Will AVATAR Addict Us to 3D Movies? (Here's Hoping!)

Avatar 3D effects
Movie lovers have been talking about 3D movies' you-are-there potential since 1954's Creature from the Black Lagoon. But in the case of AVATAR, the 15-minute press reel of AVATAR left savvy tech observer Joshua Quittner in a semi-hallucinatory state: "You feel like the little feathery things are landing on your arm." UCLA neurology prof Mario Mendez says that "three-D demonstrably creates a space that triggers" the brain's GPS system. It's got SFF Media wondering whether we'll all become addicted to 3D films.

There are plenty of chances to find out, since over 7,000 theaters worldwide can now show AVATAR in 3D. 

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3-D movies will be the new crack-cocaine and acid! You will have better trips watching a 3-D movie like Avatar haha.


I've been hooked on 3d since its dinosaur days. As an artist, avid reader our minds are already wired in 3d. Stereoscopy is the bringing our visualization into the physical world more vividly. Big shot out to Lenny Lipton and the other engineers who worked hard to make 3D HD reality.

Eric Kyle

My answer is a dead on YES.. Ever since watching AVATAR in 3-D, was a real good experience. It felt so real and the movie took my heart as my fav movie.. AVATAR=FAN FOR LIFE


Yes! Avatar is an incredible 3D film because it isn't 'gimmicky' with things popping into your face, but there is realistic depth and texture, so it feels like your really there!

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