How to Set Up a New 3D LCD Projector for the Best AVATAR Viewing Experience

Hometree close Setting up your first 3D LCD projector can be a challenging task.  But, it's well worth the effort, especially with the release of James Cameron's AVATAR.  With a few simply step-by-step instructions, anyone can set up their own 3D LCD projector to create the optimum Avatar viewing experience.  Here is a DIY guide to setting up your own 3D LCD projector.

Guest post by  Misty Faucheux

It’s 2011 and you’ve just bought your copy of the much anticipated release of James Cameron’s AVATAR in 3D. You’re so excited. But, before you can watch it, you need to set up your 3D LCD projector. And, to help you make it through this somewhat difficult project, we’re giving you step-by-step instructions on setting up a 3D LCD projector for an optimum AVATAR viewing experience.

If you haven’t already purchased your 3D LCD projector, buy a ceiling or wall-mounted projector. It’s easier to control these projectors since you can do it with a remote. This way, you won’t have to keep getting up to start, advance or stop the projector.

Now, it’s time to start setting up your 3D LCD projector. First, measure the size of your projector screen. This will determine how large of a projector that you need. Next, look at the throw distance, or how far back a project needs to be to fit your screen.

For example, if a projector needs to be back 20 feet to create an image to fit your screen, you need to see if you have this much room. You also need to determine whether or not there’s going to be anything that will block the projector at that distance. You then need to see if you even have an outlet nearby or a power cable long enough to accommodate the required distance.

Try to match the location of the projector with the location of the screen. If the projector is looking like it may be off-center a bit, wait to install your screen. Once the projector is installed, simply turn it on. Then, you can see where you need to put your screen. You need to find the absolute center of your screen and match that with your projector.

You also need to consider line of sight. Whatever you plan on using for home theater seats, go ahead and set them up. Then, look at the center of the screen. You should be able to comfortably see the movie without straining your neck. This will also factor into your projector positioning.

Once you have figured all these issues out, you need to find the studs in your wall or ceiling. If you don’t have one, simply buy a stud finder from your local hardware store. You want to use screws to secure your projector to the studs as these will provide the strongest support. Hopefully, these will be provided in the 3D projector package.

Install the projector mount. If you have studs available, simply screw the 3D projector into them. If not, cut out a rectangular piece of MDF fiberboard slightly wider than the nearest studs. Screw the fiberboard into the studs with sheetrock screws, and then screw your mount into the fiberboard.

Once your projector mount is in place, it’s time to put up the 3D projector itself. Carefully, remove the projector from the box, and place it within the mount. Screw in the bolts in the designated locations. Make sure they are tight before you release the 3D projector.

If everything looks right with the line of sight, the projector and the screen, it’s time to sit back and watch AVATAR in style!

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Are the 3D projectors as good as the 3D tvs? I own a NJ home theater installation company and recently hooked up a Samsung 8 series 3D tv and had shrek in 3d on their and it looked amazing! I really want to see how avatar looks but was wondering if the quality of the projector 3d is as good? Thanks!

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