquiring mind to try and explore and create something as big as this.

Lacey Anderson

I hope this movie receives the praise it deserves in media. I'll be keeping a close watch on the numbers. :-)


Yes the biggest event after me, but not what my freinds means they said its good but not worth to spend 300,- on... but i did so xD


My prediction? Avatar final proceeds will exceed $2B worldwide, making it the highest-grossing picture of all time.

Eric Kyle

Yes it is a big December opening... I knew from the time I saw the commercial for this movie that it was going to be good... I just hope that they come with a sequel.. Its just my opinion but I dont think it would be right if they had it in a series.. Just my opinion but if everything goes according to plan it might just past the Titanic Movie hopefully.. Lets hope that it does..

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