Happy AVATAR Day: December 18

The very first AVATAR Day was August 21, 2009 when Fox took over "as many" IMAX 3D and digital 3D theaters as they could and screened the first 15 minutes from AVATAR free to whoever wanted to see it. (A sneak peek actually premiered the day before, but who's counting?)

But the real AVATAR Day for most people is December 18, 2009, when the film was was first released into theaters around the globe and quickly captured the biggest gross sales of all time. It made us wonder what fans and others were doing for the one-year anniversary of AVATAR Day, so here's a sampling.

Most fans are pledging to watch AVATAR on the day of and many already have a copy. The Three-Disc Extended Collector's Edition went on sale a few weeks ago if you don't already have a copy, and the 3D version is available if you buy a Panasonic 3D TV (complete with glasses). (See fan Carlota Martinho's post here to capture how much the Collector's Edition means to her.)

Miss Tammie created a "happy AVATAR Day" poster, causing some commenters to declare December 18 Ney Day in honor of Neytiri.

Meanwhile, James Cameron and Jon Landau celebrated a bit early by giving 11 of the movie's principal cast members a new, blue (of course) Toyota Prius, blogs Deadline.com. It's not like any of these highly successful actors didn't already own a car; Cameron was using the fuel-efficient autos to make points about pollution and respect for nature, concerns that he related at length to Ecocentric.

Looking to the future, some fans are seeking a scientific grounding for some of the technology and species in AVATAR, and scientist and science-fiction author Stephen Baxter will provide it this spring in his book The Science of AVATAR.

And six long months from AVATAR Day look for the opening of AVATAR: The Exhibition on June 4, 2011 at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle. SFM plans to have an actual AMP suit on display, not to mention handmade models of Na'vi characters, their wardrobes, background on Pandora, and demos of the film's motion-capture technology.

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How are you celebrating AVATAR Day, December 18?


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