AVATAR's Pandora: A Closer Look


For an inside look at Pandora and the lethal hardware humans use on it, this latest featurette has popped up on IGN. James Cameron calls Pandora a "garden of Eden with teeth and claws." And just how big is the knife that the humans' 16-foot-tall AMP suits wield, anyway? Bonus: get the lowdown on the second AVATAR trailer in detail—Aliens references and all— with to IGN Rewind Theater. The same team also took apart the teaser trailer.

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Oh, I had a closer look alright. Guess what god the Pandorans worship...
also, bottom of page...
Do the Pandorans cause their "unblemished" offspring to "pass through the fire?" or throw them off the islands. Maybe the Pandoran clans do an "Apocalypto" on each other then hold a mass warrior sacrifice to the Horned God of the Banshee.

Eric Kyle

Such a beautiful planet

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The James Cameron Conspiracy Theory
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