The Complete AVATAR Script Online

Avatar growing2 Fox has taken the unusual step of posting the entire AVATAR script online (PDF), allowing fans to see what was cut (the already-notorious Jake-Neytiri sex scene) as well as some boozy male bonding and stereotypes of NRA members that have drawn right-wingers' attention. At one point Tsu'tey has his ponytail—and thus his connection with Pandora—cut off by an RDA soldier, and asks Jake to kill him.

Some scenes from the script were shot and might make it into the DVD, such as Jake Sully's pre-Pandora life. Other highlights from the script including details about Neytiri's sister (Silwanin) here. And if the Vatican hates AVATAR now, just imagine how much they would have liked the original version of the movie that included pre-marital tentacle sex! Relevant parts of the hookup are excerpted here.

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Will you read or have you read the AVATAR script?


Richard Hasey

I agree completely with Dean's post on the 22nd. No matter how good the capture of a love scene is, moving from there to a sex scene is often unnecessary. More should be left to the imagination of the moviegoer. The way the scene was done for general release was appropriate.

The script was even more predictable in reading it than it was seeing it on screen. The only thing missing from the script was the visual aid of white hats for the "good guys" and black hats for the "bad guys". The way this is written, there is no possible way to have any sympathy for the bad guys, and there is no possibility of their actually doing anything right. Similarly, the good guys are always good even when they betray everything they have ever stood for. Please! The only theatrical tension here is in how long it takes for the bad guys to lose and how high the body count gets in the process.

Richard Hasey

Given the success of this film, I know that you'll probably ignore this, but I would like a chance to make a few suggestions that can make the second movie better than the first. The second movie will be about when the humans come back. The obvious beginning will be that they send a military expeditionary force to reestablish a foothold. Here's a free suggestion about how to make the story better. Have the general commanding the MEF be an American Indian, and have him agonize over the challenge of determining what the right thing is to do, and then doing it.

Sound interesting? If so, there's more ... If not, well, there's lots of unemployed writers that you can turn to instead.

Richard Hasey

One more observation and I'm on to other issues. As a veteran and a military history buff, I found the tactics used by both sides in the big battle to be amateurish and wasteful. It is clear that the author of the battle has never studied Sun Tsu. The objective of a battle should be to secure victory as cheaply as possible. Instead, the humans commit their forces in a manner they hope to have produce genocide, and the Na’vi discard their tactical advantage of surprise and ambush in favor of committing their forces in what amounts to a war of attrition with a series of frontal assaults and suicide attacks. The movie is supposed to be set almost 150 years in the future and yet the belligerents use tactics that I outgrew when I was six. But if your only objective is to show just as much carnage as possible, then it was OK.


I read this from start to finish and it was like seeing the movie all over again. But i truly think that some of these scenes are so crucial. Like Jakes spiritual journey he has to go on before becoming one of the people. If u look closely in the movie at the scene where he is talking to Quaritch about he has to do one more thing ceremony. Well when he is saying Ceremony the camera is behind Sam worthington because its clear that they didnt edit him saying spiritual journey. That makes a hell of a lot more sense then a ceremony making you a man. Its like saying that i can skip school and go right to graduation and they will just hand me the diploma.

Tim Horn

Has anyone tries the video game for Wii? I heard that you can use the balance board as if you were riding the flying beasts from the movie.

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