All About Neytiri

Avatargirlblue So what do we know about Jake Sully's Na'vi counterpart Neytiri? Well, she's played by Zoe Soldana, but in the movie she's blue and tall, with tightly braided hair. The daughter of Eytukan and Mo'at, she also coaches archery. She jumps off cliffs and rides the pterodactyl-like Banshees with ease. Sometimes she does a little yoga. At one point she contemplates putting an arrow in Jake's back, though later it looks like she digs him. But who does she know that dies?

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Since the DVD of this movie will likely have a Mini Documentary, it would be an interesting if not, entertaining lark if Neytiri or another prominent member of the Omaticaya clan say, Tsu'tey narrated the the pre/post production of this or possible future film(s). Dressed in her "formal" Omaticayan Chieftess fineries or purhaps an outfit similar to and reminiscent of an ancient Mayan, Egyptian, or Classical Greek*. Neytiri would take the audience on a tour of the sets, interview James Cameron, cast and crew, their response and/or reaction to a nine foot Na'vi woman in their midst. Finally, purhaps some cute as "Na'vi Bloopers" from the film.

*Given the elegance and nobility of the Pandorans, it would be easy to imagine them transported into a ancient Athenian/Ionian setting. Purhaps, a dress design that echoes down from the remote past, from a lost Na'vite culture that existed prior to the breakup of the continents?** (Now that I think of it Neytiri would look quite lovely in a long white embroidered Greek gown, gold arm bands, bracelets and an emaculately detailed jewel studded diadem).

**Itself would make an interesting Avatar version of an "Indiana Jones" adventure. The search for, discovery and restoration the Pandoran's lost "Atlantian" civilization.

Eric Kyle

Neytiri..Very good role played by Zoe Soldana and a good main character

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An absolutely gorgeous portrait of Neytiri by Mr D:

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I like Neytiri ......


She's my favorite character! It's nice to see strong females portrayed well in film. I agree with Mr. Nottingham, a featurette like that would be great!

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