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Marguerite Antonioli

I am so excited for this movie! James Cameron is the best and i lllooovvee Zoe Saldana, she's one of the best actresses in Hollywood right now.

tomas abrantes">">


Avatar has been screened already...has anyone been available to comment who has seen it?

Carrie Stander

I have never seen something so wonderfully amazing, awe-inspiring, and just so Marvelous! I am still just fascinated by it all. AVATAR is such a great movie.


the beautiful music of Avatar

Michelle Nguyen

Love how she told Mr. Sully how he was a big ignorant baby LOL XD. Instantly you can see the connection the two share with one another <3


when is the sequel going to come out?

Account Deleted

Hey guys, I won a pair of tickets to see this amazing movie and I can't wait to see it and post my review. People who have already seen it are giving it high marks! Thank you Avatar and Typepad and Happy Holidays!

martine &

Avatar is the most beautifull movie I've ever seen. It's so dramatic.. romantic.. perfect. I cried at the end, when all those people died. Isn't it a small sign to what we're doing to this planet? Years ago we killed people too and steal their land. The same way as the people in the movie are doing.. So sad..

Alaina Hall
I love Grace! LOL
I have seen the film twice in 3D..plan on seeing the 2D version soon and if I can next month I will see it in IMAX 3D. Best film ever made, my favorite of all time!

Amanda Smith

Thank you for sharing this. Latest Mr. Bean Avatar pictures from Avatar Movie Blog


I wish I had known about this contest beforehand!

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