AVATAR: A Top 100 Movie of the Decade?

Avatar Jake The London Telegraph published its list of the most defining 100 films of the last 10 years and a big surprise was the as-yet-unreleased Avatar at 100 thanks to the 15-minute preview reel available at press time."This ground-breaking 3D sci-fi epic will change the way we look at movies," the Telegraph wrote, putting it alongside other path-breakers from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Crash to The Dark Knight and Fahrenheit 9/11.

Blog reaction to the early honor was mixed, with some taking a wait-and-see attitude while others insist that everything James Cameron touches turns to gold. Daemon's Movies already rated Avatar their number-two Christmas movie this year, over The Lovely Bones and just under The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

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What's your take? Is AVATAR set to be one of the most defining movies of the decade?



I can completely agree. I'm not even going to take about the visual effects. Nonetheless, the story line and moral messages that the movie contains is what makes a great picture in my opinion. The visual effects are just an added bonus.


I meant talk, not take. Sorry.



Eric Kyle

Yes sir.. AVATAR is..


Definitely! It will be one of the most memorable films of the 2000's! It is incredible from an entertainment and filmmaking perspective! It's my favorite movie!


I dont care what people say..even if this movie may have a story with similar properties as other movies doesnt mean it ruins the whole movie! When I go see a movie..I look for a good story, plot, moral, and if its a movie with cgi.. lets hope its good cgi... This movie had everything! A little thrill,action,romance,drama,sci fi,story,moral, and cgi all packed into one! No im not an Avatard(person who is a big fan of Avatar) but I did enjoy it...alot...in fact when I walked out of the theater this movie shocked me more then Star Wars...the moral hit me like a ton of bricks..Im not a tree hugger but now after the movie i look at nature alittle diff now..great movie and yes it should be in the decades top list...or even in the all time movie list...God bless and take care!

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