Celebrate Earth Day With AVATAR! Earth-Friendly AVATAR DVD Party Ideas

Avatar_planet The AVATAR Earth Day DVD release is a great opportunity to have a party of your own – an earth-friendly party. Celebrate Earth Day first, with service or gratitude, then follow by throwing a party and watching the film with friends. Here are some tips and ideas for celebrating both Avatar Day and Earth Day on April 22.

Guest Post by Dan McGoldrick

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The AVATAR Earth Day DVD release event provides excellent ideas for earth-friendly party ideas that you can use to gather friends and family for a celebration of the beautiful blue world we live on. Sometimes it takes a well-made, thoughtful movie about an imaginary place to uncover truths and insights about the world we live in, and often take for granted. The stunning and innovative AVATAR film (in 2D and 3D) did just that.

In addition to being the release day for the AVATAR DVD, April 22, 2010 is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day, the day that commemorates this phenomenal and diverse planet that sustains life for us, and the countless generations that came before us. Earth Day, however; is really for the generations to come. It's our responsibility to be good stewards of Mother Earth and do everything in our power to protect the fragile ecosystems and balance, so that our kids can enjoy our intricately constructed and amazing world too.

AVATAR shows the value of conservation/preservation of the natural environment and the constant struggle to maintain the sanctity of a natural setting in the face of interests who would rather see a profit turned from altering or ruining the land. Since AVATAR has become the highest grossing movie of all time, the eco-friendly theme of the movie plot has inspired many people.

Earth-Friendly Party Ideas for Earthly and Unearthly Festivities

Most of you probably won't be making it to the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Earth day to join AVATAR director, James Cameron, for an Earth Day Celebration with live music. So, plan your own activities culminating in an earth-friendly party. Check your community for activities and volunteer opportunities, in keeping with the world-wide observation of Earth Day. Then you’ll feel satisfied when you kick back for a little fellowship and the journey into the stunning world of AVATAR. Planting trees, cleaning up a park, or spearheading your own idea for bettering the environment near you, are all options to consider.

Celebrate Earth Day first, and keep the movie on tap as the final event of your party. Since conservation is a big part of what this day is all about, coordinate some of your party on conservation land or a public park. Foster appreciation for what land we have preserved for future generations. And use your human ingenuity to figure out how you can watch the movie nearby too.

Otherwise, organize a hike before your party back home, and find your own examples of Pandora on Earth. In AVATAR, the Na'vi's world is treated with reverence and they live in harmony with nature. That’s a good perspective to have here, and a hike will help generate it. Then bring all those hungry and thirsty hikers back to your place and pop the DVD in.

Those are just a few ideas to stimulate your own imaginations to entertain your friends with a combination of creativity and technology. AVATAR truly is a triumph of the union of human imagination and technology. The AVATAR Earth Day DVD release increases the potential for environmental awareness, and action, so that our planet isn’t altered or destroyed in the future. It is encouraging to see cutting-edge technology used to create stunning art that prompts positive action.

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How has AVATAR inspired you to celebrate Earth Day?



im having a release of avatar on dvd party at my place the RAD party
blue drinks and food and a epic movie :)

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