AVATAR Game Preview: Dense, Gorgeous – and Full of Spoilers

Avatar game The movie's not out until December 18, but the game's out December 1, the game trailer's been around and if you've got at least a 3 GHz chip in your PC, you can download the 3D PC game demo now. According to SciFi Squad, it's "without question the densest game world I've ever seen." Watch this Ubisoft developer's diary for a taste of more, then see Blue's News for some technical notes on the demo installation, and check out FileShack for cool-looking game screenshots and videos. A warning before you play though: the game closely parallels the movie plot so be ready for spoilers and surprises.

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Are you excited about the game or will you wait until the movie?


cynder blackdragon

will you get to play as one of the Na'vi? I think they are so much cooler then any of the humancharacters will ever be!


I think we could be the Na'vi. I'd hope we can be different characters though, like being able to choose between Jake's avatar and Neytiri, or even Tsu'tey or Mo'at? I've already seen the movie, but I'd really love the game!

What do they mean by dense?

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